Hi Friends,

I want to raise and buffer the pH of my Frontosa tank and just wanted to know if Epsom Salts will do this for me. I usually add some Epsom Salt to all my tanks and also at every water change. Kindly advice if they're effective in doing this.

Also kindly guide me on what else can I use inside the tank to buffer and maintain a high pH for my Fronts. I do have a few Coral Pieces and shells but I'm afraid that they might be too sharp for the fronts. Is there any thing else that can help me.

Is it safe to use Sodium Bicarbonate to raise the pH - I've always been afraid to use it in my tank as I've heard that it raises the pH very rapidly. Kindly advice if its safe to use and what dosage is the safest.

Please guide me regarding the above friends, will be really very grateful...
Thanks a lot !
Regards and Care to all,