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Thread: Pls Quarantine your algae eaters

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    Pls Quarantine your algae eaters

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    Just to share some info.
    I bought 15 otos recently at Lor Halus. They came straight out of Qianhu truck and I asked the shopkeeper to give me 15 of them. And he gave them to me straight out of the bag and into another smaller pack. They never entered his tanks

    On taking them home, I put most of them into my betta barracks.
    Next day, found 1-2 dead otos. Thought nothing of it.
    Another day, started noticing that I actually have 1-2 dead bettas in the barracks. Subsequently, all the bettas in the lower levels died in the span of 2days. Not much signs of what was wrong and I had dosed anti-slime medication because some of them showed signs of having it.

    I had 2 bettas on the top most rack which had UV filtered water and they were lucky to be free of the disease.

    I also had 2 otos in another 2' growing up tank and within the same day, the otos died (water condition is tip top). Today (2 days later) found 8 dead bettas.
    I'm very sure the disease or toxin came from the otos because I do not feed live fish and there is no way the strange disease could have entered the tank.

    Some of you guys would have remembered something similar that happened to me when I used those borneo suckers (china pipa) as algae eaters.

    Thus, I have the following advice for fellow aquarists

    1) Always quarantine your fish. Algae eaters can still carry disease
    2) UV works!
    3) Do not be lazy and do clean the algae yourself

    Do this and your fish and yourself will be much happier.
    Definitely another expensive lesson for me. The number of bettas that died would have cost a couple of hundreds if sold.
    Luckily, My halfmoons are all in their own jars...

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    to add some interesting info..

    the chinese pipa fish is not a sucker as something like a pleco...

    it doesnt have a scraping mouth like a pleco and actually most of them prefer meat to algae

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    Hi Vican,

    I've had a case of "bad ottos" too. .[]
    Recently,I have just bought 4 of them and I placed 2 into my 15 gallon and 2 into the 10 gallon. The next day,those 2 in the smaller tank were dead. No signs,no warning. I am praying now that my fishes aren't affected.

    The other 2 in the 15 gallon seems alright,except that my Figure 8 seems to like chasing them though. []

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    After carefully examining dead fishes, I noticed that some of them has a pop-eye look. From read off , it seems that it's a kind of bacterial infection.

    When popeye is seen, it's pretty advanced and hard to treat.

    Currently, I seem to have slowed down the infection of the rest of the fish in the tank by using this Huey Hung Aquarium Series H2(anti bacteria) and H5(Filarial Capillaria) .

    I used this combination because I tot it could be due to some internal parasite

    So far, those in the tank are the culls, so I'm using it as an experiment to see if the medication really stops the infection.

    The tank was dosed with H2 and H5 after a 90%water change for 1 week without further water change, with overhead filtration. I just changed 90% of the water yesterday, so far so good.

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    popeyes and bloating stomach with scales opening up? Internal bacteria.


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    No dropsy, but this is the 1st time I've had fish with popeye disease. But previous treatment with anti internal bacteria from interpet didn't help


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