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  1. Conditioning Driftwood
  2. I love my moonlight, but fish not getting any sleep ?
  3. How do i trim such plants?
  4. Cloudy water after a water change...
  5. What is Hard/Soft water?
  6. Fertilizer for Beginners?
  7. Question: Timing for lighting
  8. Leaves start to turn brown...
  9. When people says feed with "MP" or "MP with shell"
  10. My Clown Loaches fight again each other
  11. Recommend filter suitable for use in the following tanks.
  12. Noob question: Seachem Flourish
  13. How do you quarantine plants ?
  14. Home CO2 mixture receipe
  15. Hot Hot Hot
  16. Bacteria
  17. Connectors for CO2 cylinder?
  18. Filter questions
  19. Recommended plants for 1 ft sakura shrimps tank
  20. Which GEX soil and amount for 2Ft tank
  21. Fish stuck at tight corners
  22. Rescaping my 4 ft tank
  23. Question about the lighting!
  24. Spacing inbetween tank and wall
  25. Hydra alert!
  26. Resun chiller,which to follow?
  27. ID rock.. safe to use?
  28. Need help: ACIDIC TANK
  29. Upgraded lights to 78W and PH keep increasing...
  30. Pearl arowana in planted tank
  31. Dwarf Tetra Mouth stays open...
  32. Mosses question
  33. Snails
  34. Shrimp 101 - Help the n00b
  35. Anyone know more about snowball shrimp
  36. Lowering pH
  37. Local authorized distributors/ Wholesalers
  38. CRS behaviour
  39. CRS behaviour
  40. Difference between ADA substrate
  41. Driftwood
  42. Little crawly insects on driftwood
  43. Smelly Tanks!
  44. Co2 non-stop
  45. ADA wood
  46. Infestation of snails...
  47. Algae/moss growth on tank common?
  48. Snail in Tank
  49. something growing on my Bog Wood
  50. setting up a planted tank
  51. Conductivity of the aquarium water
  52. Thai gobi???? tropical fish or marine fish
  53. KH4 solution
  54. First week not so good
  55. Newbie questions on fertilisers and test kits
  56. Safety of rockscape on tank
  57. Water change regime and some questions
  58. Plants suggest?
  59. 1ft Cube question
  60. Vacuum ADA soil
  61. Overflow water system
  62. What's the main principle of preventing Algae growth?
  63. Choice of Substrate
  64. 2' planted tank
  65. 2' planted tank
  66. How to remove worms?
  67. Moss only setup?
  68. Help!!!!
  69. Help needed in setting up a new tank
  70. Sand plate?
  71. Water Temperature - how low can it go with fan?
  72. nEw_sEt-UpZ (10days)
  73. ADA products
  74. Fish dying in just 1 hour?
  75. Where to get detailed chemical test for tap water?
  76. 2x24W T5HO + CO2 enough to make carpet glosso?
  77. Cycling Tank, planted or not?
  78. help needed, new tank
  79. starting a new tank
  80. Planted tank lighting system
  81. Getting a tank
  82. My plant is dying after two week of planting
  83. Java fern turning brown!?
  84. Cloudy/Milky/Chalky Water After First Day Of Cycling
  85. Lighting difficulties
  86. Clearing Cloudy Water
  87. 1st Month into the hobby
  88. Flexible metal strip that ties the plants...
  89. My new plant has bubbles but...
  90. cycle?
  91. Please advise how to switch substrate
  92. How to wash white sand effectively?
  93. yellowish alage / water?
  94. Watt/Gallon rule and Energy Saving Light
  95. do i need gravel when using gex soil?
  96. the soil make water turbid in new set up tank
  97. Help Needed
  98. my beginner set up
  99. Newly setup 3ft tank
  100. Where to buy Leonardite in small quantity?
  101. Advice needed for water cycling and others
  102. Ants started to be spotted in my newly setup planted tank
  103. Tactics with substrate (a.k.a methods)
  104. 1 week old 2ft tank setup ~ please comments
  105. help needed moving fish to new tank
  106. Do you get deco first then tank or tank first then deco?
  107. low maintainence 3 foot planted tank?
  108. How to kill snails?
  109. fish ID?
  110. Please help to ID this plant
  111. Using drift wood and larva rock for moss?
  112. help to ID fish
  113. How to bleach plants?
  114. Schooling fishes that do not eat plants or baby shrimps
  115. Definition of a Nano Tank
  116. Setting Up 2ft planted tank
  117. Some doubts on starting a "brand new" planted tank
  118. will keep changing water affect your plants growth?
  119. New nano teething problems...
  120. Do Freshwater-PipeFish eat shrimps ?
  121. dwarf puffer + A. helena
  122. Beginner's Questions
  123. idea for 1gal tank?
  124. Water Fleas?
  125. regrowth?
  126. Advice on Tiny Particles in 3 week old tank
  127. 24W PL in a 45x20x25(H) tank?
  128. These doesn't look like planaria ?
  129. HELPS Needed: My tank is infested with this "Planaria, flatworms" .....
  130. Is It Ok??
  131. Dwarf Hairgrass must need soil (eg Amazona)?
  132. My first 2ft Planted tank - Please advice
  133. What's the pros and cons of ADA and Lapis?
  134. how long does fert tablet last after insert?
  135. Questions about shrimps
  136. Mould on my wood!!! What to do?
  137. Flow rate for biohome.
  138. Newbie question
  139. taiwan shrimp eats BBA???
  140. Dusty plants underneath filter outlet
  141. My 1st 1.5FT Tank
  142. Need help finding small driftwood for 1ft tanks
  143. Cooling techniques for tank
  144. How much fertilizer is needed for 4ft tank
  145. RE: Newbie for a 30x18x30inches Tank
  146. how clear brown water from drift wood?
  147. How to maintain a nice lawn of riccia?
  148. Albendazole effect on BB
  149. Eheim 2226 Pro with 45 x 35 x 36cm tank
  150. Introducing New Plants
  151. A newbie experience of starting a 4 ft plant tank
  152. How to save my Faunas?
  153. Water change method..
  154. snail-like creatures out of nowhere...
  155. Is it necessary to lower PH?
  156. help on my tank layout and equipments
  157. Need help with a non-CO2 planted tank.
  158. Fauna Transport
  159. There a BUG in my fish tank!!!!
  160. Bioload
  161. Where to get Dwarf waterclover?
  162. How many (max) fishes in my 3 by 1.5 by 1.5
  163. How many sides you cover? Use what color?
  164. How do i know i the amount of CO2 and lighting is right?
  165. Cheap way to clear oil film on water surface.
  166. How to get rid of snails?
  167. Driftwood Preparation
  168. driftwood not sinking!
  169. white patches
  170. Suggestions on my Set up
  171. help: is this ketapang leaves?
  172. Newbie for planted tank
  173. What kind of fert?
  174. White Spot
  175. To Soil or not?
  176. Plants bubbling after adding sodium bicarbonate
  177. is my "tank" too small for plants?
  178. Alternatives for Wood Cabinets
  179. My new setup
  180. Need Advice for 1 Ft Planted Tank about Fish and Cycling
  181. Advice on 1 foot planted tank about fish and cycling.
  182. Has anyone seen these white bugs? How to get rid?
  183. just bought driftwood
  184. ferric or ferrous is better?
  185. who knocked off my downoi?
  186. Layer of bubbles!
  187. T5 vs PL
  188. ramshon snails
  189. Otocinclus affinis OTO vs Siamese Algae Eater SAE vs Yamato Shrimps
  190. which parameter is most crucial for "gujing"
  191. Frogbit and Salvinia in tank with no light
  192. Is my filter/light powerful enough?
  193. What is the most ideal dimension of a shrimp tank?
  194. CO2 help
  195. What is the optimal KH of planted tanks?
  196. How to swap cabinet to another stand
  197. External Canister ot Hang on Filter
  198. External filter or Hang On??
  199. Fissiden & Riccia
  200. any plant to cover foreground for non co2 tank
  201. Lighting Schedule
  202. plants or moss to keep shrimps ?
  203. convert
  204. Cotton balls??
  205. Root Tab safe for shrimp ?
  206. Osram 8000K T5 Tubes
  207. Aeration for plant tanks
  208. How Many Watts Do I Need?
  209. Can hot melt be use in aquarium?
  210. Need Advice : Bioload / CO2-24/7
  211. Lightening Height
  212. New setup advice needed
  213. advise needed - what filter to use
  214. Effect of too much light on low light plants
  215. Milky water
  216. Noice zip zip from my nano tank
  217. Bringing up the Ph in the water.
  218. new tank...filter needed???
  219. Smelly transparent slime
  220. Help needed for stemmed plants
  221. Need help to organise fishes into two tanks
  222. Large OHF on a 1FT Tank
  223. New project: 2-feet tank setup
  224. Difference between Japanese Hairgrass and normal hairgrass
  225. Plants Set-up Advice Needed
  226. Topping ADA soil to current GEX Soil
  227. Question about Co2 manual regulator
  228. gauging CO2 levels in tank
  229. Aquarium wood
  230. Air space underneath substrate
  231. Help nitrate level too high.
  232. riccia very healthy but not pearling ?
  233. Where to buy goldfish tub?
  234. algae issue
  235. Glad to be back in SG, NEWBIE needs HELP!
  236. Experts get in here! Some questions
  237. how many hours of illumination is too many?
  238. Need help with new set up :)
  239. moss tying
  240. Questions before starting my First Planted Tank
  241. Riccia Bubbling nicely now
  242. Activated Carbon - When do I need them?
  243. Gex Soil and fine sand
  244. Where to get Elatine triandra?
  245. Restarting my 2ft tank
  246. hey -.-
  247. Earthworm??
  248. washing of gravel?
  249. What does C328 mean??
  250. Where sell wire-mesh, west area?