hi guys ,
i can see my cheery red and bee shrimps carrying eggs already. but there are also more than 10 exclamation point rasboras in that 1 ft tank. there's java moss for the shrimps to hide but it is not very dense yet.
though i know that the rasboras might eat the baby shrimps ( if they hatch successfully) , i dun really want to shift the fish to another tank, where they will become food for my angelfish. morever, the rasboras seem to be in the "mood for love" (really hope so!! )

1)can i just leave every thing as it is and hope that everyone will breed sucessfully ??
2) the male rasboras seem to be more hostile towards other males and chasing the female, is this actually the early stages before mating takes place ?? err... but cannot really confirm the gender though.... smaller and redder/orangey are males and bigger and paler ones are females ?

p/s: i hope my tiger shrimps get pregnant too... hee hee hee []