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  1. Question about sponge on filter inlet
  2. dying snails in planted tank??
  3. Vitamin C in tank???
  4. Help: Testing needed URGENT!!!
  5. Blue Ramshorn
  6. How long do cherry shrimps take to mate?
  7. A painful experience on soil
  8. Finally setup my 2 feet shrimp tank
  9. *PLEASE READ* Zero tolerance for troublemakers
  10. It's been a long time ever since I last post...
  11. Lifespan of soil
  12. Does rili shrimp have any grading?
  13. Advice Needed: Newbie Setting Up a Fluval Edge Shrimp Tank
  14. Is KH important for Shrimp tank?
  15. Redox potential
  16. Filter choice for new shrimp tank
  17. Dropping PH
  18. Looking for 'local' Caridina shrimps
  19. mixed soil or same soil
  20. Jellish White mold on bogwood
  21. Valentine Day Theme - Red for Roses & White for Truthful
  22. Will shrimp eat shrimp eggs?
  23. My small budget newbie shrimp tank
  24. Birth process of Sulawesi Tylomelania snail
  25. Too high kH
  26. what makes a shrimp go limp?
  27. Sharing some of my collection
  28. Crimson line PRL
  29. My Crimson PRL
  30. Of Sulawesi Shrimps
  31. My first CRS tank after 8 times of redo
  32. Sulewasi shrimp water parameters
  33. partition a 3ft tank into 2?
  34. Look out when you buy new shrimps!
  35. Sharing My Pure Line
  36. Shrimp dying! Advice needed.
  37. Hi im new and have a few questions
  38. stormhawk's shrimp adventures
  39. Mystery of the missing dead shrimps
  40. MY Decent Normal CRS Feeding :)
  41. Sulawesi Molting Problems
  42. What temperature does your cherry shrimp live in?
  43. Lowest PH for CRS
  44. Atyid shrimps of Singapore
  45. update from my tank....
  46. 1L Pico tank for my BDS flowerheads
  47. Planting plants using Snails shell
  48. Cardina spongicola/woltereckae
  49. Unknown bugs in my tank !!
  50. PFK link : Shrimp deaths related to aquarium plants
  51. What kind of lighting is suitable for CRS,BDS or BKK PANDA?
  52. Shrimps eating shrimps
  53. Vermex: safe or not safe for CRS tank
  54. sharing my sulawesi tank
  55. Pls help to sex CRS
  56. Salinity in freshwater.
  57. Question on crs mating
  58. Freshwater phytoplankton
  59. Need help on CRS water
  60. My 2ft Fire Red Shrimp Tank
  61. Feeding time...
  62. Diffuser In Shrimp Tank
  63. Mayfly? In shrimp tank..
  64. Some questions seeking for answers - pH
  65. Something interesting for those who feed organic food.
  66. Shrimp Cross Breeding Table
  67. Sharing my Joy and humble tank !
  68. My Shrimp Set Up, Rascal Collection
  69. Something to share for all shrimp hobbist. [Warning:Epicness]
  70. Aquarium salt good for shrimps?
  71. Shrimp Keepers
  72. My Sulawesi setup.
  73. LFS with blue shrimps
  74. Anyone with CPO?
  75. Breeding of shrimps
  76. Some Picture to share (overcome the shaky hand sympthom)
  77. what to do when soil expires...
  78. Update on My Royal Blue
  79. My Shrimp tank now
  80. Shrimps tank mates
  81. Matt's simple Sulawesi Setup
  82. Cherry or me?
  83. color of crs
  84. Sula Tank Rescue Mission
  85. My 3-4th try, 1 feet cube Shrimp only.
  86. "Wild White Cherry Shrimp" from CRS Haven
  87. some crs not so red anymore
  88. Where to buy Mosura Soft Water?
  89. How much eye power do you give your shrimp each day?
  90. Shrimps not eating ? (Both Cardinal and CRS)
  91. Star moss rock will increase gh?
  92. ID of shrimp... is it a bee or cbs?
  93. got this gem from a tank of tigers
  94. My Nano HRS Setup
  95. Lights for our shrimps
  96. blue bee shrimp?
  97. ADA soil PH
  98. Where to buy Tylo Snails
  99. Some info to share for CRS hobbyist....
  100. Geothelphusa dehanni (blue variant)
  101. is it possible to Cross breed Golden CRS with Super Tiger?
  102. Help needed for 1st attempt of a 2 feet shrimp tank
  103. API Ph liquid test kit
  104. [VIDEO] Flowerhead mama transferring eggs from saddle to belly sac
  105. How to get them pregnant!
  106. Setting up New Tank for sulawasi
  107. newbie with a few questions
  108. Growing Rate of CRS - Female Vs Male
  109. How my chocolate shrimp got berried?
  110. My humble FR tank.
  111. Sulawesi snail eating my cardinal shrimps....ALIVE!!!
  112. What kind of shrimps are these?
  113. CPO having a good time
  114. Pregnant shrimp?
  115. Do you remove shrimps moulted shells from the tank?
  116. just to share my simple shrimp tank..
  117. Nematodes!!!
  118. Root base fertilizer safe with shrimps?
  119. Question regarding Orange Shrimps
  120. Understanding PH, KH , GH , TDS all about water parameters
  121. yamato shrimp
  122. newbie shrimp keeper reporting
  123. Shaihulud's shrimps (local Caridina sp.)
  124. Signature of Each PRL Lineage
  125. How often to you dose mosura bio plus.
  126. Accidental Rili
  127. Unknow bubbles????
  128. Is PH down effective for local use ?
  129. What cause hydra to breed .
  130. How long can planaria eggs last?
  131. snow white rili shrimp!!!! ( your opinions?)
  132. UGF Shrimp Tank
  133. Sharing my hakata PRL & benibachi bds
  134. Sakura shrimp died but not CRS
  135. Back to share a little one
  136. Sharing some pictures of my gene shrimps.
  137. My collection -- Wine Red, PRL, BDS, BKK series
  138. On my journey towards shrimp breeding
  139. Link: Grooming behavior of shrimps
  140. 'Ebi' collection to share
  141. How's the crs doing in singapore?
  142. 100l Tank remade for prl
  143. Question on wild colored Neocaridina
  144. Showoff your most satisfied FULL TANK shot
  145. Fish Tank
  146. Golden Back & Orange Shrimp
  147. [VIDEO] CRS Escape Artist
  148. sharing my orphaned shrimps :)
  149. my 2ft shrimp tank
  150. Should i fix what is not really broken
  151. Things you need ... for keeping cherry shrimps
  152. Help needed to identify
  153. how many days can crs go without food
  154. Few advice needed :) (wall of text warning)
  155. My 10g Shrimp Tank
  156. Firereds
  157. 1st Try on Sulewesi
  158. (Advise) Cannister & Chiller for 2 X 2 ft tank
  159. Green Chapter's CRS sharing session with guest speaker Silane this Saturday
  160. shrimp photography
  161. Shrimp tank pH and kH problem
  162. Fire Yellow Shrimp availability ?
  163. Another UFO in my Sakura tank???
  164. Is it normal to have oily surface on your water?
  165. newbie looking for advice
  166. Help on CRS colours
  167. Double confirm what is this
  168. Nitrate too high for my shrimps? Solution?
  169. What is this insect??
  170. things that i learn from the crs class that gc hosted with guest speaker silane
  171. 3 Cherry Shrimps all died!
  172. Re-Scape my 2ft Tank
  173. Yamatoes wipe out
  174. What do you feed your shrimps?
  175. Unsolve mystery
  176. Do you believe in Lousy Batch Shrimps ??
  177. How to fertilise berried shrimps?
  178. Cannot see where are my baby shrimps! ='(
  179. Opinion: heavily planted or simple scape
  180. where to get snowball and red nose shrimp!?
  181. how to keep successfully breed and keep crs happy
  182. Shrimps dying daily after inserting moss DW
  183. CRS mixed with BDS
  184. Suitable soil/gravel for keeping fire red shrimps
  185. New discovery of crabs in the Philippines
  186. Second attempt at CRS tank in the office!
  187. Questions on PRL
  188. "Worms in Shrimp Tank"
  189. Questions on CRS: Moulting, Amount Fed, Temperature, Condensation.
  190. Just some pictures of my shrimps!
  191. Newb question on setting up a shrimp tank
  192. New Tank Mate for my Shrimp
  193. Breeder in Taipei
  194. Cpo... Cpo...
  195. Some questions on feeding shrimps.
  196. What are the traits of a ready female CRS especially for selective breeding
  197. shrimplet survival rate
  198. Advice... is it normal?
  199. Where to get the wire mesh for java moss wall?
  200. Explanation regarding cell regrowth
  201. In need of ID for these snails
  202. Sharing my ugly shrimp tank
  203. Advice need. Berried Shrimps keep dying
  204. Shrimp tank set up and aquascaping advise using DYMAX IQ3
  205. Updated tank video
  206. Any methods to remove brown biofilms?
  207. Iodine dosing & Shrimps
  208. ID: Newly brought Cherry Shrimp
  209. Chocolate shrimplets
  210. CRS shrimplets growth!
  211. Keeping blue lobster
  212. 1st try on Micro Lense iPhone attachment
  213. Help needed on 1.5 feet shrimp tank
  214. Orange rili
  215. Need help ID cray fish
  216. sulawesi rocks
  217. shipping costs
  218. Which soil do you prefer?
  219. No planaria in King Kong tank
  220. Newbie Chiller compatibility advice
  221. anyone knows where got sell 3-5l drinking water?
  222. Mission to artificial hatch
  223. Transfer berried CRS
  224. Is this sakura or fire red shrimp ?
  225. Damselfly nymph in tank
  226. Need help identifying snail!
  227. To use 2ft tank or stick to 1ft for CRS?
  228. Keeping Malaysian Trumpet Snails without reproduction
  229. Water Changes In Shrimp Tank
  230. Tank Ventilation
  231. Shrimp exercise
  232. Pico Tank Setup Advise..
  233. Can Lighting affect PH?
  234. PH Meter Vs PH Liquid (kindly advice)
  235. Where to get Blue Tiger and Black Tiger Shrimps ?
  236. HELP: weird TDS reading
  237. Shrimplet Survival rate and weird death
  238. alge in shrimp tank
  239. Types of freshwater crab?
  240. A Guide to Snails and other Non-marine Molluscs of Singapore
  241. Benibachi Soil comes with Seed Shrimp in it?
  242. New Shrimp Acclimation
  243. Crayfish moulted!
  244. Substrate for Aura Blue Shrimp
  245. I got a boom of white worms
  246. Shipping shrimplets
  247. My First Little Shrimp Tank
  248. newbie on crayfish and soil to use
  249. Revamp of shrimp tank using quartz
  250. Is there anyone *still* keeping Triops?