Can any one recommend any meds that is safe for plants and inverts. Right now I have a few heavily planted tanks with cherry and amano shrimps. I've had a few fish die on me already, I know that their is something wrong with the fishes before they die. But I am helpless to do nothing because I don't want to add salt(bad for plants) and I can't put any meds like quick cure or meth blue because of my inverts. I can't catch the fishes due to them hiding so deep in my stem plants, so please I need some advise fast. Thanks.

I think it's more in the line of stress, one day they are fine and over night they seem to get stressed out and start breathing heavy. I've tested everything; C02, Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, iron. Everything seems fine. When I turn off the lights, I always have other lights on to help them not get stressed out.