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Thread: diki is here!

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    My name is Dickson Goh now 31. Staying at Jurong West (near Jurong Pt). Got my hansds wet in the early 20s keeping guppies, neon tetras (all died eventually ), cherry barbs, zebra danios. Stopped after the whole tank got wipe out during a 10 day trip to China without pump. Stopped this hobby until I got my own HDB flat keeping swordtails and tiger barbs (all sold as feeders so not too heart pain if all dies on me). From then on, there is no turning back. Slowly got into planted tanks and then in to keeping shrimps and more smaller fishes (recently due to keeping shrimps). Dream to have a aro but think I would never start since I too much into small fishes already and also I prefer community tanks. Have 5 tanks (1 in office, finally) but are 2 ft and below so not a big deal.

    2 ft planted tank
    Plants: Java ferns, Java moss, Singapore moss, Nana (small)
    Fishes: Cherry barbs, cardinal tetras, 6 boraras maculatus, 6 scarlet badis & unknown small fish (just bought today )
    Shrimps: Cherry shrimps, 3 Malayan & 2 wood shrimps

    2 ft low maintenance planted tank
    Plants: Java moss, Singapore moss, Nana (big)
    Fishes: Rummy noses, white cloud minow & flame platy
    Shrimps: 3 Malayan (too scare the fishes prey on my cherries)

    1 ft cube shrimp tank
    Plants: Java moss, Taiwan moss
    Fishes: 10 boraras maculatus & 3 clown killies
    Shrimps: Cherry shrimp & shrimplets, malayan shrimps & 2 wood shrimps

    Shallow tank
    Plants: Java moss, Taiwan moss & Java fern
    Fishes: 4 kuhli loaches, guppies (to prevent mosquito larva)
    Shrimps: 2 malayan shrimps

    Office 1 ft tank
    Plants: Singapore moss
    Fishes: tetra (don't know which type yet, My colleague buy one)
    Shrimps: Cherry shrimps

    Do visit my blog and give me your comments on my tanks.
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    Dickson Goh *** IN SEARCH FOR AN EASY LIFE ***
    Just started blogging my experience in:

    2 ft planted tank, 2 ft low maintenance planted tank & planted shallow tank left now


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