What the hell is a prom? Is it really that important? All your friends go elegant prom dresses , but should you? While some rebels and loners may think prom is lame, prom is actually what you deserve. It's more than a dance - it's a party that kicks off the biggest part of your life.

If you start getting ready for prom, you have a lot to think about. We can help you with some of these issues, but the choice is yours. We'd love to be a part of making your prom absolutely memorable!

The Prom - The Biggest Date You'll Ever Have

Teens in general go on dates all the time, but none of those dates feel like prom. This isn't about grabbing a casual cup of coffee or sharing a cheeseburger with a loved one. This is a night where you can dress well and still feel famous. It's the perfect excuse to look your best, and you can even go out on special occasions later.

Even if it's just a date with friends, you'll still have a lot of fun. Not sure if you'll meet your next date on the dance floor. If you're happy with your independence, show it off at prom. Be kind to yourself and love you just the way you are!

celebrate all you have worked for

You're about to graduate high school, and it's not going to be easy. You spend most of your life in school, learning how to prepare for a brighter future. That future is about to begin. In some ways, prom is even better than a graduation party. It's a more glamorous celebration. This is your first taste of true freedom, and it marks one of your greatest achievements.

When you're at prom, dance like you've worked really hard to get to where you are. Let go and acknowledge everything you have accomplished. These grades did not appear in a vacuum. Celebrate yourself and your friends for being there for you throughout your school journey.
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