Hi, fellas,

The other day at my house, Ronnie asked me to put up a list of recommended prices for the items that people will be selling on the day of the gathering at Karin's shop. Au who was present at that time sent me a list of fish and egg prices compiled from various fish auction sites yesterday. I took a look at Au's list and feel that the prices are pretty high. I know Au is not suggesting that we sell our stuff at those prices. His list is meant to be a guide but after looking at it, I'm uncertain what sort of prices I should recommend. Frankly, I'm just a hobbyist like you all are so I really don't know how much we should sell the fish and eggs.

Price would depend on many factors, foremost of which, is supply and demand. It would also depend on things like age of fish, state of health etc. There are just too many factors involved so I don't think it's a good idea for me to recommend any prices.

I was at Karin's shop yesterday and she's worried that on the day of the gathering, things will turn out to be chaotic for her. We have no idea how many people are going to turn up; who are they and whether they are interested in buying anything. Karin needs our help since this is the first time a gathering will be held at her shop. So I discussed things with her and we've come to a decision.

I'm asking that all those who are selling many fish/plants/eggs/fry on the day of the gathering to bring your stuff down to Karin's shop on the eve (Friday 28th November) at 8.30 pm and discuss matters. Au, Sia Meng and Ronnie, please be there because I believe the 3 of you have many items for sale. Karin needs our help to display the items and list down the prices. For those who don't have many things to sell, you do not have to come for the meeting but it would be good if you come earlier on the actual day so that Karin will have time to display your items and list them down in her book.

Loh K L