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  1. How to get rid of slugs?
  2. Macrobrachium lanchesteri help
  3. Mineral rock that enhance shrimp colour
  4. Can Crystal Red Shrimps strive in a tank without ADA Aquasoil?
  5. Do shrimps require plenty of oxygen?
  6. My SS / SSS Grade Crystal Red Shrimps
  7. Dragonfly nymph in my tank
  8. Is air pump required for cherries shrimp tank?
  9. About Crystal Red, Diamond and Cherry Shrimps
  10. Need help on cherry shrimps
  11. CRS curl into 'U' posture
  12. My Mountain Shrimp Died - Lesson to be Learn/Share!
  13. Some Fanciful CRS breed out
  14. Look What i Found at The Great Hall...
  15. About shrimp tank with snail.
  16. Crystal Red Shrimp shrimplets spotted!!!
  17. Getting started with cute CRS. Need help!
  18. Dechlorination of water used for water changes for CRS tank
  19. Nerite Snails Escaping
  20. Extra running filter
  21. Can rust cause metal poisoning in shrimps?
  22. Lemming Behavior in Shrimps
  23. Can help me grade this Crystal Red Shrimp?
  24. Shrimp molting shell contains 2 eggs
  25. Active carbon in shrimp tank
  26. Tiger vs cherry vs crystal red shrimps
  27. Overfeeding kills?
  28. Please help grade my Crystal Red Shrimp
  29. Use of CO2 tablet for Crystal Red Shrimp tank
  30. Tips for conditioning new shrimps in your tanks
  31. Interesting head patterns on CRS
  32. Why are my Yamato Shrimp red/brown in color?
  33. Shrimps death due to ceramic rings?
  34. Shrimps dead again! :(
  35. What is this snail?
  36. My new S Grade CRS
  37. Help! Is this the so called dragonfly/damselfly?
  38. What do I need to start a new shrimps tank?
  39. How do Crystal Red Shrimp reproduce?
  40. Mishap to avoid when buying Crystal Red Shrimp!
  41. Need help with pregnant Crystal Red Shrimp!!!!
  42. Bumble Bee Shrimps???
  43. Mini CRS hiding in wood crevices
  44. An interesting article on freshwater prawns
  45. Please help ID shrimp
  46. Keeping Otocinclus with cherry shrimps?
  47. Bumblebee snails as algae eaters for a shrimp tank
  48. Keeping Shrimps
  49. Super Bee Shrimp :)
  50. Panda Cory in CRS tank?
  51. Amano Shrimp (Yamato shrimp) turned red!!
  52. Filter media for shrimp tank
  53. taygu's 2 ft Crystal Red Shrimp Tank
  54. Can someone tell me why my cherries are dying?
  55. Can CRS eat ketapang leaves
  56. Please help to ID this shrimp
  57. Can anyone tell me what snail this is?
  58. "Dragonfly" in my tank
  59. Help needed! Newbie for CRS.
  60. Body of ghost shrimp turned cloudy
  61. Ways to have more white on CRS or Bee Shrimps
  62. Any other small-sized filter-feeding shrimps??
  63. Salt-water snails?
  64. CRS Shrimplets disappeared?
  65. Effects of lava rocks in CRS tank
  66. Pregnant cherry shrimps keep dying!?
  67. Recommend freshwater snails for planted tank
  68. CRS color faded during lights off period!!
  69. Water change in tanks with new born CRS
  70. What is Sakura Cherry
  71. All my amano and cherry shrimps died after new plants
  72. Sea Shell Club
  73. Shrimps and dosing Seachem Flourish Trace
  74. CRS Carrying Eggs *Fingers Crossed*
  75. My first Masura Offsprings
  76. What is happening to my Malayan shrimp?
  77. Yamato eggs?
  78. Please grade/identify my Crystal Red Shrimp
  79. Blue Shrimp?
  80. Are Rams gentle to shrimps?
  81. Question about my shrimps...
  82. How many shrimps can I squeeze in a 2ft tank?
  83. Question for Crystal Red Shrimp in community tank..
  84. Male or female? Please sex my Crystal Red Shrimp
  85. Any tips on breeding Crystal Red Shrimps?
  86. Help ! Pregnant cherry shrimps
  87. How do you guys catch out your shrimps ?
  88. Anyone has experience with the orange shrimps?
  89. Mosura Crystal Red Shrimp
  90. How does one tell if cherry shrimps are pregnant?
  91. Why are my cherry shrimps carrying different colored eggs (green and orange)?
  92. Do shrimps shed their shells?
  93. Small fishes as tankmates for shrimps
  94. Is my 1ft tank suitable for cherry shrimps?
  95. Can I keep these different shrimps in the same tank?
  96. CRS not feeding, any suggestions?
  97. Air operated filter for CRS tank?
  98. How to introduce shrimps into tank?
  99. What could be wrong? 3 shrimps are dead...
  100. How to differentiate the sex of cherry shrimps?
  101. Help to Grade this CRS
  102. Keeping shrimps - How often do you change water?
  103. Problem with my bee shrimps and need help...
  104. Boraras or Badis with shrimps?
  105. ID: Little bug like creatures in my shrimp tank
  106. Fairy Shrimp?
  107. Snail Info
  108. Why Cherry shrimps stay near to water surface?
  109. Back to the CRS health question
  110. Gold Eyes Shrimp
  111. Black diamond shrimps - Grade ID
  112. How offten should I do water change?
  113. Yamato attacks Cherry shrimp?? (with photos!)
  114. Questions about cherry shrimp eggs
  115. PinGer's Land Hermit Crabs :)
  116. Johnc's land hermit crab setup
  117. ID: CRS Grade??
  118. Help on acclimitising new shrimps for new tank
  119. My F1 offspring of blue x black tiger shrimp
  120. Golden eye blue tiger shrimp
  121. CaCo3,is this bad for shrimps?
  122. pH range for breeding CRS?
  123. Shrimp Products that hobbyist in Hong Kong & Macau use
  124. Shrimps hiding at the corners of my tank!?
  125. Two different colours on a CRS?
  126. Lucky pick SS grade Crystal Red Shrimp!!
  127. Possible to breed shrimps using plain gravel?
  128. Diet for Crystal Red Shrimps
  129. Some questions on Bee Shrimps
  130. Fauna advice needed for office shrimp tank setup...
  131. Snail's Activity
  132. Dosing NPK in Crystal Red Shrimp tank?
  133. Cherry shrimp tank mates
  134. Will shrimps cross breed?
  135. Sakura Shrimp
  136. How to get rid of planaria?
  137. Help to grade CRS
  138. Pregnant CRS moulting
  139. Can shrimps be tamed?
  140. Seachem Equilibirum for shrimp tank?
  141. Is a 1 foot tank with fan sufficient for CRS breeding?
  142. How to determine sex of cherry shrimp?
  143. New shrimp tank!!
  144. Cherry Shrimp help!
  145. Yellow shrimps!
  146. My new born shrimp (RCS) all missing in action
  147. Cheap way of making cheap Deep Sand Bed!!
  148. Crystal Red Shrimps with Red Eyes!!!
  149. What breed is this shrimp?
  150. Cherry shrimp, how to keep them red?
  151. How to breed Tiger shrimps effectively?
  152. Discoloration of white pigment on pregnant crystal red shrimp
  153. My Crystal Red Shrimps
  154. Shrimps featured on The New Paper
  155. 24 hours lighting for shrimp tank
  156. And I thought Malayan Trumpet Snails were pests!
  157. Bugs you might encounter in your aquarium
  158. little success with crustaceans
  159. CRS dying - Advice needed
  160. Removing dead shrimp in tank
  161. Red Tiger Shrimp?
  162. How to move 3 ft planted CRS tank when shifting house?
  163. Product Line called Power House
  164. EvolutionZ's Cherry and Crystal Red Shrimps (Warning: picture intensive)
  165. kH and gH for CRS?
  166. ID: Red Line Shrimp
  167. Are shrimps a good source of food for fishes?
  168. Taiwan Shrimps?
  169. Iodine your way to shrimp success?
  170. Direct tap water water change in shrimp tank
  171. My red bee shrimp breedout
  172. "Gold Crescent Shrimp"
  173. Hermit crabs fighting
  174. 2 hr Electricity shutdown -shrimp Tank
  175. Cold water for CRS tank?
  176. CRS dying! Help!!!
  177. Is it good or bad to dose fertilisers in a shrimp tank?
  178. Will UV light harm the shrimps?
  179. Shrimps as algae eaters?
  180. My cherry shrimps are hanging near the surface
  181. Any snails that remove algae on glass tank without reproducing?
  182. Ninja shrimps
  183. Hiding Shrimps
  184. Water Parameters for CRS tank
  185. Quick question about my water
  186. White worms in my shrimp tank
  187. Irritating snail eggs!! Any solutions?
  188. Shrimp diseases?
  189. Feeding time for tiger shrimps! (Warning: picture intensive)
  190. Information on Red Cherry Shrimp
  191. Which shrimp food in your opinion is the best?
  192. Blue and Sakura Shrimps
  193. DIY shrimp trap
  194. Mystery death of Ram Horn Snails
  195. EvolutionZ's Crystal Red Shrimp showcase (Warning: picture intensive)
  196. New exciting shrimps!
  197. Should I do a water change when...
  198. Two newly bought shrimps died within 24 hours
  199. The Snail Invasion
  200. Snow white shrimps
  201. Please help to grade this CRS
  202. Please help to grade and sex these CRS
  203. Shrimps found DEAD inside rain bar !!
  204. Tank leaking. How to change to new tank
  205. Orange Shrimps
  206. Ninja Shrimps Spawn
  207. Red Bee Sand
  208. Anyone knows how to save a dying cherry
  209. Can a lower grade CRS produce a higher grade CRS?
  210. CRS setup using a Fibre Glass Tank
  211. Shrimp varieties found in Singapore LFS
  212. Neritina snails
  213. Maintaining gravel in a CRS tank
  214. Peat moss in a cherry shrimp tank
  215. Life span of shrimps
  216. What is a no-entry CRS?
  217. Ninja vs Ninja samurai shrimps
  218. Straight from tap water change safe for CRS?
  219. Ninja shrimps breeding
  220. First try at Crystal Red Shrimps
  221. White bands on my CRS fading
  222. Cherry color?
  223. Red tiger shrimp
  224. Adding a sponge filter
  225. Advice on nano shrimp tank without filter/aeration
  226. Too many shrimps for 1.5 ft tank?
  227. Ghost shrimp dead!
  228. New office setup for Crystal Red Shrimps
  229. Differences between cherry & sakura shrimps?
  230. Shrimp farm (again)
  231. Please help grade my CRS
  232. Carpet plants for a shrimp tank
  233. zoombee's Crystal Red Shrimps
  234. What is the sex and grade of my CRS?
  235. Please advise the grade for these shrimps
  236. Need help about breeding yamato shrimps
  237. Leech in pearl moss!!!!
  238. Hey guys, have a look at my humble CRS!!
  239. The Crystal Red Shrimp tanks at Colourful Aquarium
  240. Crystal Red Affair
  241. My new mini shrimp tank
  242. Mineral Water for Crystal Red Shrimp Tank
  243. New to shrimp
  244. Guess what shrimp is this?
  245. Who has kept CRS without chiller?
  246. schulze's CRS tank
  247. Will CRS and Yamato cross breed?
  248. Shrimp Breeding Promotion Food by Kuroko
  249. Will Yamatos or other shrimps uproot your plants?
  250. Problems with my cherry shrimps but CRS are okay