As stated in the title.
-My detritus and many small particles are not being absorbed into the overflow box
-Even though I've raised the return pump speed.Its actually pumping more water than the siphon.
-My Siphon is a Duorso pipe , 1 return and 1 siphon only. Hope to have answers.
-I've also placed a wavemaker that is pointed towards the overflow box in hope of bringing the detritus to it.
-But all it does is reach near the overflow box and goes all the way down and back to the wavemakers again

I am hoping to hear some experts on overflox box filters that were meant to be used in Saltwater aquarium to be used for freshwater. I am currently using a polyfill with the wavemakers to act as a way to suck up all the small particles. However , it isnt going to be a long term solution. I've also thought of using an extra HOB filter with only poly-fills to fix the problems. However I believe most sump users dont have such issues. NEED HELP !