Hi Folks,
i just started a new Rainbow fish 2ft planted tank. need some advice. thanks
Tank size is 2ft, Filter is OHF, LED white light-15 watts

Currently have 3x Glossolepis incisus at about 2 inches, still small... i can't really see males or females? how to see if possible?
3x Melanotaenia boesemani at about 2-2.5 inches, 2 males and 1 female
i am still looking for 3x Melanotaenia australis or M.splendida inornata.
May i know if a group of 3 per species of rainbow fish is ok?

i am also thinking to add a pair Peacock or Empire Gudgeons to this tank. is this a good idea?
for algae eater is Siamese Algae Eater or Oto catfish better for this tank?

For plants i have no soil or sand. i just keep 1x Anubias and 2x Java ferns on driftwood, i also have 1x African water fern on driftwood.
No soil is ok? i actually hate sand or soil i prefer bare bottom tanks...LOL
is it better to add some Java moss into this tank?

Thanks and have a nice day