Hi all,

I had 28 ANNs in a 10gal and unfortunately, none of them made it past the 2nd week... I desperately wanted to close this failed chapter.

While I have been blessed with recent 'accidental spawns' and it has been fun, finding two tiny Epiplatys (Pseudepiplatys) annulatus frys was a VERY nice bonus. Just what I needed to lift out of the blues.

The java moss from the ANN tank were transferred to 'cleaning' dump-tank with 3 big hungry yamato shrimps, hoping that they'll clean up the gunk before I recycle the moss to another tank.

I wasn't expecting any hidden stowaway ANN eggs and even more surprised that the frys survived their predators!

You'll have to excuse the lousy shots... the fry was a tiny 3mm and the autofocus on the digi cam wasn't up to par.

Here's the fry near the bulkhead of the plastic tank.

A closer top view of fry... see the 'headlight' and banding?

A bigger side view... at least I know this little bugger was eating (whatever it is). See extended belly?

I didn't take the pic of the 2nd smaller ANN fry... cos I didn't know it was there and saw it much much later.

Again, for those who switch plants and moss around, please be careful especially when you are maintaining multiple species from the same genus.

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