Don't you want a formal wedding and bindings for your big day formal dresses online ? Are you committed to organizing a ceremony that really suits you, from the decoration to the dinner party; a celebration known for its simplicity and naturalness? Therefore, you will have to choose between the themes according to your preferences: a boho wedding or a country wedding. That said, both feature open-air festivals with a positive vibe in the natural universe.
A wedding with real personality and a very personal touch
Boho and rustic wedding themes are very popular today. They allow you to take advantage of a lot of freedom and move away considerably from the demands of a solemn and dignified ceremony: the ceremony is too long, the timetable to be respected, the huge reception room ...
These are more discreet and personal weddings, held entirely outdoors, in contact with nature, thus creating an atmosphere of intimacy and relaxation in an environment adorned with natural decorations and ecological accessories...a very personal ceremony.
Boho Chic Wedding Decor
From a general point of view, the two styles have a lot in common. They are very close in some respects, celebratory places or decorative objects. They are easily confused.
Most importantly, we identify a boho chic wedding by the colors used. This is definitely a colorful wedding! You can find fairly intense and deep shades that stand out in the landscape, such as fuchsia, purple, duck blue or burgundy.
The decor is based on what nature has to offer: creative recycled items, tree trunks and branches, used as wedding arches, and even as mounting brackets for lighting, veils, drapes and more.
For a boho chic wedding, flowers are a must. Thanks to their variety of colors and shapes, they will add color and style to a reception. Wild types (grasses, sunflowers with various leaves, etc.) are especially popular. Lighting such as candles and garlands are also a must, not to mention a dream catcher that sets the mood.
Every detail is designed to give people a very positive gypsy style.
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