Aquatic Plant Central is pleased to announce the launch of the International Aquaplant Layout Contest 2005! Please visit the contest pages at:

This is a general aquascaping contest open to all types of planted aquariums and to all hobbyists from around the world.

A contestant can choose between two categories- aquariums with supplemental CO2 or aquariums without supplemental CO2. There is also a Beginner category that will provide valuable feedback to newcomers, but will not count towards contest prizes.

First place per category: $300US + plaque
Second place per category: $200US + plaque
Third place per category: $100US + plaque

Other prizes will be awared to Best Journal, Best Photography, Most Original and People's Choice. These prizes will be announced shortly.

December 1, 2005

Aquascaping Help Desk- Using the APC Help Desk, a contestant will be able to ask our panel of experts for help with their aquascape. This system is private so that the contestant can receive confidential advice. The Help Desk will be manned by experienced aquascapers that will not be entering or judging the contest.

Example Aquascape- The APC staff will be setting up an example aquarium and maintaining a journal in the Aquascaping Forum. The purpose is for those new to aquascaping can learn what to do in anticipation of a contest.

Extra Credit:
  • Contestants that maintain a journal of their aquascape in the Aquascaping Forum receive 5 points added to their overall score. Look for the Journal information post in the Aquascaping Forum for more details.
  • Popular vote winner receives 5 points towards their overall score. Using the APC poll system, the members of APC will be able to vote for their favorite aquascape.

Aquarium Design Group

Jeff Senske, from USA
Roland Seah, from Singapore
Wayne sham, from Hong Kong
Daniel Larrsen, from Sweden
Rony Suzuki, from Brazil
Jeff Kropp, from USA
Agus Po, from Canada

Get to know more about your judges here, including photos of layouts, biographical information, bits of wisdom, and more!:

Fine print:
  • Aquatic Plant Central membership is not a requirement.
  • Contestants are encouraged to register with the soon-to-be released contest pages. Each contestant is issued a unique number that will be used to refer to their entries in all aspects of judging. Each contestant will have the option to remain anonymous.
  • Contestants will be required to accept the terms of the Photo Release in order to participate in the contest.
  • Judging scoresheets and judge commentary will be provided to each entry. At the end of the contest, this information will appear under the entry images in the contest website. However, entry will be identified only by unique number (unless otherwise agreed to by contestant) and the judges' names will not be linked to the scoresheets or commentary.
For more information and entry details, please visit our contest page and refer to our APC forum.