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  1. Wipe Out!
  2. New planted set up
  3. Seachem Prime instruction correct ?
  4. Help! Fertilizer Leak!
  5. Advice required please.
  6. How do you?
  7. Hair algae found in my tank
  8. testing on post
  9. pH - kH relation?
  10. Concerned about bio load
  11. KH and PH difference
  12. Why add dead leaves??
  13. Advice on lighting needed.
  14. Crypts without CO2
  15. Ermmm..hand itchy..
  16. list of LFS in SG
  17. tubeflex worms for planted tank?
  18. vacuuming a tank?
  19. Need help
  20. few problem..need help..
  21. Assistance required regarding cloudiness of water
  22. Can B.Bacteria Survive Outside Water?
  23. are these coral rocks too?
  24. are these also same as ketapang leaves?
  25. Qn: Is Office Lighting Enough (Lowest Tech...)
  26. Recommendation for aquarium EQUIPMENT setup specalists?
  27. 900l/h overkill for 2ft tank??
  28. non leaching driftwood ??
  29. Yellow Puffer Fish?
  30. forgot to wash
  31. help in co2 tank
  32. fish sleeping vertically
  33. cycle before adding rock?
  34. what filter medias to add?
  35. sump filtration
  36. KH test kits hagen vs Azoo?! two different unit of measurement?
  37. clean cannister filter
  38. What snail is this? is it good for planted tanks?
  39. Illustrated website?
  40. uneaten food
  41. biological filter
  42. advice on dosage
  43. Changing hanging filter wool
  44. Anti ammonia rock
  45. what type of rock is this?
  46. fish can survive how long on hunger?
  47. Newbie question ..
  48. Need help, 1 week tank ph drop to 4.7
  49. CO2 costing guide
  50. Planted Discus Tank
  51. Something forming on the CO2 airstone..
  52. Help!! Unidentified white substances forming in my plated tank
  53. Sub-gravel filter
  54. how long does it take for a submerged filter to suck up the poo??
  55. Crystal clear water
  56. Caution when Siphoning.......
  57. Black Stain On Leave
  58. Help needed with chemistry of new tank
  59. Cloudy water in new tank setup for comments
  60. advice needed urgently
  61. co2 cyclinder don't last long
  62. How to use CO2 diffuser?
  63. advice needed n reduce lighting duration
  64. Tear Down Tank?
  65. Help needed, shrimps wipe out when i intro new plants
  66. Where to Buy KNO3
  67. HELP! My tank is full of creepy crawlies
  68. PL lighting for my new 2 ft tank
  69. New tank infested with green algae
  70. Accidentally drop yeast to my tank
  71. Crystal red climbing over the IOS filter
  72. ADA Aquasoil cannot hold......
  73. Newbie Question on setting up
  74. Ready to start cycle for new tank
  75. How to keep the Red Nose Shrimp larvae alive?
  76. KH value keep dropping
  77. Confused with measurement terms
  78. Snail Problem
  79. Angel Fish
  80. Help with starting up new tank
  81. PL or MH option for deeper light penetration?
  82. Expire ADA or snails playing tricks on me?
  83. Thermometer broke into fish tank
  84. Hydrilla
  85. Need Advice and help for Starting a Planted Aquarium
  86. Help Needed on External Filter
  87. Cold weather affecting plants?
  88. Is this Hemianthus callitrichoides 'cuba' ?
  89. Need advise on 2ft cube tank
  90. Some noobie question
  91. Pyramid shell snails problem
  92. Plants for low maintenance tank
  93. White Patches on driftwood and tank glass
  94. What to use as a base substrate?
  95. Decomposition Question
  96. Help with rotting stem plant
  97. Fertilization for my moss tank
  98. White bubbles on surface of my new 4 ft tank!!
  99. Getting started with planted arowana tank
  100. Lighting period for plant growth?
  101. Help with black crust like algae
  102. Problems with my planted tank
  103. Difference between driffwood & bogwood
  104. Help! Bubble counter backflow
  105. Does this make any sense
  106. Seachem Onyx vs Seachem Fluorite
  107. Can Seachem Excel replace CO2 canister?
  108. Recommendation for new substrate
  109. Light in Watt/Gallon or Lumen/Gallon
  110. Lighting for customised tank
  111. air pump for planted tank ?
  112. Black black particles on nana's leaves
  113. A challenge.
  114. Malaysian driftwood
  115. Oil on the surface of the water
  116. Plants aren't growing!
  117. Need substrate advice on my tank setup
  118. Puzzled between ADA and Dennerle soil
  119. Getting started on a 2 ft planted tank
  120. Newbie seeking advice
  121. Tank "dusty" - why?
  122. New 4X2x2 feet tank
  123. Moss without CO2... Is it okay?
  124. Filtration for 1 ft CRS / Moss tank
  125. Need help and advice..
  126. Under gravel filter for planted tanks?
  127. pH is going up!!
  128. Problems in setting up a new tank
  129. Cloudy water after water change!
  130. Aquasoil and filter combination
  131. Plant Rot
  132. Lighting advice for my tank
  133. Ideal water temperature for aquatic plants
  134. Tiger shrimp newbie questions
  135. Need help in Water Chemistry!!!
  136. New to Planted Tanks..
  137. Broken edges = danger?
  138. mucus on new bulbs
  139. Greenish Water
  140. Starting up a planted tank.. Newbie needs help.
  141. Proper way to tear down a tank?
  142. advice needed from experts
  143. First attempt at slow growth tank
  144. Help choosing plant for new tank
  145. Advice for 1ft cube low tech setup
  146. Gravel over ADA Amazonia Aquasoil??
  147. Placement of rainbar and intake
  148. Cannister flow too weak
  149. Help with cloudy water
  150. Beginner needs help with water chemistry and management!
  151. Help with rotting plants!!
  152. Chlorine or Chloramine
  153. Just another plant noob
  154. what type of substrate suitable for HC?
  155. How high should I place my Metal Halides above water?
  156. Will coral affect freshwater aquarium pH level?
  157. Newbie need help
  158. mini nano tank
  159. Help starting a planted tank and introduction
  160. DIY CO2 injector
  161. Please advise on my 2 new tank setup
  162. Life span of Otos
  163. 'Oily' surfaces
  164. shortest fishless cycle for new gravel
  165. E. Tenellus
  166. fauna
  167. Asian Biotope
  168. Newbie tank need advice
  169. Biological filter working well?
  170. Lapis Sand or ADA Aquasoil??
  171. CO2 Measurements
  172. 1st post, 1st planted tank, 9 inches of joy!
  173. Suitable lighting for a low tech 2 footer
  174. Muddy water due to newbie water filling...
  175. 4 x 55w PL enough for 100 x 30 cm tank?
  176. Blackish water
  177. When to turn on fan?
  178. Need some help in fan?
  179. Newbie help with first planted tank
  180. Critique my planned low -tech setup please
  181. Peat Substrate
  182. 'Breaking in' of ADA Amazonia soil
  183. Setting up 3ft planted
  184. Need advices for growing crypts
  185. I'm back again!!!
  186. Water parameter testing
  187. How to sink the wood?
  188. Managing algae in a new aquarium
  189. Inital set up for non CO2 tank
  190. Incandescent and Halogen light bulbs
  191. Help needed to get rid of brownish water
  192. Not so Asian planted tank
  193. ADA aquasoil
  194. Need help for water change
  195. Is there such a thing as bacteria soil?
  196. Help! My CO2 stops after a while...
  197. Low Tech 30cm cube setup
  198. Please recommend slow growing plants.
  199. Low tech with Excel dosing tank
  200. Help needed to clear cloudy water!
  201. Moss Turn color
  202. Getting rid of Hydra
  203. Riccia not bubbling!?
  204. Please recommend floating plants.
  205. Help needed with my substrates and fert!!
  206. Should I change my AquaClay substrate??
  207. EI dosing on a new tank
  208. Help to lower pH
  209. Help with filter media for canister filter
  210. Liquid CO2
  211. Raising PH value?
  212. Comments/feedback on 'Magic Soil' substrate
  213. Reccomendations of lighting for a 1feet low-tech
  214. Help with ADA aquasoil, flourish excel and cloudy water!
  215. Seek help in setting up 3 ft planted tank!
  216. What is wrong with my 2 week old tank?
  217. What is fire moss?
  218. Heard of the 20-40W per sqft rule?
  219. Help!! Worm in my new set up ADA soil tank
  220. White Worm in Planted tank
  221. Need more info about aquatic plants
  222. Stemed plants melting
  223. Using base fertilizer with ADA Aquasoil?
  224. Newbie on fertilization!
  225. Help needed to setup planted tank
  226. How many packets of ADA soil do I need?
  227. Help required on HC
  228. How many times should i wash ADA soil?
  229. Diff between ADA & GEX
  230. Beginner's tank
  231. Bogwood vs driftwood
  232. What's my next step?
  233. Plant Heavily = Tall plants ?
  234. Water hardness and plant growth
  235. Low flow rate on Eheim Pro II 2028 causing cloudy water?
  236. Advice on low-tech cherry shrimp only tank please
  237. Shrimp keeps dying and high nitrate and nitrate levels
  238. What causes foam in an aquarium?
  239. Small Packing for ADA or GeX Gravel
  240. How to choose a good driftwood?
  241. The need for skimmer ?
  242. What causes water to turn green?
  243. White puffy stuff
  244. Smokey layer on top
  245. why does leave turn brown ?
  246. Advise on Tiny shrimp tank
  247. Help: CO2 set up
  248. How to get rid of irritating snails?
  249. Getting a 5 ft - but which type? Need advice.
  250. tank structure