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Thread: green hairy algae(short) & very dark brown ALGAE

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    green hairy algae(short) & very dark brown ALGAE

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    How to combat those algae?

    1] Green hairy algae on part of the driftwood which is nearest to light source. Also on part of the filter

    2] very dark brown algae on part of the filter.

    In the 1.5ft tank, i have 2 ottos, 2 sae, 15 raborsa & 2 leopard cory.

    3] Can i have more another 2 ottos in my tank?

    plants : Riccia & D.Sag

    2 X 18watt PL on for 10hrs

    DIY CO2

    PS:my sae don't seem to eat algae.


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    You can try adding some yamato shrimps (about 10), but they have they might go after your riccia. And yes, you can 2 more otos. Otos will not eat the hairy algae though.

    Your SAEs are not eating the algae for a few reasons. One, not all algae critters eat all kinds of algae. Two, SAEs get spoilt on fish food and stop eating alge after a while. To prevent that, don't feed your fishes too much, or feed more frequently, but smaller amounts. That way the SAEs and other fishes (if they eat algae) will feed on algae to satisfy their hunger.

    For your choice of plants, you will have algae problems because they do not take a lot of nutrients from the water. Cut down liquid fertilisation for now and see what happens for a few weeks. Change water more frequently (once a week). Feed less. Don't add too any more fishes, unless they will eat the algae.

    You can also consider planting some stemmed plants to suck nutrients from the water. Rotala indica aka Rotala rotundofolia is a small leafed, sunset/red coloured plant that I think will compliment your current plants. Surf and plant catalogs for more plants.
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