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Thread: Australe Egg development

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    Australe Egg development

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    Hi, folks,

    William Shenefelt, a very good friend who runs a website at: sent me this email a few days ago. I think it should be of interest to those who are breeding the Aphyosemion australes.

    Hi Loh;
    I got some mail from Alex which referred me to the forum. Very nice. I
    noticed the post on australe egg development. You will find that australe
    eggs vary in size. Older females lay bigger eggs. It is not like with the
    cichlids where older fish lay eggs the same size just more eggs. With many
    killies young fish lay smaller eggs. Australe breed best for me at about 78
    F (25 or 26 C). The eggs sometimes take 3 weeks to develop. Warmer is, as
    expected faster development. I get more eggs from younger pairs. Sometimes
    young australe like to stay on the bottom of the tank but when older will
    come up and it is not a swim bladder problem, just a means of self
    preservation. That is about everything I know about australe.
    Your friend;
    Bill Shenefelt

    William helped me a lot when I first started breeding killies. He has many years of experience with the fish and is always willing to share what he knows.

    My own experience with the australes is that their fry, unlike the fry of other fish which swims to the surface, likes to hang around the bottom of the tanks.

    Loh K L

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    thanks a lot....this is what i need......
    Lu RongSheng (RS)


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