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  1. Professional advice please, which type of fish can stand cool?
  2. Fishes swimming to surface after intro CO2
  3. Is my co2 tank empty?
  4. Energy saving bulbs from NTUC (screw on type) use for planted
  5. Taking any form of substrate from Singapore beaches,rivers, reservoirs
  6. Is my light too strong?
  7. oily film on water surface, how to remove?
  8. Can angelfish go with a dojo loach in a 11g tank?
  9. Question on including Shrimps to tank
  10. set up at 2-2.5 Feet tank
  11. Algae scrubber in bare tank setup
  12. Bubbles Forming in powder sand
  13. Hi, I am new here looking for aquarium information
  14. Is OHF suitable planted tank?
  15. Which Gallon we usually use ?
  16. Back to Planted...
  17. Copper tube
  18. Regarding peats
  19. UV lights
  20. Baby Angel fish
  21. operating hours for chillers
  22. identify of shrimps type
  23. Do you clean the gravel?
  24. Keeping Water Fleas or Daphnia Alive
  25. cloudy water
  26. Effect of weight of rocks on tank.
  27. Apisto veijita Super Red
  28. black lapis sand
  29. cycle media in a pail of water?
  30. Breeding feeder guppies
  31. CO2 indicator
  32. overdose of CO2
  33. clarifying about eggs..
  34. Type of CO2 output method helps dissolving rate?
  35. Newbie Shrimp Tank
  36. what to use to separate the substrate and sand?
  37. how to test ppm?
  38. Help with driftwood ?
  39. suitable fan for a 3ft planted tank
  40. oto with bloated stomach
  41. PH Level
  42. To tie or not to tie
  43. Small White PArticles
  44. Variety of tanks
  45. Moss same name or different spieces
  46. Where to buy plants
  47. Micro worms??
  48. Are Micro Rasboras safe to be kept with shrimplets?
  49. keeping cory with cherry red shrimps
  50. Glosso? or HC?
  51. shrimp food
  52. Storage of plants before planting
  53. Main reasons plant melt.
  54. Plant good for soaking up extra nutrient.
  55. which one to c02??
  56. Advice on purchasing 2nd hand tank
  57. ram
  58. My HC really can't make it in my tank despite the changes i made for them..Very tired
  59. yamato
  60. New Plant & Shrimp Tank
  61. How to plant riccia?
  62. CO2 & light timer
  63. Low Tech tank with Metal Hallide???
  64. Any can spare me KH and GH tester
  65. Introducing GEX Light Green Soil To An Established Tank
  66. Is 12K light too high for plants?
  67. Suggestion for no/low-maintainence 3ft balconey tank
  68. guppy tank set up
  69. Test Kits, Essential?
  70. help any suggestion
  71. good place get guppies
  72. price guide of CO2 tank
  73. MH vs FL/PL lights
  74. Cory lies on its side
  75. Help - Pregnant Yamato
  76. Question for FL light
  77. biohome?
  78. Small Worm
  79. lighting
  80. fish bought from lfs died few hours later in tank :(
  81. Hello Everybody, Aquanoob from Singapore here!
  82. About peats.
  83. Where to buy plants for the whole set up in EAST or North area?
  84. Worms in my tank!
  85. First planted tank: Emersed HC
  86. Too strong a pump for the tank?
  87. Floating Fissiden
  88. How to harvest riccia
  89. new shrimp tank
  90. shrimp tank question!
  91. Looking to add another fish
  92. eheim air pump
  93. Wanted to grow Hemianthus callitrichoides.
  94. Oto's eating wood as food?
  95. foreground plant for low tech shrimp tank
  96. Bumble Bee Snails
  97. light question
  98. Lights and CO2 operation hours
  99. Possible to grow plants without base fertilizers?
  100. How much soil / sand for a 5ft x 2ft tank ?
  101. Will killer snails (Helena snails) eat shrimplets?
  102. Substrate for guppy tank
  103. Can help identify this fish
  104. ID "mould" please
  105. HC on rock melting while Planted HC flourishing
  106. shrimps colour
  107. zebra fish with cherries/sakuras?
  108. Good Air pump and filter to recommend for 16L tank
  109. Guppy likes to stay at botttom of tank
  110. pH level / plant setup for guppy tank
  111. Help!
  112. My Apistos Are dying!
  113. Will water change kill the CRS shrimplets?
  114. Rosy barb biting another's tail!
  115. How can you keep Perfect Water in your tank!?
  116. Tanks with/without bracing
  117. Help needed with Atman CF 800 canister.
  118. Soil that will not affect pH
  119. You have fish that died mysteriously before?
  120. Problems high tech set-up
  121. Frequency of filter maintainance
  122. Wu Hu at Seng Poh Road closed today?
  123. Removal of markings caused by rubber suction cups
  124. What do aquarium plant need to enhance their colour to be greener?
  125. RE: Pressurized CO2 Cylinder
  126. need help in adjusting my tank now please
  127. Can we 'recharge' old substrate?
  128. HELP !!! filter media removal (chemical treatment)
  129. Aquascaping with Dymax tank?
  130. Which water filter to use?
  131. Opinion on Tank
  132. ID request for this Worm or Snail, thanks
  133. Hornworts dying?
  134. Plant directory
  135. suggestion for prevent creeping
  136. Amazon frogbits roots growing long
  137. Type of lamp needed?
  138. Lava Rock Cleaning Help needed
  139. water management help needed
  140. How to lower water temperture!?
  141. Please help ID this fish. It's not eating anything
  142. Dying yamoto, cherry shrimps and bumble bee snails.
  143. Newbie here - A few questions before I embark on this new found hobby
  144. Quick question. co2 vs TPN+
  145. Tips wanted: Maintaining your tank - Sand Bed.
  146. Water turn cloudy everytime i do water change. what cause that?
  147. Beware! Underwater Caterpillar??!
  148. Where to put bio ring in the filter?
  149. Advise on background and foreground plants
  150. New Tank setup with white cloudy water
  151. Is a tank with new soil using cycled tank water and seasoned filter consider cycled?
  152. Tank population guideline
  153. T5 12000k ok?
  154. Fan recommendation?
  155. Frequency of changing peat moss
  156. What do snails feed on in aquarium?
  157. Extremely low pH
  158. Filteration advice needed
  159. Changing of light tubing
  160. Space Aquarium?
  161. Plant tank
  162. Advice on filter washing/maintenance
  163. What sizes does Five plan tanks come in?
  164. Riccia = "Weeds" help
  165. Guppy fries died!
  166. Filter to tank size porpotion
  167. Suitable Hang On Filter for 2ft tank?
  168. Oily film cause by excess C02?
  169. Suitable filter for a 2 feet fish tank. HOF or canister
  170. CO2 problem.
  171. GEX soil
  172. shrimps with siamese fighting fish?
  173. disease affecting my ram?
  174. Need advise on choice of low tech plant
  175. High pH level!!
  176. where to get the brightest light set for a 1 footer
  177. Snails, good or bad?
  178. 2 feet tank rack (2 level)
  179. Hang on Fan Problem
  180. What would be a good chiller?
  181. My new messy low tech setup
  182. How often to dose liquid fertilizers
  183. Dead panda corydora
  184. Threadfin Anthias
  185. How to trim the plant?
  186. Week end food for Shrimps
  187. Hair Like Growth On Driftwood
  188. Removing snails from plants
  189. Using dry ice to supplement CO2
  190. Help with new 1.5 ft tank!
  191. Lights : T5 or PL
  192. Overstocked or Understocked?
  193. Moss Wall help
  194. How to clean Eheim internal filter 2010?
  195. Fish with Shrimps?
  196. Sea Almond leaves make fishes high?
  197. Plan for first planted tank
  198. Need Help on driftwood
  199. Can Decap Brine Shrimp Eggs be hatched?
  200. how many shrimps can i put?
  201. Fish farms selling fish?
  202. DIY CO2 and RCS die
  203. Siphoning water
  204. Is it safe to put in plants tied to wire mesh in my tank?
  205. Have anyone use magnets in your tank before?
  206. "Posioned Water"
  207. White Crayfish
  208. Looking for advices, ideas, etc - 3 feet tank
  209. How to Extract the bbs after they hatch
  210. Help with temperature issues for cherry shrimp tank.
  211. Starting up a 2ft tank
  212. Nano Cube 24 gallon w/ co2
  213. Placing aquarium next to wallpaper
  214. using used aquarium sand
  215. Setting up planted tanks
  216. worms in the tank
  217. What worm is this? (picture included)
  218. is bogwood suitable for breeding crs?
  219. need help with submersible Boyu filter
  220. what causes the leaves turning brown
  221. Lighting Advice Needed
  222. Best method of lighting with T5 and MH
  223. Green Hydra
  224. Co2 calculation
  225. Tank equipment set-up
  226. Can cleaning and intruding fish's space cause Ick
  227. May I know where can I buy hornworts?
  228. to those using an MH system with halide and flouroscent lighting in the same chassis
  229. How many fishes can a 2X1X1 feet tank
  230. soil requirement
  231. Fine hair like green stuff on surface of tank?
  232. How to clean hose/pipe of external canister filter?
  233. Oily water surface
  234. About keeping aged water
  235. About keeping aged water
  236. When is the best time to test water?
  237. Chilling tank water
  238. Dealing with too many fries
  239. ADA amanozian/Gex soil Equivalent in the market?
  240. Water Problems
  241. best filter for 2ft planted tank anyone?
  242. diy co2 safe for tank?
  243. Queries on Resun CL-280
  244. help needed for 2.5ft lightly planted tank
  245. aging water?
  246. Filter help/advices, pretty please?
  247. Does Air pump cause high PH
  248. Re: Back into planted tank
  249. Fish Food : hard boiled eggs
  250. Tank cycling help