Hello all,

Here's yet another contest, with a line approaching soon. This one has a unique twist to it, since it requires a specific tank size and the usage of Rotala rotundifolia (along with any other plants you chose). Good luck.


This is just a reminder that Aquatic Plant Central is still hosting the Iron Aquascaper Contest- a contest that pits aquascapers against one another in order to prove their prowess and skill.

The Details

Contestants will design an aquascape around the focus plant. This year's focus plant is Rotala rotundifolia (indica). Information on this plant can be found here. The best use of the focus plant wins.

Plants that are not Rotala rotundifolia can also be used in the aquascape design. The maximum number of plant species that can be used in the aquascape is unlimited, but the plant must use Rotala rotundifolia.

Other requirements:

Tank size:
  • -US entries: a standard 10 gallon aquarium (20"x10"x12")
    -non-US entries: as close to 51cmx25.5x30.5 as possible

Closing date: December 1, 2004. We will be announcing the results on January 11, 2005

  • -Use a digital camera with high resolution (alternatively, you can send a photo for scanning by APC)
    -Provide 3-4 images with at least one from the front
    -Do not modify the image except for adjustments to brightness, color correction, contrast, white balance and sharpness.
    -Image should be a jpeg, tiff, or png
    -Image should be sent to [email protected]

  • Phil Edwards
    Ricky Cain
    Oliver Knott
    Enrico Monteiro
    Tan Zhiming
    Bartek Lipczynski

  • -First place: Iron Aquascaper Trophy - chosen from judging panel
    -People's Choice: Certificate - chosen by APC member votes

Judging guidlines:
  • 1. Use of the focus plant
    2. Overall impression
    3. Composition/Technique
    4. Originality
    5. Aquarium condition

Each contestant will receive detailed feedback by the judges

For more information, please visit the following forum threads: