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  1. Indicators for newly planted plants
  2. Help: Green Element adaptor just blew
  3. Filter Pump Flow Rate
  4. What are these black spots sticking on the rock?
  5. What's wrong with my tetra
  6. Submersible LED for Plants
  7. Any recommendation for a good Co2 solenoid.
  8. Running Co2 for 24 hours?
  9. Question on nitrifying bacteria
  10. Filter outlet spray bar and water circulation for plants
  11. Tuning CO2 injection rate.
  12. Where is a good place to look at woods for hardscaping?
  13. Mixing HC with Japanese Hair Grass
  14. How to do proper water change when having "carpet grass"
  15. Plant ID, Salvaging, and recycling plants and sand into new tank
  16. Fish id
  17. Brine shrimp hatching device.
  18. Moving white dots? What are they
  19. [Help] Mismatch CO2 Regulator
  20. Rocks
  21. Disease wipeout fishes in tank
  22. Can Beneficial Bacteria grow on Lava rocks
  23. Re-scaping
  24. Changing tank for puffer fish
  25. Having Malaysian Trumpet Snail in a planted tank. Can or Cannot?
  26. Air trap in chiller?
  27. Anyone using the ISTA external Co2 ceramic reactor
  28. Baby Shrimp predator
  29. Dwarf puffer fish
  30. Killifish in Singapore?
  31. Finding celestial eye goldfish.
  32. Brown Algae/"Diatom" on my tank wall
  33. Brown Algae/"Diatom" on my tank wall
  34. Looking for light soultion for my aquascaping nano tank
  35. Amano hiding at top corner of tank
  36. Planted Discus: what advice would you give?
  37. Replanting and Rescaping
  38. Ideal TDS range?
  39. Need some info about ocean free special aid
  40. native "grindal worms"
  41. Which LFS still selling live daphnia aka boon??
  42. problem after thrimming carpet plant
  43. Unknown Shrimp Death & Stuff
  44. My first planted tank. Seeking advice.. Thanks!
  45. Fish - Rainbow Shiner
  46. Canister for 50 gal planted tank
  47. 10cm tank
  48. First time attempt to do planted tank
  49. Co2 indicator solution turned clear
  50. Need info about ocean free general aid special
  51. Tank capacity calculation
  52. Testing rocks and slates - how long?
  53. Planted Tank equipment
  54. When to change my Co2 cylinder.
  55. Fish for 1.5ft tank
  56. How to setup a hospital or quarantine tank?
  57. fishless cycling tank
  58. How to change tank for shrimps if you only have one filter.
  59. A Shrimp Tank Project :D
  60. damaged Up Aqua Solenoid - where to buy replacement
  61. Hailea FC 200
  62. Tiny round bugs in aquarium?
  63. Water change regime.
  64. Identifying plants
  65. Advise on 2ft tank high
  66. How do you keep brine shrimp alive?
  67. If it ain't broke, don't fix it Co2 Inline Diffuser
  68. Turn Off HOB Filter When Dosing Liquid Ferts?
  69. Ph in matured tank
  70. Borneo wild teak leave
  71. Fish ID?
  72. Freshwater clam
  73. Glass fish?
  74. First time, Need some details help!
  75. shrimp info help..
  76. Where to get female endler fish
  77. Worm found inside frogbit leaf
  78. Pesky ramshorns
  79. Rockwool As AquaScape?!
  80. How to increase Forum attachment storage?
  81. Algae burst
  82. need some suggestions
  83. Singapore Freshwater Crab
  84. Suggestions and Advice Needed! :)
  85. Is it a must to use base mats for fish tank let say 90L
  86. TEM minichiller
  87. cyanobacteria
  88. Best food to feed Angelfish?
  89. Using water direct from the tap during PWC. What do you think?
  90. Need chiller for a 4 feet planted tank?
  91. Advice on filter and rocks of 2ft
  92. Setting up a shrimp tank
  93. 4 DKH Solutuon for Drop Checker
  94. Chain Loaches prevent MTS from establishing in planted tank
  95. Mold/fungus
  96. Virgin planted tank (2 feet)
  97. Water treatment and test kit
  98. Strange Growth on Plant
  99. Fittonia help
  100. LED Flood Lights for 4Ft x 2ft x 1.5ft tank
  101. Filter and CO2 recommendations
  102. Pygmy Cory and Yamato Eat Shrimplets?
  103. Scary Looking Fish ID?
  104. BUY Passports,DLs,Visa,IDs;[email protected]
  105. Need advice: Starting Paludarium Wannabe
  106. Some question on water chemistry
  107. Drop Checker 2 colours?
  108. What eats Thread/String Algae?
  109. PH Pen Testers
  110. What Causes Swim Bladder In Neon Tetras?
  111. Black Pond Clams Diet?
  112. Aquarium glue
  113. Just bought CO2 Kit from ebay
  114. Ferts help!
  115. Do I really need an UV filter for a planted tank?
  116. Low water level to cycle tank
  117. Anyone can recommend me a cheap rack for fisk tank
  118. Light, Substrate and Tank volume
  119. Changing new 3ft tank. Need advice.
  120. CO2 tablet
  121. wat fish wont eat my shrimp
  122. Diverting CO2 Solenoid into 2 outflow for 2 tanks
  123. Newbie question on converting salty tank with sump to high tech planted tank
  124. Rcs and oto eat thread algae?
  125. Panda loach Questions
  126. Plants Life
  127. which auto feeder can dispense different type of food?
  128. Threadfin Rainbowfish cant eat shrimplets?
  129. Daphnia Culturing
  130. New to freshwater planted shrimp tank
  131. New Setup
  132. Air Pump queries
  133. Filters
  134. Recommend tank maintenance method
  135. Advise on Non filter small tank
  136. Red eye tetra turning pale..
  137. CO2 tank question
  138. Growing monte carlo and LED question
  139. Red lobster
  140. Newbie set up
  141. Why my new sudo reef sand turn brown after wash?
  142. help regarding algae...
  143. New Crayfish Setup...advice needed
  144. Starlight Bristlenose Pleco (L183)
  145. Returning newbie needs advice!
  146. Queries on Benibachi (product)
  147. HOB maximum tank size
  148. ID greenish egg??
  149. Trying out Riparium/Paludarium (Betta Macrostoma)
  150. Disposable CO2 - Paintball?
  151. Moving a 2ft tank to another place within the house
  152. First set-up
  153. cories and pleco in carpet planted tank
  154. What deficiency?
  155. New tank cycling
  156. Tank Cycling with Fish??
  157. DSM monte carlo
  158. Lobster and betta...
  159. 2 feet cube tank
  160. Recommendation for Led for 2 feet tank
  161. Need help for setting up CRS tank
  162. seed shrimp
  163. HELP: ADA soil super muddy
  164. Fluval C4 very noisy
  165. 2 feet cube tank filter overkill
  166. Gravel Cleaner
  167. Any idea what this is?
  168. Tank woes
  169. My Tubifex Worms Culture
  170. Filter outflow glassware
  171. Does this small snail harm my plants?
  172. Dwarf snakeheads
  173. Eheim Professional 3 250 Flow rate with SS pipe.
  174. How to have a good ground cover?
  175. Help on unknown stuff on japanese hair grass
  176. Need help to set up new 60cm tank
  177. Sulawesi Snails
  178. Question: How to make co2 passing through the soil.
  179. Lighting help
  180. Advice needed
  181. GEX Slim 600 & Up Aqua Y-Series LED 52cm enough light?
  182. Goodeid
  183. Is this sponge shrimplet safe?
  184. How do keep your lily pipes upright?
  185. What Aquarium Fan is Best for a 5.5G tank?
  186. Help me with my new 4ft tank!!
  187. Snail keep eating my plants
  188. New tank please help.
  189. Lighting questions
  190. How to treat this plant?
  191. Mixing treated tap water with distill water
  192. BENIBACHI Red Bee Ambitious Food
  193. Non Co2 tank with airstone
  194. I just happen to bought some fish from seaview but i have no idea what are they
  195. Brown substance on plants
  196. Are there any all in one medication for aquarium?
  197. Plants to select
  198. Purchase of eheim canister filter at C328
  199. What to feed puffer fish?
  200. Help required with new tank setup
  201. New planted tank ph drop to 5
  202. How to remove Crypto from shrimp tank
  203. Dwarf crayfish babies
  204. Noobie piping dimension question
  205. Plant issues (newbie)
  206. Where to purchase 4ft tank and how to move it back home????
  207. NEWBIE HERE: Help required for setting up a 4ft tank
  208. Where to buy large selection of Dragon(Ohko) rocks
  209. Need Help - Identify This Fish
  210. Co2 bubbles on water surface
  211. Betta fish
  212. Help to identify & resolve algae issue
  213. Co2 tank
  214. Plant leaves turning brown
  215. Newbie problems
  216. Rainbow Badis
  217. Advice needed what is wrong with my angle fish.
  218. Algae problem
  219. Help me check my two cycling tank
  220. Some advice needed on driftwood and rocks
  221. carpeting hair grass.
  222. ADA Amazonia
  223. new tank set-up
  224. Will it be overkill if i use 6 box top filter for a 2ft tank?
  225. S.repens leaves turning yellow
  226. What is this in my soil?!
  227. New tank using DIY filter
  228. Tiny bugs eating my floaters!!
  229. what else i need to do to start my beginner tank?
  230. Is my betta sick??
  231. Help on Algae bloom
  232. Help ! Chiller HS-66A inlet/outlet leak
  233. Very New, Need Your Advice Guys...
  234. Any 1 using Evo green element 6500k + 10000k led (for planted tank)?
  235. 4ft goldfish tank with canister or sump fliter?
  236. why aquatic animals eat terrestrial food?
  237. What is this white color stuff ??
  238. Advice for my first tank - low tech 2ft
  239. Shrimps keep dying
  240. Need some lighting advice
  241. Changing new tank
  242. Need help ! Hair algae !
  243. Xmas Moss dying? Kindly assist.
  244. Shrimps turned turtle and lying on its back! 😕
  245. What are the adaptic features of aquatic plants?
  246. Uneaten food at bottom of tank. What is the solution?
  247. Planting with sand
  248. Shrimps all KO
  249. Need virgin pruning advice for 1 week rescaped tank
  250. White worm like thingy