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Thread: Fishy side of my life

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    Hi all, my name is Zhiwei or u can call me Martin and I simply love nature. 22 years old, going 23, studying in NUS and staying at Choa Chu Kang.
    (Note that I do not look like a gorilla despite my nick; probably more like a monkey.)

    I've been keeping fishes since primary school, and I started with keeping bettas with a childhood friend of mine, using those Horlicks glass containers, and letting them "spar" a bit once in a while...
    Used to brew tea with my betta containers, by adding lipton tea bags to the water to enhance the colour of my bettas?; forgot whether it works...

    I went on to keeping lots of goldfishes in big pails then, using small pathetic bubble filters in overcrowded conditions... Of course they didn't survive well, and everyday I could find "belly-up" goldfishes, sometimes even half-eaten corpses...

    After goldfishes, I went into planted tanks with a 1.5 feet tank...
    I remembered I used to buy pots of plants and just throw them into my tank; some aren't even aquatic plants, and the plants didn't survive for long and most just rotted... Discovered DIY CO2, tried it and managed to make my plants bubble for the first time =) lol..

    Also tried keeping Koi fish at the same time too, really beautiful fish viewed from the top... Learnt about wet-dry filtration and I think it really works very well... However, I didn't have a large pond to keep up with the fast growing Koi fishes, so I kind of stopped keeping Koi fish...

    Went for NS, and after about one year, managed to bring my 1.5 feet tank to my camp at Khatib.. lol... Tried rock scapes with african cichlids, goldfishes and planted tanks alternatively during NS, but never luohans because I think they look quite ugly and gross... Left my fish tank in camp when I ORDed...

    Stopped my aquarium hobby for about one and a half years after I ORD...
    (ORD!! felt great, but now need to go for reservist and IPPT >_<)
    Only rekindled my aquarium hobby interest recently this year, after discovering so many beautiful planted tanks in LFS...

    Presently I have a 1 feet moss tank (one and only)... and learning about moss growing =) I'm also kind of interested in keeping shrimps at the moment; keeping cherry shrimps now, probably going to try some low grade CRS when I have more money... (the CRS and Bee Shrimps kind of reminded me of Koi) Also felt that don't really have the money for CO2 tanks and chillers... Probably next time when I have a house of my own and pay my own utility bills?

    Anyway, I use to frequent Aquarealms forum during NS, though I didn't post much last time...
    Happened to stumble into AquaticQuotient by chance this year when looking for aquarium info...
    I think that this is a great forum!
    Wished that I've discovered this forum earlier =)

    Sorry about the wordy post; you probably won't even bother reading it, but it kind of brings back old memories for me...
    (also pardon me regarding the "...", I'm used to typing that... )

    Exams at the moment; wish me luck!

    Current Owning:
    Equipment: 1 feet tank, Eden 501, 1.5 feet PL light, Oceanfree CO2, Digital thermometer...
    Flora: Taiwan, Spiky & Willow Moss; Frogbits; Anubia Nanas
    Fauna: Otocinclus, boraras merah, cherry shrimps...
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