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Selaginella uncinata

Added by benny
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Selaginella uncinata
by benny
‹‹Unknown plant   unknownmoss  Selaginella uncinata
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  Description for Selaginella uncinata

Description by benny


The Selaginella or Spikemoss as they're commonly known as have a few varieties of which is available in the Singapore nurseries.

Selaginella Uncinata. ( Peacock or "Rainbow" Spikemoss )

The Peacock or Rainbow Spikemoss gets its name from its blue-green iridescent colours on its leaves. It's an undemanding plant loving low shady light with moist conditions and given time will spread to provide a lush beautiful ground cover. It can also be trained to grow on the back wall.

Maintenance: low.
Lighting requirements: low
Overall Rating: An easy plant for the beginner