One of the most important nights for high school students is prom night formal dresses , but “what do you do with your prom dress afterward?” While cleaning and saving your prom dress is an option, it’s best to turn your prom dress into cash and Learn how to sell your prom dress.
After all, who wouldn't want to spend a little extra on graduation night, graduation, or a killer new outfit?
Seniors, we fully support reselling or donating your prom dresses as it's a sustainable fashion way to eliminate waste in production and recoup some of your parents' prom night costs. The popular formalwear market is growing and we think it's time for you to join in! With the surge in online prom dress shopping, there is an even greater demand for pre-owned or used prom dresses.
But you might be wondering about the best way or the best website to sell prom dresses. Each online platform has different features depending on your needs as a seller.
Whether you're selling a prom dress you wore to your own prom, or you've changed your mind and sold a prom dress you've never worn, let us help you price, list, and move your gown to your next destination.
How to Price and Care for Your Dress
If your prom dress is new (within the last two years), you can sell it for around 50% of its original price. If your prom dress bears a designer name like Sherri Hill or Jovani, or even a popular custom prom designer, you can even price it a bit more.
Pre-owned prom dresses range from designer labels to highly sought-after custom prom designers that have been discontinued. Do some quick research online to see what other prom dresses are selling for. Depending on the platform you choose, they will also help you choose a good selling price.
Consider having your prom dress professionally cleaned. It will ensure your dress is in top condition and more favored by buyers. With some retail sites offering limited return periods, this will ensure that people are less likely to want to return an item.
Take great photos
Think of it the same as shopping online. You probably wouldn't buy something without a clear and detailed image. You can include prom night photos to show how beautiful the gown looks on you and help the next buyer visualize it for their prom night.
Using the platform will protect you from any form of fraud or internet scams. It also ensures that you and the buyer abide by the site's policies, eliminating any kind of confusion. Sites like missord will handle all returns, and you can still keep your cash if the buyer changes their mind. It's free to list and you'll get 90% of the listing price when it sells.
On August 20, 2003, Becca, a 16-year-old cheerleader, top student and loving youth, was killed in a tragic car accident. Today, her family and friends remember Becca not only for her affection and friendship, but also for her contributions to the community. Before her death, she saw the unfairness of the situation and tried to change it. In the spring of her sophomore year, Becca single-handedly collected and donated more than 250 formal gowns and helped hundreds of girls in South Florida wear their high school proms in style. Now, her family continues to make her dream come true in even bigger ways.
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