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  1. Fan Question.
  2. Where to buy feeding dish with tube?
  3. iwagumi or not?
  4. Ideal fish population for a 2ft planted tank
  5. Cooling Aquarium by Fan
  6. rubbish tank
  7. Where to buy shrimp safe fish
  8. Urgent help needed - Where to repair/or buy cheap C02 tank and solenoid
  9. Recommended tank height and filteration flow system
  10. which soil to recommend
  11. Fungus on HC
  12. bucephalandra question
  13. Does otto and SAE feed on plants?
  14. Need help with moss
  15. Is A Burnt Bogwood Safe To Use
  16. Anyone using lava rocks?
  17. Solenoid, how do we know is broken?
  18. Just sharing my new hardscape.
  19. Is it bad for being too clean?
  20. Help for stocking
  21. Black beard algae in non co2 tank
  22. Ideas for cooling without chiller?
  23. Still puzzled why my nitrate level is still so high
  24. [WTB] Classica Aqucurv 380 Fish Tank in SG
  25. aquarium in the balcony
  26. Dosing with Lushgro Aqua
  27. Newbie simple planted tank
  28. Any ideas on carpet plant
  29. beginner 2ft planted tank. Advice needed!
  30. 2x2feet tank
  31. Setting up new CRS Tank
  32. Eheim Classic Canister Filter for 60cm x 30cm x 36 cm
  33. How to keep bright sands clean?
  34. My 1.5 ft shrimp set up
  35. Aquarium plants book?
  36. Aquarium light
  37. Substrates and plants for low tech aquarium
  38. PH buffer question.. DW+Gex soil + crushed corals = OK?
  39. Need help with tying moss to driftwood
  40. substrate (dust) sicks to galss wall of tank
  41. spiky moss
  42. Anubias nana petite carpet
  43. Where to buy Christmas moss ?
  44. Planting in existing Tank
  45. Narrow leaf ferns
  46. physa acuta
  47. setup for vampire crabs
  48. Weekly water change still required for 15 shrimps in 40L tank?
  49. Dedicated pail for water change??
  50. Newbie question on filtraion/lighting for planted tank
  51. HELP my shrimp have Scutariella japonica!!!!(White worms)
  52. Champion Rabbit Snail
  53. New 1.5ft tank
  54. Is this a serious problem?
  55. ADA Power Sand and Fertilizer
  56. Black lines inside guppies belly
  57. 2ft low tech tank, need suggestions on plants
  58. new to planted tanks need some advice
  59. Is this anubias nana?
  60. $1 plants
  61. New terrapin in LFS??
  62. My first setup
  63. First planted tank -
  64. my first 2 feet tank (pictures intensive!)
  65. 0.5ft Shrimp tank water become murky..
  66. CO2 Indicator
  67. New Tank Setup, high nitrite & nitrate
  68. Urgent HELP needed - Timer does not work on CO2 Solenoid
  69. Chiller or Cooling Solution for 03 x Nano tank like Dymax IQ3 Tank
  70. Help.... Will extreme high kh melt plants?
  71. What will green water lead to?
  72. Blue Neon Goby
  73. Any advise/ comments
  74. Chiller HL-080CHV questions
  75. Glosso grow tall but HC creeps..?
  76. Ludwigia palustris
  77. First Tank [pics intensive]
  78. T5HO 6500k or 3000k
  79. rescaping ideas for 2ft community tank
  80. Using pot dirt instead of aquatic substrates
  81. Invasion of the Black Beard Aglae
  82. Advice for lighting duration
  83. Need help to ID plant
  84. Please help to ID fish and shrimp
  85. Riccia and excel
  86. pls recommend what fish types/quantity and mix or solo in 80L freshwater setup...
  87. How long does a 9 litre CO2 tank last?
  88. Setting up new tank for my new home.
  89. Need Help to ID Fish
  90. Is this harmful for new tank? Pictures..
  91. Cuba grass turn yellow, yellow stains on soil
  92. white spots on driftwood
  93. What's in your canister filer?
  94. High Ammonia level during tank cycling after 2 weeks
  95. Ocean Nutrition Formula One Flakes
  96. Swordtail fry
  97. Glosso growing vertically
  98. Preowned/second hand soil
  99. Does Cory mess up the substrate?
  100. water full of white suspended particles
  101. Peat moss
  102. Cloudy Water
  103. What plant is this?
  104. ISTA CO2 kit
  105. Help with stocking my 50G tank :)
  106. What Light is This?
  107. Where to find Senegal Bichir?
  108. What happen to my baby tears?
  109. Hang on co2 diffuser
  110. Where I can buy plants, e.g. Hemianthus callitrichoides
  111. The common newbie setup thread
  112. What fungus is this??
  113. Before I start...
  114. Slanted plant growth
  115. Help stock 2 feet tank. 15gal
  116. Snail buster
  117. New to the hobby, which test kits to buy?
  118. I'm back!... and in need of help. [Worm/Larvae ID]
  119. Is my red platy going to give birth?
  120. Zebra danios an aggressive species?
  121. A few questions
  122. undergravel filter or better alternative?
  123. question on corydoras
  124. Can I trim these?
  125. New shrimp tank!
  126. Regarding bacteria and water cycling
  127. Plant ID please
  128. Any Suggestion on best plan to relocate Plants/Fish from one tank to another?
  129. Question from an angler
  130. 30cm length tank
  131. Amano shrimp turned yellow
  132. Need advice on CO2 setup
  133. Questions
  134. Chinatown area
  135. Fish ID pls - Balloon Ram
  136. PH of tap water
  137. New Planted Tank ---- HELP!
  138. Does anyone know what yellow thing?
  139. Have I screwed up massively?
  140. Nitrate reading 0 using API kit
  141. Plant recommendations for low tech tank
  142. Is chiller really necessary for CRS
  143. Where to find cheap and good LED for planted tank.
  144. New tank with plants do i need to add gravels and soils into the new tank ?
  145. Abit OT: Newbie giving away Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis
  146. Help with tank size
  147. Scarlet badis with cherry shrimp
  148. Planning a New Tank: To IOF or to canister?
  149. What is the most efficient way to clear biomedia from algae and other contaminants
  150. Recommendation for a fish tank maker
  151. Dwarf Hairgrass not spreading...
  152. Plastic mesh and wrap
  153. Cherry shrimps vs CO2
  154. What should i do about green water?
  155. Questions regarding Co2
  156. ADA II soil
  157. Fast way to grow moss on drift wood.
  158. What Light for 3ft x 2ft x 2ft tank?
  159. HELP! Micro-organism?
  160. Need for activated carbon in filter?
  161. Need help with planaria
  162. Some questions regarding tenellus/bacopa plant deficiency
  163. My newly setup moss wall
  164. Water change
  165. Seachem Flourite/Onyx
  166. new plant
  167. Help! Found this in my tank
  168. Acceptable nitrate range?
  169. Recommended TDS Meter
  170. Arcadia LED lighting
  171. Lamp
  172. Is my oto pregnant or sick?
  173. Aggression in common goldfish to tank mates
  174. Plant ID please
  175. One Inch per Gallon
  176. Green/brown algae between sandbed and glass
  177. swordtails
  178. Lump on fish body in my scape
  179. Questions on DSM
  180. Dwarf puffer fish
  181. Layer of protein on water?
  182. Help! How to get rid of snails?
  183. ID small fish
  184. tankmate?
  185. Any brother willing to help me test my tank? 1 year tank but shrimp not breeding...
  186. How do I cleanse water
  187. E Tennelus
  188. ID this worm ?
  189. Gram to Teaspoon to ML
  190. Yamato
  191. Mini pellia
  192. Some plants can't grow with just stems?
  193. Dry Ice experiment
  194. Over feeding
  195. My first setup!
  196. Help! is this anchor worms?
  197. Help! is this anchor worms?
  198. Help on bps of Co2
  199. Fish food recommendation for micro fish
  200. Raising Fries
  201. No Planaria kills snails
  202. Breeder box
  203. White worms
  204. Otocinclus
  205. My first planted tank
  206. Ista co2
  207. Fish that will eat planaria
  208. Star Pellia
  209. Giving away: Tropica Riccia just harvested from my tank!
  210. Positioning of co2 diffuser
  211. Slate tiles for making pleco caves
  212. Question about DIY CO2
  213. New planted tank
  214. marine fish
  215. Thoughts on aquasoil
  216. Molly and tetra
  217. Marimo Moss Ball
  218. Small to bigger tank
  219. How to culture daphina?
  220. how to culture brine shrimp?
  221. Home cultured live food
  222. how to tell brine shrimp and daphine apart?
  223. CO2 canister
  224. Feeding Idea Please
  225. What is wrong
  226. Can a fish tank cause nose allergy?
  227. C02 tank [email protected] zero
  228. Sand for shrimp tank
  229. Boraras Brigittae
  230. 1200lite per hour pump for 2ft 60 lite tank
  231. Lfs
  232. best soil for shrimp tank?
  233. How to reduce GH and TDS without increasing the pH by too much?
  234. Maracyn to battle BGA
  235. Substrate for Sulawesi Shrimp Tank
  236. Low maintenance tank - indirect SUNLIGHT!
  237. Golden molly
  238. What would you do in a situation like this?
  239. Non co2 plants for nano tank of shrimp tank
  240. Prawning rod
  241. Need Help
  242. ID Yellow/White "Lamp" Fish
  243. KH problem
  244. What am I doing wrong?
  245. Driftwood
  246. Blue diamond shrimp needs
  247. 60cm by 30cm by 36cm low iron glass tank
  248. Fish gasping for air
  249. how long does beneficial bacteria in the filter take to die?
  250. Shrimplets without chiller