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  1. Setting up new tank - advice?
  2. UV sterilizer as preventive maintenance ?
  3. xmas moss algae
  4. Schooling fish for shrimp tank
  5. Place to get nano tank
  6. anyone interested in green tree fogs?
  7. LED bulb for planted tank
  8. Moss Tank Setup Question
  9. Trying to setup a new water tank for my goldfish.
  10. Electronic solenoid
  11. getting rid of planaria
  12. java fern
  13. About Black Oyama Background and Canister Filter
  14. New Aquascape Project!!!
  15. floating bigwood...
  16. Powerhead co2 injection method
  17. dutch aquascaping
  18. What type of filter aeration you would setup for goldfish?
  19. Temperature of the water in your tank?
  20. cloudy water
  21. Right, so I bit the bullet and bought a tank...
  22. Comments on cardinal tetra with Ryukin
  23. is eheim 2028 too strong for 2' planted tankd
  24. my first attemp of planted tank
  25. HAILEA HC300a
  26. How to kill black brush algae on plants? Discussion...
  27. pls...help on my hailea hc-300a
  28. Need help on my filter causing stress to my fishes
  29. Changing water?
  30. Moss wall query
  31. Point & Shoot camera
  32. Is liquid co2 safe for shrimps tanks?
  33. How and what do you feed goldfish - pearl scale to be specific
  34. Brown patchy deposits inside canister hoses
  35. Advantages & disadvantages
  36. How to tell ifa nerite snail is dead?
  37. metal mesh
  38. My Shrimp Tank
  39. how long of light duration for the tank?
  40. foreground plants
  41. what i need if i plan to have a co2 tank?
  42. Seeking Urgent Advice
  43. Freshwater aquarium newbie
  44. Ada amazonia ii:
  45. Slow Growth and Pale Green leaves
  46. Inlet sponge and flowrate
  47. My future crs tank
  48. Betta Channoides and Betta Albimarginata
  49. WTS : Anyone got 2 Ft tank to Go ..
  50. Crystal red shrimp
  51. Common snails?
  52. My cardinal tetra is dying
  53. Anyone Can Explain Why Cardinal Tetra swim vertically upright and subsequently die?
  54. Calculation of power comsumption for JBJ 1/15hp chiller
  55. small fish tank
  56. 8 small pearl scale needs tank mate
  57. Co2
  58. How to clear Brown & yellowish water
  59. Any idea where to buy female guppies?
  60. Thermometer in Tank
  61. Does Zerba Danio get along well with Guppies and Neon Tetra?
  62. How to prevent greenish water in tank placed outside?
  63. planted tan with molly got worms.
  64. Regarding Apisto
  65. My New 2FT Tank
  66. Help..external thermostat for Hailea 100A ?
  67. First try on co2
  68. Hot weather and my chiiler
  69. Nearly Giving Up: Planted & Neons Lover
  70. Water Parameter
  71. Cory Cat and Glosso
  72. Easy New Plants: Where to Buy Cheap and A Lot
  73. After getting a carpet of HC/glosso, Co2 need to continue??
  74. Coral
  75. Pura filtration pad or poly filter pad
  76. Overhead Filter
  77. Standard tank measuring unit is feet or cm?
  78. Help ID this algae/growth and suggestions on how to rid this?
  79. Regarding Apisto
  80. Starting A new 4FT planted tank! Help please!!
  81. My Apisto agassizi breed.Advise Please!!!
  82. Chinese Algae Eater?
  83. LED lights any good for 2 feet/15 Gallon tank?
  84. How to slow down growth in a high tech planted tank?
  85. Fish in shrimps tank?
  86. getting oyama paper
  87. Where to buy Brine shrimp for my Apisto ???
  88. What Rock is this? ID please.
  89. Diy cabinet
  90. Need help ... White spots in tank.
  91. Fire Cory and tetras?
  92. Need Advise..
  93. Balloon Rams newly hatched eggs
  94. Dying shrimp!!!
  95. Any trouble that tank evaporation may cause?
  96. Hi, beginner starting a new shrimp tank
  97. A green larvae in my tank
  98. Help, what kind of plant is this?
  99. Chiller
  100. Is my CO2 Solenoid Malfunctioning?
  101. Hc-100a
  102. Pregnant Shrimp
  103. Help
  104. Planaria
  105. Setting up a 3 or 4 feet shrimp tank
  106. Need Advise
  107. What Shrimps to keep ?
  108. Filter medium and gravel
  109. Low light carpet plants
  110. How to clean or replace bio-filter media?
  111. How To Keep CRS??
  112. New IQ3 pico tank setup
  113. Will the shrimps be effected?
  114. Best recommended Soil for Shrimp's?
  115. Beginner 10 Gallon load
  116. Advice on decommission and resetup of tank
  117. My Iwagumi Project
  118. cloudy water!!
  119. Looking for Boraras brigittae (Mosquito rasbora)??
  120. Berried CRS dying
  121. What is the Best GH and KH for Shrimp Tank
  122. Black water add in Shrimp tank ?
  123. Planting Set
  124. Boiled Spinach
  125. Is there any moss/plant which grows horizontally in the plant rather than vertically?
  126. Low tech aquarium without filter
  127. co2 tank main valve
  128. lights...... 55 watts PL or led??
  129. CO2 with Electric Solenoid : HELP Needed
  130. Malayan Shrimps for my 1 ft by 1/2 by 1 ft tank
  131. Anyone can ID this alien in my Tank?
  132. Source of water for tanks
  133. dropchecker solution
  134. Dead fish
  135. why my tailwhip pleco died suddenly after 3 weeks?
  136. two tanks with one canister filter.
  137. Need help with the sand...
  138. Question about K1 media
  139. spring sand
  140. My New 1ft Office Tank. Please come in and comment
  141. newbie:need advice
  142. Help!
  143. (departition) how best to remove glass partition from tank
  144. Detachable 2ft 3tier tank stand ?
  145. Urgent Help Needed - Mosqitoes larva Found in my planted tank.
  146. shrimp not eating
  147. Co2
  148. Where got sell this part eh?
  149. Beginner needs advice on 3 feet tank low tech set up
  150. how to cool water with fan
  151. HI!will different shrimp cross breed?
  152. Small little bugs
  153. Regarding EHEIM canister warranty
  154. Changing soil
  155. Mini seed bugs
  156. Hi, i need help
  157. Resun Cl650 and eheim 2217 compatibility
  158. newbie needs help! help!
  159. Suggestion for colorful fishes in a planted tank
  160. is yunfeng betta shop (pasir ris farmway) open 2ml??
  161. Setting up a 2 Feet planted tank with CRS and some small fishes
  162. HELP!!!there are leeches in my shrimp tanks!
  163. Water Change
  164. How many dwarf puffers can a 10 gallon tank keep
  165. Hang-on filter OR led lights
  166. How to lower down the GH?
  167. I think i might have just destroyed what i build
  168. Internal Filter
  169. Sun-B1 mini hang on filter with surface skimmer
  170. Dolphin Nano Tank Set..
  171. What snail is this?
  172. HOB filter surface skimmer
  173. Water parameters for Sakura
  174. Need advice on CO2
  175. Question on filters n bio homme. Newbie here..
  176. Best Substrate for Corydoras
  177. where can i get solenoid cable replacement?
  178. Shrimp eat CO2 tablets
  179. Amount of Substrate needed for tank
  180. green furry stuff growing on leaves and wood
  181. New Shiruba 303 filter
  182. bug, need help.
  183. Possible to achieve such a tank without CO2 and cool temperatures?
  184. Sulawesi Shrimps
  185. what can we learn from the forum
  186. Types of Frozen Bloodworm
  187. How to overcome dark area?
  188. Newbie needs help please
  189. Help - Fish staying at surface, gasping for air
  190. need advice for newbie setup 2ft tank
  191. Planaria?
  192. New in aquascaping....
  193. Need advise on fishless cycling !
  194. ALGAE on tank walls
  195. ADA Equipments & Products
  196. Change substrate possible ??
  197. Question on overstocking?
  198. T5HO lighting question
  199. ...about to reset tank, once i get home.
  200. Decided to upgrade to a 1.5ft tank
  201. Any advice for keeping shrimp
  202. Advise for my upgrade to a 2ft tank for CRS
  203. First-timer canister filter, which one?
  204. Planaria Problem..
  205. cheap 4ft tank?
  206. Milky water?
  207. Recomendation needed for Nitrite and Nitrate tester
  208. corroding shell nerite snails
  209. Where to get stainless steel mesh at good price?
  210. Compatibility of fishes
  211. Question on ligtings in aquarium
  212. Lighting period issue: Relativity
  213. Must Have Water testers??
  214. Can a 2Feet hold this amount?
  215. is there a compatible breed of pleco we can keep in planted tanks?
  216. Problem encountered to set CO2
  217. TDS meter problem?
  218. Posting pictures quickie
  219. loach for 2 feet tank
  220. CO2 Electrolysis-Systems :- Useful?
  221. Help I see worms and my plants and shrimps are dieing
  222. help required
  223. GEX Slim (S) Filter
  224. shrimplet All dead
  225. Need help on planted tank..
  226. advise needed from experienced hobbyists
  227. 1 week old NPT but very low dKH....need advise.
  228. Thinking upgrade to 2 feet tank..
  229. Whats the best TDS level for CRS
  230. Aqua Zonic Aquarium Light Clarification
  231. How do you prepare you driftwood
  232. How to breed flower head CRS
  233. How to prepare lava rock and driftwood.
  234. Is sea almond leaf a good idea?
  235. HELP, found this in my tank. can anyone identify?
  236. cloudy water ..any solution?
  237. How to enhance shrimps' fertility level?
  238. Water change with shrimplets/frys..
  239. Iwagumi theme
  240. Lionhead Gf looks lethargic
  241. Is Crimson ball and minerock the same properties?
  242. will this work?
  243. Need help newbie setting up a 2ft crs tank.
  244. is soil an absolute MUST? my tank is 2.5ft deep...
  245. How to treat
  246. Help! Unknown pest in my tank!
  247. best cooling fan for aquarium
  248. indoor water feature with goldfish
  249. Canister filter to recommend
  250. Ram Cichlid and Stocking