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  1. Hole in goldfish's wen
  2. Seachem KanaPlex
  3. Maracyn Two
  4. Recommandation for test hit for ammonia , nitrite and nitrate?
  5. Kuhli Loaches
  6. White "film" spotted in 2 weeks old cycling aquarium HELP!!
  7. Pea puffers !
  8. Betta fish sick help!
  9. 1 week old fries all die
  10. Probiotic Fish Food
  11. Anyone can identify...
  12. Zero KH limits CO2 level in planted tank?
  13. New fishes
  14. Mystery disease wiping out my tank
  15. Methyl Blue Anyone?
  16. White spot sticking out of my Balloon fish
  17. Fish hiding
  18. Eye problem?
  19. Food that sink ?
  20. Rosy barb with swollen belly
  21. Molly eating poo
  22. Foam on edge of tank
  23. Pinkish-White Growth on Cory - HELP
  24. Unknown insect in my tank , disgusting
  25. Ammonia and Nitrate still remain high and almost the same after 50% water changes
  26. Recommend a good brand of GH tester.
  27. Platy fry
  28. bio mat
  29. Residue Copper Trace in the tank/silicon
  30. For a new tank, should one directly add water to the tank? Or mix anti-chlorine first
  31. Tetra all wiped out!!
  32. Clamped Fins After Reaching Home
  33. Fish tank Cloudy Water
  34. Guppy
  35. platy, molly, guppy
  36. Flat platy
  37. Zebra octo
  38. Otos skiming the water surface?
  39. 【Question】Is the way better for my clownfish?
  40. Yellow powder
  41. Shaking fish
  42. Mixing 2 different brand of soil, pls help
  43. Any other methods beside OHF
  44. columnaris bacteria infection
  45. Fish Shop which adopt fish
  46. artificial cover for fry
  47. Food for omnivorous fish
  48. Flashing guppies advice
  49. Camallanus Worm.
  50. Black spot
  51. MBU puffer?
  52. What's growing on my Molly?
  53. guppies swimming at top of water?
  54. Seachem Safe vs Prime
  55. what illness is this?
  56. High PH level
  57. Shrimp Death After Spot Treatment
  58. Goldfish tank water yellow and stink
  59. Where to buy NLS Flakes
  60. Deionizer
  61. Growth on Arowana's Eye
  62. Small fish food recommendation
  63. Preferred way of cycling a planted tank
  64. Juvenile fish with red spots, panting.
  65. ada amazonia /ammonia /new tank
  66. Looking for fish species
  67. Nitrite Level
  68. Sick AFR Guppy
  69. lampeye / ember tetra fry found
  70. Removing loose algae
  71. Chlorine and chloramine
  72. Reviews on Aqumedi Oxycure
  73. Water Changing
  74. Ramshorn snail
  75. Seachem Renew + Seachem Purigen?
  76. Brown algae question
  77. Do angel fish really eat snails? (small ramshorn)
  78. My fishes pushed me into buying one..
  79. Disease identification
  80. Need expert help! is this Ketapang
  81. Ideal TDS range?
  82. paddle tail newt help?!!
  83. hanging filter - 185l/h on a 2 ft tank for guppies keeping?
  84. Fishes keep dying
  85. Expert needed for advise to clear the wood slime
  86. Help with diagnosis
  87. What are the popular fish food available nowadays?
  88. Dying Tetras
  89. Water conditioners not needed for <20% water changes?
  90. Where Can I Buy Roseline Shark
  91. What's on my shrimp and plants?
  92. Need help. again. this time s on KH
  93. Cardinal Tetras ich - where to buy Kordon's ich attack?
  94. Earthworm in tank
  95. juvenile rams with bad ich
  96. Reponses from SG government agencies viz Importing of dewormer from amazon.
  97. Help needed for beginner with unhealthy fish
  98. Assassin snail breeding
  99. K1 micro filter media
  100. HELP! waterlife protozin effect on cories and pleco help
  101. Water Conditioners (de-chlorinator) shelf life
  102. Did Seachem made a mistake with their Seachem Safe product?
  103. Maintaining ph level
  104. 1st time using API Quick Start + Stress Coat
  105. Fe Gluconate
  106. Old shrimp tank Ada soil convert to keeping angel fish
  107. Sick with fungus and pop eye?
  108. Why's my tank not showing nitrate or nitrite ?
  109. Things keep dying in my tank, help!!
  110. Where to buy freshwater copepods in Singapore?
  111. Need help to get rid of aquarium parasites.
  112. Mutag Biochipô, anyone know where to get em?
  113. Help! White spots in my Otto!
  114. How to lower pH in my planted tank.
  115. Help: Clown Loaches Dying [Bloated Stomach + Pop Eye (at times)]
  116. what is the white patch on my fish tail
  117. Copper Toxicity Calculator - Inverts and fish
  118. male betta not building bubblenest
  119. Just a question to ask.....
  120. What happen to my guppy?
  121. Discus pair suddenly stop breeding after successful spawn
  122. Beef heart
  123. Acclimation Controversy
  124. Is it advisable to feed my fishes with frozen brine shrimp daily.
  125. Is this problem with my water parameters or problem with my tester.
  126. Something wrong with my Betta?
  127. Betta no longer flare
  128. Well I made a stupid move that will be tricky to fix
  129. CNY fish food help
  130. Mating Betta: When should I stop/give up
  131. Do you add vitamins to your tank?
  132. CO2 and minerals
  133. I need help with my baby silver arowana
  134. Help my Betta!!
  135. How long can my QT run fallow?
  136. Newbie needs help again with (sick ?) neon tetra. please
  137. Where to find LIVE BBS or adult Brine Shrimp
  138. How to cure white poo
  139. What fish food is best for my fishes?
  140. Sudden death by finrot(?)
  141. Help: White Worms Infestation
  142. Pls ID unknown fish
  143. How to stop adult angel fish fighting
  144. Sudden Nitrite Spike (Established Tank)
  145. Chipped Scales on My Merlion Royal Arowana
  146. Beginner in keeping Arowana
  147. API Ammonia Test Kit: Not Reliable?
  148. Guppy Fry with unusual Growth
  149. New Tetra staying at the Top of the Tank
  150. Aquarium smell
  151. Guppy dying (with photo)
  152. Giant Betta Care HELP
  153. Dragon Betta Scale problem
  154. Fruit Flies For Fish, Anyone?
  155. Swim Bladder disease or not?
  156. Did the recent heatwave kill off some of my platies and Glowlight Tetras?
  157. Giant Betta Behaviour
  158. Gravel In my aquarium or not?
  159. Please help to ID this species
  160. Achieving low GH and KH - some empirical results
  161. GH and KH not in API master test kit - how important?
  162. Dumbo Halfmoon filter?
  163. Help in removing these White Worms
  164. Gravel for halfmoon? Rumours?
  165. Help with sick Killifish!
  166. Gill flapping?
  167. Anything wrong with my pleco?
  168. Lots of debris (poo etc) at bottom of tank daily.
  169. Swimming Behaviour
  170. Urgent: Im going oversea how can prevent my fishes from dying when i come back??i
  171. Single Black patch on betta body
  172. Urgent Channa bleheri white worm on eyes
  173. URGENT HELP! Drastic behaviour change
  174. Angelfish pair Fighting
  175. Does this betta have popeye?
  176. What are the do's and dont's of having an anemone in your aquarium?
  177. Betta Fin Rot treatment
  178. Guppy fry tank mate
  179. Need more information on this brand of fish food.
  180. Dragonscale Betta, Diamond eye issue
  181. Fish Calculator said my tank is seriously overstocked!
  182. Microworms
  183. My goldfish became inactive and stay near water surface.
  184. Strange Nitrite Readings
  185. ID white hair algae or red cherry shrimp molt?
  186. Cloudy water
  187. Aqua Science Water Treatment
  188. Cardinal tetra suffering from pop eye symptom
  189. SERA kH Test
  190. How to remove this type of algae?
  191. Corydoras Food - Ultra Fresh
  192. Do terrapins eat snails?
  193. Water Treatment
  194. Betta tail rot?
  195. Bioload Issues on Tank and 3 problems
  196. 60 Gallon No water change tank. How can I achieve it?
  197. partial cloudy water, need advise
  198. anchor worm on fish?
  199. Boraras prefer Moina to Tubifex
  200. Baxter anti chlorine
  201. Vinegar Eel
  202. Dwarf loach
  203. My betta fin curls normal or fin rot?
  204. Best diet for my community tank?
  205. Swollen anus?
  206. dermosporidia
  207. GH of tank water >> tap water. Solutions/suggestions?
  208. 2 feet high tech with shrimp
  209. some help needed with water parameter
  210. Need advice on Terrapin
  211. Setting up a Shrimp Tank
  212. Freeze dried blood worms
  213. Sera Viformo
  214. Tubifex casual experiment
  215. Brine shrimp eggs
  216. Shrimp Tank soil w/ or w/out carpet?
  217. Panda cory death and other questions
  218. First time Fish parent - HELP - did not go so well .
  219. Suspected columnaris
  220. Is Ocean Free Super Vitamin Complex any good?
  221. Brightwell Aquatics Erase-CL expiry date
  222. White Stuff Growing on Substrate
  223. Terrapin Nitrogen cycle - aeration?
  224. Arowana HELP!
  225. Weird Jelly Substance On Alder Cones
  226. Is my betta sick?
  227. is he sick??
  228. Humming Noise In Filter
  229. Humming Noise In Filter
  230. Humming Noise In Filter
  231. Live food for tetras
  232. What disease is it and how do I treat it.
  233. Sick Discus Help!!!!!!
  234. Pls help my sick fish
  235. Gardneri Killfish, strange marking on back.
  236. Colour of Discus Eggs
  237. Otocinclus in Tropical Climate
  238. Juvenile Goldfish Floating Vertically
  239. Black Soldier Fly larvae nutrition
  240. API Melafix vs API Primafix vs Seachem Paraguard
  241. 36 inches x 36 inches x 36 inches 200 gallons cube aquarium advice needed
  242. ICH Help!
  243. Help with guppies
  244. Complete Guide to Arowana Tanning (color up Arowana fast!)
  245. Cory with something comming out of gills
  246. Flowerhorn ich treatment
  247. Indian Almond Leaves
  248. Advice for planted tank and betta
  249. Worm tube thing in fish
  250. Can planaria live outside the tank