Weddings are one ever said that! If you're worried about planning formal dresses your wedding on a budget, fret not! There are plenty of tips and tricks to help you make your big day special without breaking the budget, and DIY wedding decorations are a perfect way to start. Here are some great ideas for DIY wedding decorations.

metal masterpiece
You can use some recycled glass bottles and spray paint to make a huge impact on your table. Depending on your color scheme, a variety of wine bottles painted in gold, silver, or other metallic sprays can create visual interest on your table and make beautiful vases for fresh (or faux) flowers. You can take this idea to the next level by adding taper candles and tealights to add more ambience to the table. If you need help collecting bottles, consider reaching out to friends and family months in advance to save their used bottles to ensure you have enough time and supplies to complete your vision.

Flowers are a beautiful way to take advantage of the season, but large quantities of flowers can get expensive. However, it can be hard to find artificial flowers that don't look fake. To help keep costs down, consider using fewer flowers in more strategic places, such as as part of a DIY photo backdrop. With a backdrop bar, sheer curtains, some battery operated fairy lights and a few select flowers on top, you can create a soft and romantic photo wall for your guests in your reception. Consider setting up a tripod with an iPad selfie or Kodak camera to print a lovely keepsake, this photo stand can even double as a wedding reception favor!

DIY wedding decorations can also be used for wedding favors! Giving your guests a personalized gift as a memento of your special day is a sweet feeling and another opportunity to show your individuality. If you're having an outdoor wedding, your wedding favors can do double duty as a sweet gesture or as a practical item to help your guests cool off. A personalized drinking glass will keep drinks warm, or a paper fan with your new last name and wedding date will provide some relief on a sweltering wedding day. Wedding expenses may add up, but a clever helping of it makes for a keepsake your guests will love and use!

Creating a guest book table at a wedding reception used to be a tradition, but as wedding themes and decor have become more creative, guest books have changed. A nostalgic (and especially sentimental) way to document wedding guests is with a Polaroid camera, which guests can use to capture their special day. They can "shoot, shake, stick, sign"! This guest book idea is visually interesting and a great way to preserve memories of all the important people who came to celebrate your big day.

Between centerpieces, tableware, tablecloths and room decor, creating a magical wedding can be expensive. To create the illusion of opulence, go simple in most areas and extravagant in areas where people will focus their attention, such as the main table. For example, make your centerpieces with real flowers or larger bouquets at the main table, and a bouquet or two per person at the guest table. Tableware can be created in a similar way: real plates and cloth napkins for the head table, decorative disposables for the guests. When the overall impression is elegant and there are well-planned refined areas, you can stretch the budget to suit your needs.
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