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  1. What other fauna to put in my trumpet snail tank?
  2. What to put in Snail Tank?
  3. CRS grading on A and B
  4. Colour of newly born CRS?
  5. Asolene spixi snails eating mini pellia?
  6. Ideal pH for dwarf shrimps?
  7. Sakura shrimp
  8. Sunkist AKA Orange Shrimps
  9. Fire shrimp
  10. Types Of Snails
  11. Are Boraras spp. safe to keep with dwarf shrimps?
  12. Keeping fishes together with CRS
  13. Cherry shrimp dropping eggs
  14. Enhancing the colour of cherry shrimps
  15. Can water change kill shrimps?
  16. Questions regarding Tiger shrimp
  17. Is Sakura shrimp redder in pH 8 and above?
  18. Hey, queue up!!!
  19. Are Cherry, Sakura and Fire shrimps the same species?
  20. What do you think about....
  21. PFK Fishnews: Crowded aquatic snails remember less
  22. Help! My red claw crayfish is dying....
  23. Is this a cherry shrimp?
  24. Snail: Purple snail
  25. 2232 free filter media sufficient for shrimps
  26. Possible to keep cherry shrimps with galaxy rasbora?
  27. Questions on Malaysian trumpet snails
  28. How to clean tank with lots of baby shrimps?
  29. Does anyone dose nutrients/CO2 for planted Sakura or CRS tanks?
  30. Anyone uses Seachem Equilibrium with dwarf shrimp tank?
  31. ID: Is this a green shrimp?
  32. ID: Tiger shrimp?
  33. gH of Crystal Red Shrimp tank
  34. Any special requirements for keeping snails?
  35. Are my nerites "humping" one another?
  36. Enhancing the stripes of tiger shrimps
  37. Questions on keeping dwarf shrimps
  38. Is there such thing as a pest-free shrimp-only tank?
  39. Blackwater essence for shrimps
  40. Shrimp: Crystal Red Bee Shrimp
  41. Restarting CRS tank and doing it right...
  42. Scary creature spotted in tank. Will it harm my shrimps?
  43. Mosquito Breeding in Shrimp Tank
  44. Do red ramshorn or nerite snails eat moss?
  45. Mosura CRS changes colour from brown to red?
  46. Crab in my tank
  47. Can I use play sand in my tank with Malayan Trumpet Snails?
  48. ID: Can anyone ID this shrimp?
  49. Dwarf shrimps dying after adding wood and moss
  50. Mexican Dwarf Orange Crayfish, Cambarellus patzcuarensis "Orange"
  51. Crazy4Shrimps freshwater "Cardinal" shrimplets
  52. How to transport dwarf shrimps?
  53. Do any of these shrimps need some brack?
  54. Do dwarf shrimps eat and ruin moss?
  55. Do Crystal Red Shrimps sleep?
  56. Do your dwarf shrimps have a disappearing window?
  57. Will undergravel filter be too weak for a 4ft tank CRS tank?
  58. Questions on sakura shrimps and CRS
  59. Parasites found in my Shrimp tank
  60. Keeping different CRS grades together?
  61. Is my tank parameters okay for CRS?
  62. What soil do you use for dwarf shrimp tank?
  63. Best water condition for CRS and blue tiger shrimps
  64. Purple Shrimp
  65. Will dwarf shrimps eat cucumber for the Otocinclus?
  66. New mini crab
  67. Breeding the orange shrimp
  68. Will hungry Yamato shrimps eat fish?
  69. Freshwater crayfish water parameters
  70. doubleace's CRS tank setup
  71. Breeding higher grade CRS without chiller but fan?
  72. Is vacuuming of gravel in dwarf shrimp tank essential?
  73. Anyone seen Yamato (Caridina multidentata) shrimplets before?
  74. Tubifex-like wriggling worms
  75. Mixing Yamato Shrimp with Crystal Red Shrimps
  76. CRS Macro shots and ID on Grades
  77. Dwarf shrimp dropping eggs
  78. What are the requirements for keeping CRS?
  79. Red ramshorn snail dying?
  80. Another dwarf shrimp convert
  81. Planaria attacking cherry shrimps?
  82. ID: Help to identify my shrimp
  83. Snails!
  84. Sexing the Mexican dwarf orange crayfish, Cambarellus patzcuarensis "Orange"
  85. Lets talk about shrimps' immune system
  86. SSSSS Grade Black Diamond Shrimp
  87. SSS Grade Mosura Crystal Red Shrimp
  88. Malayan Shrimps
  89. F1 from Tiger and TiBee (CRS x Tiger)
  90. Green shrimps
  91. Which GEX soil to get for Shrimps?
  92. Adding sea salt to a shrimp tank?
  93. CRS temperature limit
  94. New CRS Macro Shots - Enjoy
  95. ID: What is this orange coloured shrimp?
  96. Inactive cherry shrimps?
  97. Rearing dwarf shrimps
  98. Pregnant CRS and their behaviour
  99. Ramshorn snails feasting
  100. New CRS Tank Setup
  101. Shrimp: Caridina serratirostris
  102. Bamboo shrimp: Atya sp. "Pinstripe Gold Back"
  103. Shrimp: Blue bee shrimp
  104. Mountain Shrimp
  105. Eggs outside of CRS???
  106. Anyone keeping Golden Pencilfish with dwarf shrimps?
  107. The Best Things I Can Get For My Shrimp Tank
  108. Malayan Shrimps not doing well in pH 5.8 tank
  109. How to get rid of snails?
  110. The Best Shrimps I Can Get For My Shrimp Tank
  111. How to lower pH for CRS tank?
  112. Is Sakura shrimp the same as Cherry shrimp?
  113. Buying Sulawesi Shrimp
  114. After Black Tiger Shrimp... here come the White and Pinkish
  115. Pregnant Mosura CRS
  116. Is this a Crystal Red or Black Diamond shrimp?
  117. Food for shrimps
  118. CRS hyperactive after water change?!?
  119. Strange sight of minute organisms
  120. Interbreed Snow White with CRS, good or bad?
  121. Caridina serratirostris (black type)
  122. Are Begonia leaves poisonous to CRS?
  123. Yamato shrimps ate my cherry shrimps!
  124. Mixing CRS with Sakura shrimps....
  125. Simple Set-up Of My 2ft Shrimps Tank
  126. How do I differentiate between a Malayan shrimp and a wild cherry shrimp?
  127. Worms In Substrate
  128. Newly bought Sulawesi babes
  129. Superb Mama
  130. Sakuras blossomed
  131. ID: Weird Yamato looking shrimp
  132. Atyoida pilipes, green lace shrimp
  133. Shrimps, time for some stretches
  134. ID: New minature cherry crayfish - Cambarellus patzcuarensis "Orange"
  135. CRS photos and some queries
  136. ID: New white shrimps? - Snowball shrimp
  137. How does one sex Crystal Red Shrimps?
  138. Help! Parasite on shrimp?
  139. CRS breeding: can lower grades produce higher grades?
  140. Blue shrimp
  141. Awesome white of this CRS!
  142. Orange Cherry Shrimp
  143. Why are the colours of CRS fading?
  144. How to clear water fleas?
  145. Shrimp Eggs?
  146. What to do with pregnant CRS and cherry shrimp?
  147. Red Monster
  148. ID: What shrimp is this?
  149. Yamato shrimp piggyback
  150. Cooked Yamato shrimps!
  151. Empty shell of cherry shrimp
  152. Pregnant CRS not doing any fanning
  153. ID: What shrimp is this? - Indian zebra shrimp
  154. Tip on getting cheap Sakura or very red Cherry
  155. "Dwarf Shrimp Safe" Fish
  156. Help! Why do my cherry shrimps keep dying?
  157. Breeding Vampire Crabs, Geosesarma sp.
  158. Geosesarma perracae in pitcher plant
  159. Blog on some endemic crabs of Singapore
  160. Will blue shrimps kill my Corydoras?
  161. Will Yamato shrimp disturb smaller fish?
  162. Black Crystal shrimp?
  163. Feasibility of dwarf shrimps in a jar setup
  164. Where are my Sakura shrimps?
  165. Dwarf shrimplet tank?
  166. Cherry and Sakura shrimp swimming upside down
  167. Triops longicaudatus aka Tadpole Shrimp
  168. Help with snail problem
  169. Observation & perhaps CRS breeding tips?
  170. Horned Nerite Snail Buried Itself
  171. SSS grade Crystal Red Shrimp
  172. Cherry shrimps in a container without airpump
  173. Color enhancing for cherry/sakura shrimp
  174. Information on freshwater crabs
  175. Cross breeding of dwarf shrimp
  176. Colour of sakura shrimp faded?
  177. Mandarin crab setup
  178. Cherry or Sakura shrimp?
  179. New tank setup for CRS
  180. Difference of feeder and Yamato shrimps
  181. New tank setup for dwarf shrimps
  182. "Slugs" in CRS tank
  183. Red White Gang
  184. Improve Water Circulation for 3ft Shrimp Tank
  185. Xmant's Crystal Red Shrimp
  186. Yoyo loach and cherry shrimp
  187. Hatching dwarf shrimp eggs artificially
  188. 50% water change without de-chlorinator for cherry shrimp tank
  189. New crab species in LFS
  190. Which Wine Red Shrimp Pattern do you prefer?
  191. Where are the cherry shrimplets?
  192. Crystal red shrimp and Estimative Index
  193. White Gang
  194. Keeping Crystal Red Shrimp at room temperature
  195. Infestation of red trumpet snail in CRS tanks
  196. Help with kH/gH adjustments (CRS tank)
  197. Are these shrimps mating?
  198. How many CRS can I keep in this tank?
  199. Snails suitable for low pH water
  200. Advise on CRS tank setup
  201. How to clean tank glass when there are shrimp babies about?
  202. Please advise increasing KH
  203. Michael's new CRS tank
  204. Update on shrimp birth over the Christmas holidays
  205. ID: What shrimp is this?
  206. MicroCrab - Maximum Size 1cm
  207. Why do berried CRS go up high?
  208. CRS price check
  209. Pregnant zebra shrimp
  210. Will Sakura shrimp eat German ram fries?
  211. Albino Bichir with red claw crayfish
  212. ID: What Shrimp is this?
  213. New to Sulawesi shrimps
  214. Keeping ghost shrimp with sakura shrimp
  215. Anentome helena (assassin snail) eats shrimp?! Yamato shrimp eats snails!?
  216. Shrimps Intelligence Test!
  217. 2 New Picture from my Tibee Shrimps
  218. Will different nerite snails cross breed?
  219. Calcium for snails and shrimps
  220. ID: What is this creature?
  221. Fleas in cherry shrimp tank?
  222. How soon can we tell the gender of juvenile CRS?
  223. Ghost shrimp crippled after molting?
  224. CRS tank setup - things we should not do
  225. zip's "inferior" CRS...
  226. What eggs are these?
  227. Zebra lobster
  228. Berried ghost shrimp
  229. Dying cherry shrimps
  230. How Many Kinds of Cherry Shrimps Are There?
  231. Air pump for dwarf shrimp tank
  232. Cherry Shrimps not getting pregnant!!
  233. Yamato shrimps
  234. Wanted - pictures of crabs
  235. Sakura shrimp has a big stomach
  236. New setup for Cherry shrimps or CRS
  237. kian's pregnant golden CRS female
  238. Mixing CRS with cherry shrimps
  239. winq's 2nd CRS tank
  240. Faceoff CRS
  241. Unknown pest in my tank
  242. Pregnant Yamato Shrimps
  243. Related reasons for the fading of Crystal Red Shrimps (CRS)
  244. Questions on berried Sakura shrimp
  245. Quality CRS - Thick white series
  246. Female CRS usually die after giving birth
  247. In memories of ghim's CRS
  248. Possible to quick switch to shrimp tank from fish tank?
  249. How many Cherry shrimp can I keep in a 5 gallon planted tank?
  250. Neocardina Blues