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Can I advertise in Aquatic Quotient?

Yes, you can advertise in Aquatic Quotient but there are some rules and criteria to meet first. The rules for advertising on Aquatic Quotient can be found here.

There are 4 broad types: Merchant, Casual, Mass Orders and Banner.

Merchant Advertisements

Merchants refer to registered commercial aquarium related businesses such as fish shops or aquarium product distributors who wish to advertise or make announcements on Aquatic Quotient. Other members who provide custom made items or other services on a regular basis should also register as Merchants. Aquatic Quotient provides a forum named "Merchant Advertisements and Announcements" for such purposes. To advertise in the forum, members are required to apply for a merchant account. Application instructions are available below.

Casual Advertisements

Casual advertising refers to occasional advertising to sell, buy, exchange or give away personal used items. We categorise them into 2 groups: (1) Aquarium and (2) Non-Aquarium Advertisements. Casual traders do not require special accounts, however they must have met the criteria set out in our Advertising Rules.

Aquarium Advertisements

Such advertisements are to be posted in the "Aquarium Advertisements" forum.

Non-Aquarium Advertisements

Additionally, there is a "Non-Aquarium Advertisements" forum for our member's convenience.

Mass Orders

We also provide a "Mass Order" forum for members to organise mass orders of aquarium related products. To advertise in this forum, members must apply for permission from Aquatic Quotient and conform to a set of rules. Application instructions are available below. The rules for Mass Orders can be found here.

Paid Banner Advertisements and Dedicated Forums

Banner advertisements refer to graphic banners that can appear in various parts of Aquatic Quotient's pages. Banner advertisements must be relevant to Aquatic Quotient's main subject of interest, the aquarium hobby.

Dedicated forums are forums provide to you exclusively to create a mini-community with AQ members. You will be given limited moderator rights within the forum.

Enquiries may be made via the Contact Us form.

What are the advertising rules?

You can read the rules for Advertising and Trading here.

Why can't I start a thread in the Marketplace forums?

Most likely because you have not met the minimum criteria to post in the Marketplace forums. Please read the advertising rules to find out more.

How do I obtain a Merchant account?

To obtain Merchant status for your account, please contact Vinz via PM or email (aqadminsg at aquaticquotient dot com) and request the conversion. You may request to convert your current user account or register a new account. Before requesting for Merchant status, please:

  • Register a new account first, if you wish to create a new account separate from your existing account.
  • Edit the signature of the account to include the following information:
    • Name of business
    • Real name of contact person(s)
    • Business telephone number(s)
    • One or more of the following, if any:
      • Business address
      • Business email
      • URL to business website

When requesting for Merchant status, please indicate the username of the account to be converted and a short description of your business (i.e. what goods/services you offer).

How do I advertise a mass order?

To post in the Mass Order Forum, you need to apply for permission. The instructions are below.

Once you have obtained permission, post your Mass Order advertisement in the Mass Order forum. The advertisement will be placed in the moderation queue. Then send a PM to Simon and Vinz to review and approve the advertisement.

How do I get approval to post in the Mass Order forum?

Please submit:

  • For Singapore residents, a CLEAR digital photograph, scan or photocopy of both sides of your NRIC.
  • For non-residents, a CLEAR digital photograph, scan or photocopy of your passport.
  • Aquatic Quotient user name
  • Contactable phone number
  • A description of the product(s) of your first Mass Order.

Digital formats are preferred. Email them to admin at aquaticquotient dot com. Please include your Aquatic Quotient user name, phone number and first MO description in the email. This information will be kept private and confidential, and will be released only at the Aquatic Quotient's strict discretion.

If submitting photocopies, send a PM to Vinz to request a mailing address (use the Contact Us form if you do not have PM privileges). Please include your Aquatic Quotient user name, phone number and first MO description on the photocopy.

Merchants are exempted from providing images/photocopies of their NRIC or passports. Please send Vinz a PM to request permission to post in the MO forum.

Submission of the above does not guarantee approval. Approval will be given at AQ's discretion.

How do I submit a banner ad?

Please send us a query via our Contact Us form.

Are auctions allowed?

No, auctions are NOT allowed. Auctions add several levels of complication and Aquatic Quotient simply does not have the resources to monitor auctions and ensure they are carried out fairly and within the rules that would be required.

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