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  1. Dear fellow members, where to find big rock with weeping moss
  2. Does wild plants grow in a tank?
  3. Help on 2nd Hand Soil
  4. New Plants yellowing
  5. Effect of Lava Rock on water parameters
  6. Has anyone place a toy in the tank ?
  7. Help: Fish dying fast
  8. Aquazonic T5 x 3 Lights sufficient for 2 feet tank?
  9. Shells of yamato found
  10. Sand vs soil
  11. Goldfish food - is this ok?
  12. Mixing fries.
  13. what snail can get rid of Hydra?
  14. LFS that sells chocolate gouraimi?
  15. My Apistogramma
  16. I am confused
  17. Rocks that fizzles
  18. Why are my rocks turning red?
  19. Glass tank & toddler?
  20. Modify Plastic Hood
  21. Seachem Purigen
  22. Spirulina
  23. recommendation of nano tanks
  24. which pump head is good to attach to canister inlet
  25. EI Dosing only for speeding up the initial planted setup?
  26. Ramshorn die
  27. It's been awhile!
  28. Small HOF to use
  29. Fluval Chi?
  30. Chiller maintenance
  31. Shrimp nano tank
  32. Plants for my Green Terrors
  33. Info on CO2 setup
  34. 9L Amazonia Soil for 3 ft planted tank
  35. Advice needed
  36. Realistic 3D backgrounds
  37. Amonnia Spike
  38. Plants and Tank Setup
  39. Ramshorn snail eating frogbit?
  40. Sulawesi Shrimps
  41. Is Resun CL 450 sufficient for 3 ft tank?
  42. Earthworm??
  43. A question on plant health
  44. need help to grow hairgrass.
  45. Fish ID help?
  46. Confused with High Range pH test kit
  47. ID this creature
  48. Help! My fishes are infected with white spots.!
  49. Newcommer
  50. Safety Matters - CO2 cylinder
  51. Guppy help!
  52. Is this harmful to shrimp
  53. Anyone here mix sand with soil?
  54. Qns: About Aquarium plants
  55. Which to layer first? Old Sea Mud Powder or ADA - Substrate Base Combi?
  56. T5HO 8wx2 over 18L Tank
  57. Please recommend me where to buy 3FT stainless steel stand?
  58. My Noobish Shrimp Tank
  59. Algae control in brackish water tank
  60. My Setup
  61. My 1st planted tank - pls comment
  62. Where to catch guppies ?
  63. Ista Disposable CO2 set
  64. any expert to help ID CRS
  65. Can Shrimp mixed with Neon Tetra and Goldfish?
  66. Help needed from all the experts
  67. Super unlucky me!!!
  68. Need help ID-ing snails and plants :/
  69. Lace Catfish/Zebra Catfish
  70. Gravel clouding water
  71. Some kind of bio film on surface of water
  72. What should i do?
  73. Help needed regarding chiller
  74. Chiller temperature issue. Is it safe?
  75. Help with Plants ID
  76. is JBJ Arctica 1/15 HP Titanium Aquarium Chiller DBA-050 suitable 2ftx1.5ftx1ft tank
  77. Gravel Cleaning
  78. Question on Plant
  79. Question on injecting Co2
  80. Can those white feeders block (seashell shape) be used to feed goldfish?
  81. Need help with my low tech tank...
  82. Betta mating questions
  83. Shirmplet Cannot Survive ...
  84. Lighting recommendations
  85. Weeping moss enquiry
  86. chiller qns.
  87. Shrimp Help !
  88. need advice on filter
  89. Smallest/Dwarf-est Freshwater Schooling Fish
  90. Newbie question regarding starting of shrimp tank.
  91. BorneoWild Soil vs ADA Amazonia
  92. Nano tank in office
  93. How much gravel needed?
  94. Natural Food for Shrimp
  95. oil firm on water surface?
  96. Filter for 2ft cube.
  97. Dymax IQ5 Nano Tank and Planta Soil
  98. Pros/cons with internal filter vs canister
  99. Aquazonic T5 4 lighting
  100. Where to find dwarf puffers?
  101. I use this type of light bulb for fish tank can ?
  102. Whose eggs is it???
  103. Turning on aquarium light 24x7
  104. Air Driven and Sponge Filter
  105. Ich infected oranda
  106. Seachem Products and Activated Carbon
  107. ID this fish please.
  108. Tank flow rate
  109. Staurogyne Sp leaves turning yellow and brown
  110. ID this plant please
  111. Guppy remaining stagnant
  112. What type of tropical need heater huh ?
  113. Cycling of tank.
  114. Anubias turning brown
  115. Where to purchase ADA Aqua Soil Powder Type in the West?
  116. Advise needed for new tank setup....
  117. Excel Flourish for Shrimp Tank
  118. Dymax IQ5 Nano Tank with moss and shrimps
  119. Beginner to Shrimps keeping
  120. Connect Chiller During Tank Cycling?
  121. salt in freshwater tanks.
  122. Is my LED strong enough for my plants?
  123. Excess ceramic rings
  124. Sponge filter can't sink
  125. Please help me plan during 2 wks vacation & possible long power outage
  126. Fiberglass Tank
  127. Common terrestrial plants sold in your LFS
  128. Growing of Water Lotus
  129. My 30cm setup
  130. Need help ID plant. And some newbie questions.
  131. Can help id these 2 plants?
  132. Seed shrimp bait
  133. styrofoam board under tank necessary?
  134. Getting a 4ft tank, with tight budget
  135. ID Fish
  136. 4 Ft X 2 Ft X 2 Ft tank, 12mm Glass, without Brace - Safe?
  137. How to earn 5 stars in posting
  138. Chiller for 3Ft Tank help
  139. New 2ft Fire Red Shrimp Tank.
  140. Brown fuzzy-like algae
  141. Ro filter recommendation
  142. Diy CO2 problem
  143. This type of herbal anti-external parasite
  144. How to put Aquarium plants fertilizer stick
  145. Co2 regulator solenoid valve died. Where to find replacements.
  146. Help! My tetras are killing one another...
  147. Yellow powder
  148. My new neon tetras keep staying at the bottom...
  149. New beginner
  150. Any good Canister for a 45x25x28 tank to recommend?
  151. Need help with my shrimp tank
  152. If I'm rich can I put all my media as bio home?
  153. Bloated Otocinclus...suggestions?
  154. Which Type of Sand/Soil Is Best For Shrimp?
  155. Atman 5W Aquarium Fish Tank Liquid Filter Pump Power Liquid Internal Filte Bio Filter
  156. Plant Setup Tank With LED Light
  157. What is the best kind of ceremic ring or need mix different stuff?
  158. CO2 injection and airpump questions
  159. Water test kit
  160. How to Build a Salt water fish tank ???
  161. Urgent help me
  162. Couple of questons for setup
  163. How to freshen pellets?
  164. Qns: How to Enhance Fish's Color?
  165. Advise needed on Lightings
  166. Advice on Low-tech substrate
  167. Help needed on cichild
  168. Help needed on HOF
  169. Advice on substrate and plant
  170. Day by Day my pleco and Otocinclus died
  171. Fish tank filter media
  172. new kid on the block
  173. Goldfish and plant?
  174. How to get rid of snails in the tank?
  175. Frontosa
  176. Baby cichild Fries
  177. mosura products for shrimps
  178. Help: Some Soil suddenly turn abit white
  179. some help in PH level...
  180. Golden White Cloud Mountain Minnow?
  181. Can ADA Power sand be reuse?
  182. What kind of Apisto are these?
  183. Is this tank setup good for white cloud mountain minnows?
  184. is my CO2 diffuser spoilt?
  185. Why Cherry Shrimp Die Easily?
  186. Anyone using powerhouse ceremic rings?
  187. Advise on second hand filter media
  188. Active Carbon in planted tanks?
  189. my red fire shrimp color changed?
  190. I will follow you advice: Setup for a beginner, pls help
  191. What fishes get along with Rummy Nose?
  192. Nisso CO2 System 600
  193. CRS Tank Soil
  194. NEED HELP!!! ID Rocks please.
  195. dirty tank?
  196. Is there a low maintenance grass that creeps?
  197. cloudy water from tubifex worms
  198. A white layer of mould or fungus on my soil
  199. Any other OHF to recommend?
  200. Where has colorful aquarium moved to?
  201. Does shrimp dir after they change their shell.
  202. What to do with small plant attached to foam like mat
  203. Do shrimps lay their eggs on plants?
  204. Where to find this fish?
  205. Where can I get small fan and thermometer for my small shrimp tank?
  206. small worm in my shrimp tank
  207. Question on SAE (Siamese Algae Eater)
  208. Some help on water flow in tank
  209. What water test kit do i need for planted tank?
  210. Rid moss of algae & snail (with their eggs) before transferring to new tank?
  211. Setting up a new shrimp tank
  212. Emergency setup of a shrimp tank
  213. Will CO2 diffuser placed at the filter inlet maximise contact time with water?
  214. Noob Question DIY OHF
  215. Methods to Reduce PH
  216. Queries on Aging water
  217. Questions about peat moss
  218. Buying Lights
  219. TDS meter calibration
  220. Biohome as substrate?
  221. Carpeting my soil with moss
  222. Need help
  223. Singapore Moss
  224. low tech planted tank..
  225. Calcium nitrate + Potassium dihydrogen phosphate + Potassium Sulfate fertilization
  226. Lighting Question
  227. Where to top up co2 cylinder?
  228. pH of Alpheus distilled water
  229. Help on Sera gh test Kit
  230. Can reuse filter media after 2 years of usage?
  231. Lighting for glosso
  232. raising gH in tank
  233. Need help on ph of soil
  234. Problem with manual co2 regulator
  235. Why do people keep neon tetras with shrimps?
  236. PLease help with my shrimp tank reading.
  237. Can Shrimp die from over-eating?
  238. Plants rearing
  239. Changing HOF to Eden 501 advice needed
  240. Anyone know whats the price of a 1ft by 1ft tank for newbies?
  241. what are different types of comm that can be kept with IT's?
  242. Setting up a new 3 x 2 x 2 Tank. What filter should I use?
  243. water level for 2 feet feeder tank
  244. Danios fighting each other....
  245. Sudden death syndrome
  246. Different type of tanks
  247. Newt Newbie
  248. Instant death to my sakuras
  249. Moss graffiti HOW TO
  250. LFS in Ang Mo Kio Area?