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  1. Let us talk light
  2. Need some ID on this plant.
  3. Need Help on finding Petite Anubias Nana in LFS
  4. Where can I find Vallisneria contortionist?
  5. Potted plant
  6. Need ID on Christmas tree looking plant
  7. Lighting Question
  8. Ludwigia Sp Cuba Flowering
  9. moss for shrimp tank without chiller
  10. Plant Id
  11. where to buy Rotala nanjenshan & HM
  12. Marimo (Cladophora) Nerite snail
  13. The Wait is Over
  14. Help Identified the plant
  15. Anubias Jenny
  16. Can anyone tell me if a 13w pu lighting enough for a 1ft tank?
  17. Too clever
  18. Submersed C. parva Spathe?
  19. Please help to id this plant on the left.
  20. Plant ID thanks!
  21. Photosynthesis Period
  22. Question on planting
  23. Java Fern turns brown
  24. New Plant - Pogostemon deccanensis
  25. ID this plant
  26. Growing HC
  27. Plant ID please
  28. driftwood with plants on it
  29. Elatine triandra
  30. Propagating E. oriental
  31. E. cordifolius & E. schlueteri 'Green Leopard'
  32. Subwassertang
  33. Advise for low tech plants for nano / small tank
  34. Cryptocoryne wendtii for beginner?
  35. Changing of substrate to another totally. How will Flora and Fauna react?
  36. Marsilea hirsuta: growing upwards?
  37. Recommendation of plants
  38. Growing Mini Pellia with DSM
  39. Suggestions/solution to salvage tank
  40. Please help to ID this plant
  41. Plant ID help
  42. I heard that if too much fishes in planted tank, plant may not grow well
  43. Limnophila sp Vietnam
  44. E. tennulus in a low tech tank?
  45. growing moss
  46. Riccia
  47. Plant ID
  48. Growing hair grass non-submerged?
  49. fishes that disturbs plants?
  50. Organics Yeast
  51. Please recommend starter plant for newbie?
  52. Need help with Hairgrass growing......keep failing for years
  53. java moss overwhemed with algae
  54. ID of some wild plants and mosses
  55. HC Problem? Yellow color at the edge of leaf?
  56. Cost of Being Tempted!
  57. Whats the WPxxx No. for Rotala Nanjashen
  58. Hello everyone... may i know the name of this plant?
  59. Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss
  60. ID this plant.
  61. Any professional shops with selection of large varieties?
  62. Small Tanks Need More Watts Per Gallon?
  63. Giving Cryptocoryne Wendtii
  64. ID of this plant.
  65. how do i make this plant regrow its leaf??
  66. After 5 years, finally take up planted tank again
  67. Plant talk
  68. Bucephalandra - an easy plant to grow?
  69. Anyone bought plants from online ebay AquaticMagic Store?
  70. recommended plant for low light tanks.
  71. Any idea where to buy Eleocharis parvula (Dwarf Hairgrass) and Eleocharis vivipara
  72. Help On Riccia!
  73. Plant ID
  74. How do you manage the growth of Vallisneria?
  75. Ph low, help
  76. Anyone using ISTA Max Mix CO2 reactor??
  77. plants exponential growth... should i cut it?
  78. Isotes
  79. Help with Dwarf Hairgrass (With Pictures)
  80. Help!! Us fissiden turning very light green
  81. Identify this fern
  82. Newbie starteed a Planted Tank
  83. unsightly roots growing out of my plants
  84. Questions on moss and mini pellia
  85. growing blyxa japonica short
  86. Plant ID
  87. Rotala red
  88. plant ID
  89. 10k & 14k T5 lights
  90. Plant talk
  91. Question on my HC tank situation?
  92. What plant is this?
  93. Kelvin Ratings.
  94. plant talk
  95. Growing Tonina fluviatilis
  96. Schismatoglottis roseospatha
  97. Managed to successfully cultivate these aquatic mosses (pics intensive)
  98. Plant ID
  99. What is this transparent thing sticking on the plant?
  100. Help on Nymphaea micrantha in Mini Pond
  101. Local wild moss and fissiden
  102. Please help to ID these 2 Plants
  103. need plant ID
  104. Pruning japonica
  105. Where to buy Java Moss?
  106. Help on my US fissidens
  107. Dry start method of planting
  108. why is my us fissiden this colour, is it normal?
  109. T5 Bulb
  110. Growing HC on driftwood/rock?
  111. White and Rare
  112. Anubias barteri var Nana suddenly turning yellow
  113. Where in Singapore can I buy Elatine Triandra
  114. New Aqua Soil-Amazonia II
  115. Looking for Hemianthus micranthemoides, anyone spotted?
  116. Split narrow leave 'trident'
  117. How tall can C. Crispulata/retrospiralis grow?
  118. Substitute for Blyxa Japonica in an iwagumi setup??!!
  119. Question on Tall Hairgrass (Eleocharis vivipara)
  120. How to create moss turf?
  121. Questions on money plants...
  122. Moss in glosso foreground becoming eyesore.
  123. Identify this echinodorus species please
  124. Need Help On Identifying Plants
  125. Utricularia graminifolia (Chendol) wall?
  126. Rotala wallichii question
  127. Where can I purchase Eleocharis vivipara (Long Hairgrass) in Singapore?
  128. Where to get aqua journal magazine?
  129. Advice needed for plants (flowering?)
  130. Ludwigia arcuata
  131. Lilaeopsis mauritiana VS Lilaeopsis brasiliensis VS Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae
  132. What is the difference between AQUASOIL and POWERSAND?
  133. Nana plant trimming and re-grow
  134. Where to buy moss ball the size of 50 cent coin?
  135. Help needed to ID plant
  136. Help ID a plant I bought at C328 please
  137. Plant identification
  138. Aqualife Magazine 2010 September: Special Feature on Plants
  139. Can help to ID this plant?
  140. Spiky brownie growth on Hairgrass
  141. Fan
  142. Emerse and Submerse
  143. diving 2 outlet for co2
  144. How to remove green hair algea?
  145. Frogbits
  146. Need help in ID this plant/
  147. Red Cabomba
  148. Is root master a must?
  149. hardy, low requirements plants
  150. different types of red tiger lotus ?
  151. New freshwater plant and fish blog, check it out!
  152. Volcanic springs, aquatic plant nirvana. Hat Creek, CA, USA
  153. Just Another Plant ID help
  154. Morimo Infestation
  155. New Syngonanthus post! Check it out!
  156. Is it too much for 2ft moss tank at 55watt of pl light
  157. dark green algae on tank
  158. Help on saving my plants
  159. us fissidens requirements
  160. Flower from tiger lily?
  161. Corkscrew Vallisneria - its exact identity
  162. May I know what plant/algae sprout this?
  163. is my fissiden dying??
  164. Weird plant growing on my drift wood
  165. Procedure for new plants
  166. blyxa japonica neither growing nor dying???
  167. Helped needed to ID this 3 plants
  168. Is Chiller required for a planted tank?
  169. Can Echinodorus Tenellus (ET) grow without any base soil?
  170. How much light do mosses need?
  171. Where to get amazon frogbits?
  172. Decorate my PVC pipe for crayfish
  173. Aponogeton madagascariensis
  174. Worm!!
  175. New Post! Microsorium
  176. Algae
  177. What plant is this?
  178. snail in rainbar
  179. Long hair grass keep having split ends!
  180. Floating Plants and Surface Agitation?
  181. New post on LARGE Hygrophila
  182. Recommend a plant for my tank?
  183. Id plant
  184. Growing US Fissiden emersed?
  185. Fissiden Zippelianus (Zipper moss)
  186. Getting rid off Lemna Minor!!
  187. moss turning brown
  188. Hemianthus callitrichoides
  189. help - us fissidens
  190. Where to get mini riccia?
  191. how to DIY
  192. Bogwood help needed.
  193. Rotala stunted help!!
  194. Mini Narrow Java Fern
  195. Difference between "E.Vivipara" and "E.Acicularis"
  196. question about loose moss
  197. Fertilizer Soil and Sand.... is it a must?
  198. Easiest foreplant for 4ft tank
  199. How to clear tough algae?
  200. Anacharis (egeria najas) care?
  201. How to culture algae growth without a strong light?
  202. Hair Grass
  203. Help to ID this plant
  204. Shrimps Favourite plant
  205. Heard about the aquatic plant ban in Texas? Is your State Next?
  206. Trimming Hairgrass
  207. Myriophyllum tuberculatum x sae
  208. Please advice if my moss will survive
  209. My biggest attempt to create most dramatic planted tank. advice needed from all bros.
  210. Help to ID this plant
  211. Ways to attach fissiden to stones
  212. Black Sand for Hair Grass
  213. HairGrass planted in stalks or a single strand?
  214. Algae on tank wall
  215. co2
  216. Looking for website with all moss types + pictures
  217. Utricularia graminifolia aka UG
  218. Browning Plants
  219. Question on Glosso
  220. help me id this creeper grass
  221. Vallisneria with seachem excel
  222. HC health
  223. Spotty Nanas
  224. Flea-Like Looking Creature in New Set-up tank
  225. ID floating plant pls
  226. Plant ID needed
  227. xmas moss growth rate
  228. ALL Plants List Avaiable In Singapore.
  229. foreground
  230. Does water current really affect the plant's growth?
  231. How To tie us fissiden?
  232. Question about Pelia
  233. Newbie needs help & where to get SeaChem Flourish Excel
  234. will tied moss on DW spread?
  235. Advice on new plants at Red Sea LFS
  236. Wild borneo fern at c328
  237. The beauty of small garden
  238. How To trim this plant?
  239. help!! i want to start planting;)
  240. Hottonia palustris (Xue Hua)
  241. HC FTW! If it can be grown like this, We SHOULD as well..
  242. What are the nice background plants we have?
  243. Which red plant is easy to keep?
  244. About foreground plant ( staurogyne )
  245. Plants scattered with soil dust
  246. where to find Thin Leaves Java Fern
  247. Why the need to top off soil with gravel?
  248. visiting singapore soon
  249. I need plants
  250. Help on glosso