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Thread: Hawaii's Fissiden

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    Hawaii's Fissiden

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    I found what I think is a fissiden. Here's the pic (though my pics suck I know).

    This is the best pic I could from my emersed grow-out tank. Actually, this is a moss I collected some months back, but the plant was so small that I couldn't really see how it looked. Now that it's grown out a bit from the tiny sample I originally had, I can see it looks a lot like the fissidens we've seen posted here and elsewhere. As to where I found it . . . *drumroll*:

    In the back of a fast food restaurant; I saw it when I went in back to the bathroom.

    There was a gutter that opened onto a muddy spot, and the restaurant is in a valley that rains a lot. The moss was growing on the muddy spot by the gutter opening. It looked different so I *embarresedly* squated to take a sample. :P

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    Just an update of fissiden gymnogynus. It turns out to be semi-aquatic afterall. I moved it up to the front so I guess I just needed to take a closer look.

    Refer back to this link:


    That is a nice setup there, can you fill me in on details on how you setup an emmersed tank, and also how you convert an underwater plant into emmersed conditions?


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