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  1. Need help with planted tank
  2. Old Hobbyist With Rekindled Interest
  3. New Nano CRS Tank help
  4. No-no fishes for planted tank
  5. Need help with loach
  6. need help with lights
  7. My Tiny Chocolate Gouramis and orange oto
  8. need help with shrimps (new member and newbie)
  9. Mangrove plant help
  10. On hindsight-should have/ have not done this when starting tank
  11. Can recover anaerobic substrate?
  12. malayan shrimp keep suiciding...why?
  13. Monte Carlo thickness
  14. aquazonic ip4 infinity pleasure.
  15. Dwarf rasboras
  16. New fauna & flora stocks @ LFS
  17. Small round swimming bug-things
  18. crypts stunting...what should I do?
  19. High kh
  20. First try on doing a shrimp tank design.
  21. Attempt 4
  22. Panda loach and shrimps compatitability
  23. Water Acidity in planted tanks and it's impact?
  24. Need help to identify shrimp
  25. Giving away cardinal tetras
  26. Seeking Advise on ponds
  27. Newbie non CO2 tank
  28. Repairing of Co2 Solenoid
  29. Fish started dying after installing chiller
  30. Question on tank
  31. what snail is this?
  32. White spots growing on activated carbon
  33. tank with no water change
  34. Where to buy FGT (fibreglass tubs) or those blue plastic tubs
  35. To Start a 4ft Planter Tank
  36. Walstad Inspired Tank
  37. Slug-like creatures
  38. Giveaway: Riccia trimmed from tank
  39. T5HO tubes
  40. my HUmble 2 feet iwagumi attempt
  41. How do planaria kill shrimp
  42. Need advice to clean a marine tank
  43. My Tetra all died within 12 hours. Pls help.
  44. 9/12 to 12/16 double taps compatibility
  45. Question on co2, drop checker and fauna
  46. About Lighting
  47. Rummy nose tetras can eat plants?
  48. Up aqua pro z series LED - how many LEDS?
  49. Sucking up poo
  50. Nitrates sky high at 160ppm. Is me adding nitrogen causing this?
  51. Looking for aquarium fan
  52. Need Advise
  53. Need Help With Planted Tank
  54. Slim on drift wood
  55. Questions about rescaping
  56. White stuff in the filter tubing
  57. Filter intake and outflow placement
  58. How convert a arowana tank to arowana planted tank
  59. Malachite green safe for nerite snails/shrimps?
  60. Co2 controller
  61. Submersible lights suitable for plant growth
  62. How to prevent aerators from clogging up
  63. New plant but really no idea what are they
  64. Help! Snail ID!
  65. Cherax quadricarinatus
  66. Lighting Duration for New Planted Tank
  67. white lava rock?
  68. Which Substrate reccomended?
  69. Seachem Excel
  70. disposable co2 with solenoid issue and incident
  71. Golden clam
  72. Co2 For Beginners
  73. Nerite eggs
  74. Leaking problem
  75. No planaria kill hydra
  76. Planning for Low Tech Planted Tank
  77. White worm spotted!!
  78. Twinstar
  79. hydrogen peroxide
  80. Green hair/dust like stuff on aquarium wall
  81. my tank
  82. Rock ID
  83. Starting up 5x2.5x2.5 plant tank
  84. Need help to ID
  85. Sulawesi Shrimps
  86. Air Pump for planted tank
  87. Glosso and Otto
  88. Algae on substrate soil
  89. seletar farmway
  90. Rescaping a 2 footer - how to go about it?
  91. Shrimp Tank Setup
  92. Need help: guppies nip cherry shrimp to death
  93. filter choices
  94. Aquatic plant's leaves turned dark
  95. which moss better for carpet
  96. New Planted Shrimp Tank
  97. Need advise from experts
  98. Queries about shrimp
  99. Starting New Planted Tank - 1st thread!
  100. 1st planted low tech aquarium
  101. Setting up canister filter (Eden 501)
  102. lights for 5x2.5x2.5 plant tank
  103. Seachem flourish with new planted tank
  104. Outdoor tank
  105. Need some help with sakura shrimps
  106. Upside Down Catfish, Glass Catfish, and Cherry Shrimp
  107. Mosquito larvae critter in shrimp tank
  108. Just wanted to share my first "real" fish tank :)
  109. Crystal Clear Tank
  110. how to read bps
  111. S.repens melt
  112. Water parameters for shrimp
  113. looking for a PAID consultant to come look at my new tank
  114. Planted betta tank
  115. To sump or to canister
  116. Should I do wc when cycling tank
  117. Check valve
  118. choice of canister suitable for 5ft tank
  119. african cichlid - how to determine if male or female?
  120. Help needed with water parameter for new tank
  121. inline diffuser
  122. Plants not pearling?
  123. shrimps
  124. Turning on the lights make my neons go into hyper mode?
  125. My first attempt on planted 2FT tank
  126. Life is resilient...
  127. Equipment : Arctica 1/5 HP chiller DBA-150 for sale
  128. Connecting Aquarium meter systems to PC?
  129. What cause water to be cloudy
  130. Where to buy plant
  131. Differences between aquarium LED lighting and normal LED home lighting
  132. Assassin snail vs shrimps
  133. Different Co2 bps count at diffuser and counter
  134. Maintaining Tubiflex worms
  135. cloudy water in matured tank
  136. Betta tank set-up
  137. lushgro micro will kill shrimp?
  138. White tiny bugs on tank edges and the sides
  139. Assassin snail kills Nerite
  140. Has anyone tried potho filter
  141. Office desktop mini tank
  142. hygrophila pinnatifida and long hair grass
  143. cycling of tank?
  144. noob need help
  145. Need Help!
  146. Err.. what's my PH value
  147. What is the cost to start aquascaping?
  148. Is t5 enought for 2.5 ft depth tank?
  149. Glue Gun Suitable for Planted
  150. water flow
  151. Slime on bogwood
  152. Atman Filter Leaking :( - DF-700
  153. Beginner plant tank Dymax IQ3
  154. Pesticide Kills Shrimps
  155. First ever bug in tank
  156. Bogwood not sinking
  157. What is your biggest problem/obstacle faced for having a planted tank?
  158. DIY CO2 Caps
  159. When to top up co2 gas
  160. Project: Low-tech guppy tank 40cm
  161. Yellowing plants in a new tank
  162. Where to buy mini pellia and mini fissiden
  163. Carpet plants on mesh
  164. transition from artificial plants to live plants - i really need your advice
  165. How to hide filters and CO2 in Aquascaping tanks?
  166. Where to buy pre-tied, pre-grown moss driftwood tree?
  167. Need help to ID critters
  168. Recommendation for filter in 1ft Nano cube Tank
  169. Chinese new year scape
  170. can someone tell me what egg is this?
  171. WTA: light for planted tank
  172. Help! White worms in soil
  173. Cleaning canister filter pipe and rainbar
  174. someone tell me what is this
  175. Which LFS sells nice plants?
  176. Which lfs currently sell Java moss
  177. daphnia
  178. what kind of bottom feeder(algae eater) is good with shrimps?
  179. weird grey stuff on my rock.
  180. Help!!! My water is clouding up!
  181. Help Please ..........What is this stuff ?
  182. Starting a new Crystal Red Shrimp tank
  183. Cloudy tank problem
  184. What is the best way to do this?
  185. Where to buy 45cm T5 light bulbs
  186. driftwood
  187. is my water parameter ok for a shrimp tank?
  188. snail ID please
  189. Hand drawn plant chart
  190. Recommendation for fan for covered hood
  191. Can someone tell me what rasbora this is, please?
  192. H.E.L.P Advanced Soil Shrimp
  193. lighting questions
  194. Where to get lily pipe. Please inform.
  195. Recommendation on air pump
  196. 3ft or 4ft tank?
  197. porcelain shrimp feeding dish???
  198. Some Queries on Substrate and Rocks for a new tank
  199. How much Potassium Phosphate needed for 4 feet planted tank?
  200. Fish disease ID And help
  201. API PImafix and Melafix
  202. Opening hours of Bioplast boon keng
  203. Co2 spik after water change. Why and how to solve.
  204. What colour temperature for T5HO for 4 feet planted tank? :-)
  205. Looking for Hikari Freeze Dried Blood Worms
  206. H.E.L.P Advance soil not buffering ph
  207. Help on Monte Carlo plant
  208. Please help to identify this plant
  209. Help on HC plant
  210. How to cover a 4 feet rimless tank?
  211. Creatures breeding from shrimp tank
  212. Help on white cloud or fungus on driftwood
  213. Will fan help to reduce 4feet tank temperature?
  214. An excellent video on Co2 for newbies like me :-)
  215. Help on CO2 regulator reading
  216. Starting a new Shrimp Tank
  217. Fast Growing Plants for Initial Planted Tank Setup
  218. Need Help on irregular Co2 output
  219. a few question
  220. ID please
  221. Plant ID help
  222. LED lights for carpeting plants
  223. Do I need to add Calcium for planted tank.
  224. Sourcing ADA soill & water plants in JB
  225. Shrimps
  226. Using Nitrite and Nitrate level to gauge cycling of tank
  227. ID plant
  228. Advice for stocking up 50 g tank
  229. Main wood centre piece turning soft. Is this normal for wood.
  230. New Tank Cycling with Fishes :D
  231. Please delete this thead; double post
  232. Coral Chips for Planted Tank ?
  233. Awesome idea to clean lily pipes. Wow!
  234. Seachem Prime and Flourish Clash?
  235. Shrimp Pregnant!
  236. Platies stirring substrate at front of the tank
  237. Eheim2215: Problem emoving exisiting hoses to install doubletap
  238. Singapore Fish Tank
  239. Pacu Finding New Home!
  240. Plant melting continuously in 1 ft tank
  241. All my Japonica Amano Shrimp going to heaven. Why? :-(
  242. Plant Id please :)
  243. Npk
  244. Lighting with 18W Aquazonic "Super Bright Extendable LED Light Freshwater 50cm"
  245. Nitrate readings during fishless cycle
  246. Wood Type that comes with plants tied/drilled into it at LFS
  247. Sad news: Dr. Mallick of LUSH GRO brad has passed away yesterday (17th April 2015)
  248. Guppy shaking head
  249. whats this white thing on mu diffuser?
  250. Monte Carlo growth