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  1. water parameters that affect plants
  2. What are some ways to lower GH?
  3. Co2 regulator with inbuild bubble counter glass cracked
  4. staurogyne melt and die
  5. Help!!!
  6. Nerites dying
  7. Monte Carlo
  8. Help on new aquarium
  9. Recommendations on Tank Makers as well as Lighting advice
  10. Help! My fishes is stress
  11. Recommendation for type of soil to be use in planted tank
  12. Danio margaritatus
  13. What would be the best way to....
  14. Suggestions needed for 45x21x26 (22L) Tank
  15. Newly introduced guppy died
  16. Chiller Wanted
  17. New Hobbyists - Cycling Tank
  18. Thai Micro Crab larvae??
  19. my discu fish skin peeling off at the side
  20. White Oscar for Adoption
  21. Eheim Classic 350 Canister filter for shrimp tank
  22. Starting up a aquarium
  23. Help needed shrimps not eating
  24. A few noob questions
  25. How to clean my planted tank 2g
  26. Bacterial Bloom?
  27. Setting Up New Shrimp Tank
  28. Ultimate brand anti chlorine
  29. What are the fertilizers required under the substrate level
  30. Aquaponics?
  31. Crabs
  32. Help! Advice needed
  33. Help
  34. Read the Nitrite level for me
  35. New Setup Questions
  36. Vampire crab
  37. Pleco fish
  38. Gh reading
  39. help to identify these eggs pls.
  40. Flower crab
  41. hatching brine shrimps
  42. Hermit crabs
  43. problem cycling acidic tank
  44. Crayfish and crab
  45. How to get rid of these?
  46. Improving water flow for Hanging Filter
  47. Temperature for crayfish
  48. Recommendations and opinions on this tank and how to make it nicer?
  49. Yabby
  50. Yabby
  51. Need help on algae and plants
  52. Before placing new driftwood into the tank
  53. Hermit crab
  54. New 3ft tank with problems
  55. What snail is this?
  56. Guppies
  57. DYING monte carlo
  58. Planted tank 7G
  59. Hi! I'm new to this forum!
  60. CO2 Solenoid: JBJ or ANS
  61. Monte Carlo growing upwards
  62. Plants tied to driftwood at LFS safe?
  63. How would you stock my tank?
  64. 1 Gallon Planted Tank
  65. 4 ft led recommendation for crystal red shrimp
  66. Anyone using bonsai Akadama soil for aquarium use? Need some reviews. ^_^
  67. Why like this?
  68. First-timer here! Hoping to make a little Forgotten World/Bonsai garden
  69. My new 2ft planted project
  70. What is this starting to grow?
  71. Shrimps
  72. How to get rid of dragonfly nymph
  73. What fish is this?
  74. Wabi Kusa 2016
  75. Where to buy Malayan shrimps in small quantities
  76. Another newbie with 2ft planted intentions
  77. My new set up!
  78. Stag beetle
  79. Shrimp's saddle
  80. Where to buy Ultra Clear Glass Aquarium Tank
  81. larvae like thing on my Wabi Kusa tank.
  82. fp. walkeri help please
  83. Nano Dirt Tank Project.
  84. java moss turning brown and tiny leaves on java moss melt and drop off
  85. Questions on 2ft tank with cabinet
  86. Just focus on plants and planting?
  87. Question on Co2
  88. What type of plant can i plant on this substrate
  89. Fish: giving away 2 honey gourami and 2 SAE
  90. Recommended Chiller for GEX 600 slim 26litre
  91. Fungus on CPD?
  92. Torn between Eheim 2211 and 2213
  93. Sump on a Nano??
  94. Silver Arowana Floating vertically - Heads up and tails down
  95. New Aquarium Tank Setup
  96. White spots on rasboras
  97. Keeping of water in container
  98. White slime
  99. cycling new tank
  100. Question About Angelfish Spawning
  101. Substrate - Preparation for new setup
  102. How to do a proper quarantine of new fishes
  103. Seachem Florish effect on rooted plants
  104. Need help on market price
  105. New Tank Algae, Mould and other problems
  106. New tank bluegreen algae outbreak
  107. Where can i get the best price?
  108. Algae help!!!!
  109. Dsm tank
  110. cooling fan help
  111. Marine fish tank problem
  112. Is chiller good for plant growth?
  113. Uninvited guest (ID please)
  114. Wholesaler Aquariums at Chencharu Link
  115. Help ID this aquascaping tool
  116. acclimating fishes and shrimps
  117. Where to buy tri-colour koi swordtails ??
  118. carpet seed
  119. Bred and Breed Fighting Fish
  120. Newbie
  121. Overdose of the CO2
  122. Xmas Moss brownish green, pls help.
  123. anyone has or has had hyphessobrycon takasei (coffee bean tetra)?
  124. What do I do? 11gallon tank problems
  125. How to introduce soil into existing tank?
  126. Substrate Questions
  127. How does the BBA spread?
  128. Soil
  129. 20 gallon aquascape
  130. HC Cuba DSM - emersed to submersed
  131. Walstad Method
  132. First planted attempt?
  133. Will it grow?
  134. Pellet foods keep breaking apart after i opened it for a few week.
  135. CO2 reactor not functioning well. Pls help.
  136. Update from previous post
  137. Terrible Mistake - Tank Crash
  138. How to ensure good water flow/circulation?
  139. Need some advise from experts
  140. help with new aquarium
  141. Need help to ID this little fish
  142. About Marimo balls
  143. Problem with Marimo ball
  144. Leaves turned yellow
  145. Layer of something on the water
  146. Fish dying within 2 hrs in tank
  147. Where can I buy ready RO or DI water in Singapore?
  148. Questions on tank upgrading
  149. Where can I find Astaxanthin poweder in Singapore?
  150. Black stuff on java fern
  151. Hi, looking for LFS in East for Staurogyne Repens
  152. Help with temperature setting
  153. 30cm Cube Low Tech Tank, need plant advices
  154. is anything wrong?
  155. Aquarium sump setup
  156. new fish!
  157. one oto not schooling with the rest
  158. bubbles formed
  159. Super glue on driftwood with moss
  160. Buy new tank or to fix old tank
  161. Seachem Flourish
  162. oto died this morning
  163. Need Help With My Pacu Fish Problem
  164. Simple custom glass tank.
  166. Newbie starting a planted tank
  167. Chiller against canister filter
  168. Which species is munching on my Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini' ?
  169. Need hepl plant id
  170. Co2 color turns clear
  171. How to treat new plants to prevent snail infestation?
  172. Indoor WaterFeature Integrated with Tank
  173. Where do i get the background sticker?
  174. Worm types
  175. dolphin h 100 adjust water flow?
  176. Strange creature in my scrimp tank. Anyone can help ID
  177. Black powder form marks on plants
  178. Hermit Crab
  179. New Freshwater Planted Aquarium With High PH And Rotting Plants
  180. 40cm x 25cm x 26cm Curved Tank NEWBIE
  181. OF Co2 regulator
  182. Brown stuff on monte carlo
  183. Dosing of seachem nitrogen
  184. Anubias barteri caladiifolia getting holes
  185. CO2 tank top up and cost
  186. Help with id plants
  187. Any good inert substrate (low fert) for Low Tech setup?
  188. Setting up a red cherry shrimp tank
  189. White little creature in my tAnk!!
  190. White little creature in my tAnk!!
  191. Can help identify this fish
  192. Able to help ID these plants and advise
  193. Please help with plant setup advise
  194. Any all in onr fertilizer recommended?
  195. Betta tank in a 2.2 gallon?
  196. Where to find scarlett badis in singapore?
  197. how to remove algae from silicone??
  198. Fish looking and acting weirdly
  199. Shrimps dead after wc
  200. Dutch aqauscaping
  201. 20 gallon goldfish tank
  202. 20 gallon goldfish tank?
  203. Looking to keep a carnivorous fish. Need some help.
  204. 20 gallon tankmates
  205. Beginner: planted nano tank with eventual shrimp
  206. Newbie needs advice
  207. Anyone with Figure 8 Puffer Experience?
  208. HOB filter for 2ft tank with shrimp
  209. Dry start for xmas moss
  210. Co2 can't push through diffuser ?
  211. HELP! Tank is leaking!
  212. Fighting Fish
  213. Advice on Restarting Shrimp Tank
  214. Dwarf puffer tankmates?
  215. Starting a shrimp tank! =)
  216. HELP: Which of these 2 tanks should I buy?
  217. Hydra
  218. Recommendation for HOB filter
  219. Planning a planted sand tank.
  220. Very bright green algae
  221. Fish ID, please help
  222. Any new introductions to the aquarium trade in recent years?
  223. Finding for bumblebee goby or scarlet goby
  224. Three Rosy Barbs for sale / swap
  225. Mini Fissidens - fissidens Nobilis
  226. White growth on new plants
  227. Giving away black angel fish
  228. Fish choices for a 20gallon tall
  229. Root tabs and prices?
  230. Suggestions For Clean Up Crew for 5 Gallon tank?
  231. Thinking of having co2 in my tank?
  232. Totto filter media replacement
  233. Platys with Cardinal Tetras?
  234. 1FT (14.5 L) Neocaridina Shrimp Tank
  235. Plant growth
  236. Beginner- Qn about dying plants
  237. Price difference between fluval c2 and other hob filter
  238. 5 G stocking do-able?
  239. ID and kill these
  240. Newbie here - Need help for low tech no co2 tank
  241. Need help! Dragonfly Nymph
  242. How to get to Yun Feng Pte Ltd (Pasir Ris Farmway 1)
  243. Best brand of Aquarium Sets etc. FLUVAL
  244. First planted tank
  245. Red plants
  246. Ikea cabinet
  247. Windelov turned brown
  248. Fishless Cycling with Fish Food
  249. New Aquascape Tank
  250. Newbie questions