Hi forumers,

Pls pls help... recently got an old eheim 2017 from my fren. Now trying to figure out what i need to buy to make it work. I m clueless cos haven't used canister filter b4, let alone Eheim. Pls help:

1) Is there something call a spindle missing?
2) I connected the wires to 3 pin plug and tried to get the head of the filter to work or make some sound. But nothing. Is the motor spoiled or is there a missing part? Is there an on/off switch oso?
3) What parts i need to get to get it working? Where can i get these parts? How much?
4) Is the filter too powerful for a normal 3ft tank (190L)?
5) Its power output is 1000L/h and filter circulation is 790L/h. So which is the flow rate?]
6) Where is recommended position of inlet/ outlet pipe in the tank?

Everything given to me is in the pic.. nothing else.


Thanks alot for all the help. Greatly Appreciated.