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  1. vacation in singapore
  2. Turn off co2?
  3. hi new to this hobby, help me please
  4. Size of tank
  5. Tank size
  6. PH at 6.0 Is it too low?
  7. how to grow hc succesfully
  8. Need some help to start..
  9. Worms
  10. Sharing - Beginner setting up new tank
  11. Temperture
  12. stubborn algae like stain
  13. SAEs mating
  14. urgently need help for my tank...
  15. spinach for CRS
  16. Pearling From plants
  17. Fries
  18. puffer eating my guppies
  19. white little pest
  20. Preventive maintenance for rid of algae in my 2ft tank
  21. setting up a 2ft tank
  22. 2ft planted tank
  23. help in microworm?
  24. fish in planted tank
  25. New to this hobby. In need of advice
  26. T5 kelvin lighting advice.
  27. Noob Bioload Questions
  28. Tubi worm HELP
  29. Do Sucker Fish eat Shrimps??
  30. CO2 at night?
  31. Where can I purchase Bio Foam?
  32. Need advice, converting 10g to planted
  33. Help!!!
  34. 100% empty tank...
  35. Balance between Angelfish and plants?
  36. Marine blue light for fresh water planted tank
  37. Inlet and Outlet
  38. where can i get the leaves for betta fish , make the water blackish?
  39. New Planted Tank -
  40. Need help on Angelfish clamped fins pls
  41. Turn on Lights at Night or in the Day?
  42. Where to purchase fine stainless wire mesh?
  43. To Shrimp, Fish or both? That is the question.
  44. A 3 months fauna-less planted tank
  45. What should i do when i want to transfer everything from an old tank to a new one?
  46. Fish shop near Geylang??
  47. Angel Fish
  48. anyone know any lfs selling 2ft tank divider non-transparent?
  49. Wondering why?
  50. anubias tank setup questions
  51. Plants Melting, Guppies Staying On The Top Of Water..
  52. I got a Questions, Pls help
  53. New rescape cloudy water! Pictures included
  54. Moss Lawn Help
  55. Java Moss Help!!
  56. C328 Open ?
  57. Eheim Aquarium Guide
  58. 4ft tank setup. Advise needed.
  59. where can i get coral rocks? any lfs selling?
  60. Cloudy Water or Green Water? (Pic Included)
  61. Help needed in my 2 ft tank
  62. Help needed in my 2 ft tank
  63. missing cardinal tetras and sucker fish
  64. White spots on my new 4ft tank
  65. Driftwood/Bogwood: getting rid of tannins
  66. How to use aquasoil amazonia for a non co2 non excel tank
  67. Akadama or sand
  68. Anyone uses clay balls from nurseries?
  69. base fert
  70. Is my Oto spawning in my tank or is it mould/fungus? Urgent!
  71. How to veryfy CO2 tank size ?
  72. question on moss
  73. lighting for planted 1.5 ft
  74. is 36watt light enough?
  75. How to check if there is any issue with CO2?
  76. Question on WPG
  77. Harmful water bug?
  78. Newbie with 1ft New Tank
  79. Soil?
  80. Feeding live tubiflex worms in a gravel setup
  81. How to set up a planted tank?
  82. Cooling fan. Should I on it 24hr? Or only when my light is on?
  83. Artica Chiller Cleaning services
  84. Tap Water contains Ammonia?
  85. Freeze-Dried Tubiflex and Blood Worms
  86. java moss requires what to grow well?
  87. Need help on gravel for a new tank
  88. how does nutrafin co2 system work?
  89. Best canister filter for a 2 feet planted..
  90. How to Set Up a Pressurised CO2 System
  91. Any recommendation of any type of shrimps that can live in peace with cardinal tetras
  92. How to grow green algae?
  93. will gold fish eat neon terra?
  94. Cherry Red Shrimp & Sakura Red Shrimp
  95. Any ways to cool down aquarium water?
  96. How to add GEX activated copy to Eden 501?
  97. Should I fert ?
  98. Vivarium help
  99. Number of fans to cool a tank?
  100. wat is the best foreground plant ??
  101. Fish tank help
  102. Blue Fluorescent Light
  103. Where to buy Mosura Old Sea Mud Rock?
  104. How to move aquarium (wthin the house)?
  105. Valisneria natans with Excel
  106. HOw often to change filter rings?
  107. How do I use amno lock?
  108. Any LFS selling live BS?
  109. Dwarf Puffer in 2ft community planted tank
  110. trumpet snails overrun!
  111. Fresh Newbie here setting up a tank
  112. Plants cause fish to die?
  113. BBA in my Non CO2 Excel supplemented tank
  114. Help Identified the plant
  115. Any coldwater shrimps/ algae eaters?
  116. Co2
  117. Newbie looking for LFS recommendations
  118. Newbie qn on CO set
  119. Dust like powdery substance on the Vals
  120. CO2 Diffuser- No More Bubbles !
  121. neon terra eat shrimps?
  122. Newbie Thoughts on Starting a Shrimps Tank
  123. learning aquascaping
  124. is there any danger of mosquito larvae in fish tank?
  125. Plant tank
  126. Pond Problem & New Tank
  127. How to Start Decommissioning a Tank?
  128. How to stick cheapo thermometer to the side of the tank?
  129. Neon Tetra's not coming to surface to eat
  130. Plants in tank to replace air pump
  131. Plant without CO2
  132. Nature vs. Nurture on CRS
  133. Anyone use those fishing hook weights?
  134. Tanins from bogwood
  135. Do we need to wash used soil?
  136. newbie here, wanted a planted tank for my goldfish ??
  137. lighting
  138. Can i keep my goldfish in a planted tank
  139. Question on HC sold on "sponge"
  140. Co2 and light on/off same time, right?
  141. What is your favourite kind of light?
  142. Better to have air pump for non-CO2 enriched tank, or not?
  143. Soil very dirty
  144. Will my guppy breed in this community tank?
  145. No ammonia....is this a problem?
  146. Newbie qns - Where to buy Koi fish
  147. Lapis Sand
  148. Brown moss ball - help?!
  149. Starting Second Tank
  150. how to move snails?
  151. substrate for small 1lt nano moss tank
  152. Question on light and CO2
  153. Pearling stopped after adding ferts !!
  154. Bottom 1/3rd of my stems turning brown
  155. Is exposed activated carbon toxic?
  156. Need urgent help on filter media!!!!
  157. riccia turning white..
  158. Gravel over aquasoil
  159. Dw
  160. Fine Sand. Is it hard to maintain?
  161. where to buy water fountain?
  162. RCS Miscarriage
  163. Expiry of charcoal
  164. GEX Green soil Residue!
  165. Floating Plant
  166. DYMAX ROBOT LED CLIP LIGHT is equivalent to how many watt? suitable for 1 feet
  167. Suggestion needed
  168. Altum angels in this tank?
  169. Will drawf Cichlid happily stay in Nano (6L) tanks
  170. sand-like particles floating in the water
  171. Black Quartz-like Sand
  172. Getting rid of snails
  173. set up new tank
  174. christmas moss with fishy/seaweed smell
  175. Recommendation for 1.5 feet light
  176. Shrimps Vs ferts
  177. Beginners corner
  178. Hi, can i keep altums in this type of tank?
  179. LFS for betta
  180. Does Java Fern and dwarf nana require ADA soil?
  181. Ph pen
  182. What happen if lighting duration is too short?
  183. camallanus worms help
  184. algae
  185. White fungus on driftwood
  186. Puffer fish coexist with Goldfish?
  187. Is it ok for filter inlet at tank to be hidden behind plants?
  188. What is badun?
  189. Growth on BW
  190. Algea in chiller piping
  191. worms!
  192. how can rainbar be placed?
  193. Recommendations for beginner
  194. Amano Shrimp dying. Newb need help
  195. Seaweed for newbees?
  196. Bigger tank is better for beginners
  197. Bubbles comming off my plants?
  198. Showdown: Cherry Shrimps VS Bumblebee Goby
  199. what plants can reduce level of nitrate & other harmful substance?
  200. Cutting filter wool
  201. Substitute for co2?
  202. Equipment shortlisting for start up
  203. Starting Soon ..
  204. How to use Sera GH test kit?
  205. Don't need to cycle the water, just age for 2 days?
  206. Dying shrimps, how to treat water?
  207. Shrimp breeding tank
  208. Ammonia spiking like mad recently...
  209. cherry barbs
  210. Little Assasins?!
  211. Lighting for 1 feet cube tank
  212. What type of foreground plants can do well without soil?
  213. Cleaning of Canister Filter and media
  214. How thick should the GEX soil be?
  215. co2 tank
  216. Some advice needed here
  217. Low nitrate level in new tank
  218. Buying XRay Tetras
  219. Reinhabitating 112 l tank
  220. lighting question
  221. does golden algae eater eats plants?
  222. how to get rid of Planaria ?
  223. coral/mini pelia growth
  224. will white spot b spread to shrimps?
  225. ADA cube garden Mist background
  226. Water current problems?
  227. Whitespot treatment and recovery time?
  228. Hi, Could use a little help re: super easy, robust live plants
  229. bracing.
  230. mini canister filter recommendations?
  231. My 2 ft tank mass up...
  232. Growing and keeping adult brine shrimp alive?
  233. Huge Tank Ideas Wanted
  234. How do you guys keep all your stuff?
  235. Please ID this fish. Do I have a B. brigittae, merah or urophthalmoides
  236. Help with 2ft Low-tech Non CO2 tank
  237. Pump leak electricity
  238. Switching from sand to soil
  239. Where can I find granite/Yingde look alike rocks?
  240. CO2 pills...
  241. New Tank - Black Ghost KnifeFish Not Eating
  242. cardinal tetras not eating
  243. old light tube question
  244. Upsizing to 3ft tank... help needed
  245. Algae Problems?
  246. Some questions...before starting
  247. Need urgent advise in laying of soil
  248. How to manage initial planting?
  249. !!Check your unused fish food Regularly!!!!
  250. Need help with carpet plant