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  1. Where to get good guppies breed ?
  2. Need help of light for indoor pond!
  3. advice on equip. subst. & plants.
  4. Is adding sick fish into a planted tank dangerous?
  5. LFS that are informative and well stocked
  6. Fish swimming to the top...
  7. white crawlies and other problems
  8. filter media arrangement
  9. Advice needed for Hermit Crabitat
  10. Tank Size rules and regulations
  11. endler's guppy
  12. Choosing plants for foreground(lawn effect)
  13. Need help with DIY CO2
  14. Everything went wrong in my 1st attempt at planting
  15. Will my tank survive while I'm overseas for 3 months?
  16. Questions. Need help!
  17. white particles in water
  18. Is the filter is overkill for my tank?
  19. Newbie needs advise
  20. Advice needed for Teco RA 680 model Chiller
  21. New 30 gallon in need of help!
  22. help me identify please
  23. Oily patches and froth formation. Advise needed.
  24. Will washing GEX soil ruin it?
  25. Can I introduce fish into cloudy water?
  26. Newly Set up 3ft tank, is that green water syndrome?
  27. Greg Watson's Guide to Dosing Strategies for Aquarium Plants
  28. led lighting vs floresant lighting
  29. not breeding =/
  30. Question on cleaning the filter.
  31. Fish surface to top grasping for air
  32. Sand use for planting
  33. How did moss got infected?.
  34. how to disinfection plants and get rid of snails?
  35. Hair grass turning yellow with DSM method
  36. Yeast solution in aquarium
  37. How to get rid of slug like creatures in tank?
  38. "Havest" fissiden?
  39. Does using drop checker eliminates the need for other co2 measuring metods?
  40. White mite in my tank
  41. Enough CO2 + light?
  42. lapis sand wash
  43. Fast advice required
  44. red worms in my tank during cycling?
  45. LFS Selling Snail Killers?
  46. Anyone can ID this fish?
  47. Help!...New Plants turning Yellow and brown!
  48. How to reduce high NO3 & NO2 level
  49. Gravel + EI Method for planted setup
  50. Starting to introduce plants to my tank
  51. How to ID type of Algae?.
  52. Ammonia in tap water?
  53. removing oyama paper
  54. Second hand fish tank decorations
  55. Starting a new tank by myself, I've got questions.
  56. CO2 system
  57. Topping / adding more substrate to matured planted tank
  58. No luck with Danoi
  59. Should I keep Glass Catfish or Tetra Fishes?
  60. [URGENT] Keep Live Blood Worms
  61. Ph and Kh Questions
  62. Will be in KL next month. Want to know where to visit for aquarium plant.
  63. Is quartz substrate a fertiliser?.
  64. Badis can keep in community tank?
  65. Converting marine tank to planted tank
  66. 36W PL light enough for which kind of plants?
  67. where to buy Laterite?
  68. Co2 Checker
  69. New tanks
  70. why my parrots fish keep on get cloudy eye?
  71. Mini Nana on super mini drifwood?
  72. How long should we turn on the lights ?
  73. Co2 reactor
  74. white slime on rubber suction cups
  75. Dupla S Reactor
  76. Newbie seeking advises
  77. moss tree
  78. Where to find measuring spoon?
  79. Assassin snail vs Ramshorn Snail (common pond snail)
  80. Fish Water Cooler
  81. Dry start method attempt
  82. assassin snail ok for plants
  83. Earthworms??
  84. Chiller
  85. new tank...
  86. Brine shrimp?
  87. Aquarium light.....
  88. CO2 help!
  89. co2 reator or diffuser
  90. When you're done.
  91. Pl nan fl t5
  92. Decommission Tank to get rid of Hair algae
  93. Fish Tank Set Up Course
  94. How to get rid of small bristle worms?
  95. water still cloudy.
  96. thermometer type
  97. Need help
  98. Begginer New low tech ferns
  99. Duckweed
  100. Suction cap
  101. gravel + gex soil = good idea?
  102. gravel + gex soil = good idea?
  103. need help pls
  104. Breeding of Glofish (Genetically modified Danio Rerio)
  105. Where can I buy off the shelf tall tanks?
  106. Goldfish
  107. question on HOF
  108. High ph for tap water
  109. Goldfish with Air Bladder
  110. Recommendations of LFS
  111. fin rot treatment "HELP"
  112. when one dies and others survive
  113. difference between lights.
  114. difference in light fixture.
  115. Where to find Good Price for TECO Chillers?
  116. Malaysian Trumpet snail
  117. i looked at my tank today.
  118. Is it normal when a tank's glass bends?
  119. End of cycle, what to do before adding CRS?
  120. Total loss of panda cories
  121. Browning of HC
  122. Panda Cory aggression?
  123. Something to share
  124. White Spot on my cherry shrimps head/back
  125. help with moss.
  126. a little help would b appreciated
  127. How to get rid of planaria?
  128. yamato shrimps die.
  129. Can cardinal tetras live together in peace with guppies and their offsprings?
  130. Help with Shrimp tank setup.
  131. Pygmy Cory
  132. What sand substrate and stones for shrimp community tank?
  133. Which is the most approrpriate substrate for my tank
  134. how to set up tank?
  135. Help please to understand planted tank
  136. is there any copper traces in seachem excel?
  137. Badis and galaxy rasbora
  138. Fishes suitable with shrimps
  139. what's that shrimp at nature aquarium?
  140. Bubbles around the tank caused by OHF
  141. Can assassin snails aggressively hunt?
  142. Any unique Fish to Recommend?
  143. Drifwood has a "spider web"..
  144. is it mini christmas moss thats being planted in the display tank in y618?
  145. multi colour shrimps in y618
  146. Cherry, sakura, fire red, painted red
  147. Red Danios staying on top of the tank
  148. 3.5g nano planted tank
  149. where to buy gH/pH/kH electronical tester?
  150. need help with tiger barbs
  151. New here
  152. Decommission or Juggle?
  153. Help Nitrite
  154. can help ID this fish?
  155. question on the co2 pressuried system
  156. Snakefish help
  157. CO2 amount for 3ft tank
  158. The invisible crack. The Aquarium Nightmare?
  159. FL fixture enough for mosses?
  160. Duration of water cycle before introducing lifestock
  161. filter and medium help ( canister dolpine expert pls help)
  162. Maximum number of new fish to introduce to a tank?
  163. Planted Tank Lighting
  164. what should i keep together with freshwater seaweed?
  165. How to know if moss has anchored to the driftwood?
  166. how to mass breed assassin snails
  167. test kit
  168. Changing from OHF to Canister
  169. Identifying Rotala Rotundifolia Green
  170. LED light
  171. Fish Food
  172. Need help on dosing amount
  173. What type of fish should I add?
  174. What types of plant should i use?
  175. Can you change a rocks pH?
  176. LED for high demanding plants
  177. Singapore HDB Tank Size Help.
  178. Co2 dropchecker... At what timing should it's show the correct color code
  179. Lily pipe for small tanks
  180. should i add plants ??
  181. Diy co2
  182. Need some help for my new tank setup
  183. Moving frm Low tech to CO2
  184. Help to ID moss
  185. Installation of uv sterilizer
  186. Low ph
  187. Water outlets and their various effects?
  188. Temperature
  189. which farm selling loose us fissidens at a affordable price?
  190. little white moving spots.
  191. Purified Water and CO2 tablets questions.
  192. Need Ideas for office tank! Low-tech
  193. Bare Bottom to Substrate?
  194. Canister Filter Help
  195. Nano Cubes Selection
  196. Qns on Guppy Trio
  197. What makes one give up the fish keeping hobby?
  198. Mixing of Rummynose and CPD
  199. HELP from expert
  200. needing assistance
  201. Water plants for high temp tank
  202. any apisto pair suitable to keep for a newbie?
  203. Is Glosso easy to grow?
  204. regarding planaria.
  205. about FLs
  206. White pod shaped parasite
  207. My new planted tank
  208. Weird bubbles(?)
  209. Setup of an interim tank
  210. Discus tank
  211. Is soil transferable ?
  212. web shop online at shenzhen
  213. Aquarium Online Shops Singapore
  214. Moving, new tank
  215. hydrometer help.
  216. Black Quartz Sand can Grow Plants w/o Soil?
  217. API GH/KH tester
  218. Planted shrimp tank with CO2 & no solenoid
  219. Office low tech tank
  220. ADA Catalogue
  221. Cycling tank needs fertilizer ?
  222. Greenish water
  223. Pressure gauge reading dropped
  224. What is the best T5ho 24watt light for planted tank ?
  225. help setting up a 3ft planted office tank
  226. Water circulation for two pumps
  227. Apisto Caca setup
  228. beginners technic
  229. Flourish Excel vs C02 for 30gallon tank
  230. Activated cabon and ferts
  231. Best Practices for goldfishes?
  232. south african cichlids
  233. Missing Yamatos, Swim right way only Platy
  234. Eggs? Algae? or part of the Fancy Java Fern
  235. Air tube and suction pads corroding and water clarity.
  236. Never seen before worm
  237. Where to buy fish tank
  238. Pellia
  239. natural wood decos
  240. Doorstep Delivery of CO2
  241. why is my moss dying off?
  242. FW Mangrove shrimp tank (brain fart) - need help
  243. Restarting tank with HC via Dry start method
  244. CO2 - Enough or Not??
  245. Where to buy aquatic plants in singapore?
  246. RoyKoh First attempt
  247. Help! My been tetra got a nasty bite on the tail and its not eating.
  248. what to feed baby crs
  249. Dead shrimp- remove or leave as food
  250. Unstable pH