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Thread: RO/DI filter

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    RO/DI filter

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    Hi, I'm exploring the feasibility of using a Reverse Osmosis/DI filter to facilitate a drip system for continual water change. Just wondering if any bros here are using such a system? Would really appreciate if you can share how much the system costs to run. By that, I mean what is the frequency of filter changes (does it go by number of litres of water it filters before a change is required?) and how much each filter costs?

    Thanks very much in advanced!!!
    Paul Apisto Noobie

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    Re: RO/DI filter

    We seemed to be on the same hunt! Our old RO system needs to be replaced. My husband is getting overwhelmed searching through the different brands of RO systems and I found this site with unbiased reviews on . In general, I have to admit that reverse osmosis systems work great, if you maintain them, and they do need regular maintenance.


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