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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

What is activation?

Activation is required to verify that your email address is valid and belongs to you. It also serves to verify that you are (most likely) a human and not a spam bot.

After you register on AQ, an email with activation instructions will be sent you.

Where is my activation email?

The activation email should normally arrive in your inbox within minutes. If you cannot find it, check your email's junk or spam folder. If you are using an email filter service like, please check the service and add AQ as a trusted sender.

If you still cannot find it, sign in to your AQ account and check that you have entered your email address correctly.

If it is correct, try to request another activation code here.

If you still do not receive an activation email, check with us using the Contact Us form.

Help, my activation code does not work!

If your activation link or code does not work, click here to request another activation code.

Each request will send you a new (i.e. different) activation code. Make sure you are using the most recent one.

How do I request another activation code?

Click here to request another activation code.

Help, the forum keeps logging me out or asking me to login!

Make sure you tick "Remember Me" when you log in. If you do this on a public computer, you are strongly recommended to log out when you are done.

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