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  1. Crs and beautifull red legs
  2. Pure Red Line
  3. Ammonia in tank
  4. My new housemates!
  5. Share My New Bred
  6. Questions : Vampire Crab.
  7. Small Amounts of Copper kill CRS?
  8. What eat your shrimp?
  9. Buying shrimp from HK
  10. Share My TriColor BDS
  11. what do i need for 3ft CRS tank?
  12. Restart......
  13. Can chocolate shrimp and yellow crossbreed?
  14. Does blackwater additives really has beneficial effect to shrimp?
  15. vampire crab eggs
  16. wrigglers in shrimp tank
  17. Where to buy ASSA PRL in singapore?
  18. Bioearth Safe for Shrimp Tank?
  19. Presentation your crayfsih - Cherax
  20. where to get this blue shrimp?
  21. ID this plant (nearly killed all my shrimps for 2 time)
  22. Shrimps nibbling on snail poop.
  23. Failed sulawesi
  24. Is this possible? Shrimp sucide
  25. Diving between daphnia magna
  26. Does puffer fish eat limpets?
  27. Asia pacific shrimp contest 2011.
  28. can crystal red shrimp do without plants & soil
  29. Should we vacuum the soil for crs?
  30. secret for getting more BKK......
  31. Suggestions for New Shrimp Tank
  32. Simply shrimps
  33. Except for GC,which LFS sells PRL?
  34. Make my painted red shrimp tank more acidic with traditional kalepan leaf
  35. threesome???
  36. For those who love Sulawesi and those who will.
  37. After a tragic due to soil expired...my colony rebuilted again...
  38. Any idea where I can buy sea fan?
  39. Newbie Shrimp Setup
  40. Adding another external canister to an already running setup
  41. Project Quiet River Shrimp Rack
  42. Buy 4D also not so Heng
  43. Fuse of CL-280
  44. Shrimp sticks made ​​from natural products.
  45. CRS eggs changes colour
  46. Can Shrimps Survive without pump and filter?
  47. artificial hatching
  48. Some of my adorable precious...
  49. PuReness of snow whites
  50. My friend prl crs white lOok yellow, is he being conned?
  51. acclimating shrimp
  52. Kingkong/Panda Shrimps
  53. Seller said keep BKK with fan
  54. bi-colour vampire crabs:)
  55. Need help to identify grade of this CRS
  56. Under the tree
  57. Tests Kits for Crystal Red Shrimps
  58. Can add liquid fertilizer to CRS tank?
  59. Moving of tank as changing stand
  60. Absolute noob to shrimp
  61. ??? Crs
  62. Colourful Tropical Aquarium Closing
  63. mosquito woes
  64. Tiger shrimp turn blue
  65. my CRS update
  66. Shrimps feeding
  67. ID this snail
  68. Help: Shrimp too active..Unable to settle down...
  69. 3rd berried CRS dead...
  70. Ketapang leave
  71. Unknown insect found
  72. BKK new batch offspring
  73. air pump for CRS?
  74. Few pictures of my shrimps..
  75. Media in Eheim - good for shrimp?
  76. help,vampire crab just molted
  77. help,vampire crab just molted
  78. My Precious One and Only Shrimp (KK)
  79. PRL system from Ebiten line......
  80. Black & White
  81. HELP-Iding this crayfish
  82. Is slate rock okay for CRS?
  83. 2 version of blue pearl offspring
  84. ~ My small little tinee wineeny humble collections ~ ( Purely just for sharing )
  85. ph shock?
  86. Need advice - cherries death continous
  87. My Soiless Shrimp setup..
  88. New to shrimp tank :)
  89. How to prepare driftwood for shrimp tank
  90. Red & White Christmas
  91. Anyone know where is selling Snowball?
  92. my first shrimp tank
  93. Showing some shrimp pic from mobile phone.
  94. Shrimplets - please help
  95. Some pictures of my low grade shrimps
  96. Blue Pearl Shrimps and some other new Species.........( warning big bandwidth)
  97. What is your ph lowering technique?
  98. Sharing some shrimps (Not Pure Line) breedout from my tank taken from IPhone Camera
  99. New mutate color of Fire Red Adult to ... Alpha Centauri !
  100. Mosura soil for shrimp tank
  101. Are Springtails, Collembola really harmless?
  102. What shrimp is this?
  103. Please Help :( PH Value Maintenance
  104. RCS question?
  105. Soilless Shrimp Setup - Using Sand
  106. happy hour....
  107. Crystal Blue Shrimps!!
  108. Can Yamato coexist with CRS
  109. Monitoring PH with PH meter for Shrimp tank
  110. Cheapest distilled water?
  111. Any bro in Singapore familiar with exporting shrimps?
  112. CRS NOT EATING!!! Advice pls!!!
  113. How to increase TDS safely
  114. Importing of aquatic snails
  115. Oh oh.. One of my fire yellow shrimp is pregnant! What do I do now?
  116. Sulawesi Snails
  117. Where To buy SHRIMPS? :)
  118. Help to ID this creature and are they dangerous to shrimps?
  119. Tips/Guides/Advice needed to start my first shrimp tank!
  120. Artificial Hatching
  121. my attempt at a low cost CRS setup
  122. vampire crab death
  123. Mulberry Leaves for CRS?
  124. my vampire crabs set up
  125. Aura Blue Shrimps
  126. Help! Shrimp unable to moult!
  127. Devastating... I cried...
  128. How to spot unhappy shrimps before it is too late?
  129. Where to buy SULAWESI shrimp in Singapore? :)
  130. Is this Ketapang Leave? How do we collect them for shrimps???
  131. How much light for CRS?
  132. Maroon Sakura Shrimp??
  133. Newly purchased shrimps
  134. How to differentiate a good Red Malaya shrimp to a Painted Fire Red???
  135. CRS and Air Pump
  136. CRS Dying, Please Help.
  137. My First Attempt at Shrimp Keeping- Complete Washout!
  138. Mosura TDS Up dosage & the exact TDS required?
  139. Surprise find in my mixed tank
  140. How to estimate the number of shrimps on any size of tank?
  141. New Ada Africana ph for new tank setup is 4.3, normal?
  142. My humble 2ft cube tank
  143. My Sulawesi Tank^^
  144. Female Shrimp keep fanning herself even though she is not berried.
  145. How long does it takes for a CRS to return to normal colour after molting?
  146. Which has better colour? Male or Female CRS?
  147. Top up with distilled water or aged water?
  148. Red alert!!! TDS 500!!
  149. Question to Canadian CRS breeders!
  150. weird?
  151. Where to get male Sakura shrimps?
  152. Unknown snail found in tank
  153. Will Assassin Snails attack all other snail species?
  154. Need help ID shrimps - black/ blue with gold back
  155. which food is better?
  156. infested!
  157. cleaning fish or sucker fish?
  158. Are pond snails assassins as well?
  159. What is berried shrimp?
  160. best filter?
  161. Looking for Shrimp in singapore LFS
  162. chiller?
  163. Male or female shrimp?
  164. Cherries Moulting Difficulty
  165. questions on breeding CRS
  166. Lower GH technique
  167. Hydrogen peroxide to remove hair algae in shrimp tank
  168. Crystal clear water?
  169. Breeding colourful ramshorn
  170. Total wipeout want to cry
  171. GH test kit
  172. Feeding shrimp shell to shrimps
  173. A Good question given to me by a Senior....
  174. Artificial hatching - Sulawesi Cardinal
  175. WC issue , please advice
  176. Horn Nerite Vs Assassin snail
  177. planaria flatworms alert
  178. Berried shrimps
  179. Wow - Shrimps went really crazy swimming all over!
  180. recommended mosura dosage
  181. Seriously Poisoned
  182. No senior or friend involved, I would like to know......
  183. Mosura vs Borneowild
  184. CRS / BDS in Taiwan?
  185. need help: high TDS reading
  186. Newbie Sakura Shrimp Tank
  187. My Princess Bee tank
  188. Sharing some pictures..
  189. No senior or friend involved, I would like to show......
  190. Soiless tank breeding success!
  191. How much have you spent on setting up your tank?
  192. Of Colors & Grading in CRS
  193. Upgrading of Filter
  194. nEW Setup
  195. My first Shrimp Tank - IQ3 Dymax
  196. Help on water parameters.
  197. Keeping CRS in office environment
  198. Need advice on my 2nd 2ft tank setup
  199. My Ambers !
  200. CRS Shrimplets pattern
  201. Orange shrimp.
  202. Totally regret
  203. Something fun and cheap to share.
  204. Anyone seen shrimps like these before ?
  205. My Old Tiger Shrimp
  206. Pedigree CRS lineage and the info we should have when buying and selling
  207. Setup for shrimp tank
  208. CRS Discussions + Key Info
  209. confused on which light set to get
  210. Snail Problem? This might help..
  211. Quick Update of shrimp pic from my mobile
  212. Green King Kong?
  213. Need advise of increasing CRS shrimplets survival
  214. Happy Chinese New Year
  215. video tank growth Taiwan Bee
  216. [Link] Aura blue cross breeding with Tangerine Tiger
  217. Is it ok to keep shrimps in plantless tank?
  218. Sulawesi Mineral Salt 8.5
  219. Cheap sponge filter for cherry shrimp
  220. White worms in my tank!
  221. Rule of Thumb for Shrimps (Volume of water)
  222. PH rising in the tank.
  223. Anyone know where to get blue pearl shrimp?
  224. Newbie building my first Shrimp tank.
  225. Water parameters of my tank ideal?
  226. Question about different shrimps in one tank
  227. what happen to my AB
  228. How sensitive are shrimps to metals?
  229. What type of snail is this?
  230. Its been a while.... sulawesi update
  231. Just to share my noob tank
  232. Just curious
  233. My Jewel Clams
  234. ph 7.0 for crs?
  235. increase ph but maintain gh
  236. My Shrimp tanks
  237. Orange Neocardina Shrimp tank.
  238. Black quartz substrate safe?
  239. setting up my gravel shrimp tank
  240. shrimp tank flowrate
  241. Need advise on a pico shrimp tank
  242. shrimp tank help!
  243. OreO tank
  244. shrimp tank setup advice
  245. What can dose what cannot dose?
  246. Soil and sand tank with CRS
  247. My vampire crabs setup
  248. High Nitrate Level, seachem matrix or seachem de nitrate?
  249. Help in shrimp ID
  250. Of amanos and marsilea