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Thread: taz_boy is here!

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    hi folks, my name is Ivan, age 21 now( , eligible to get $$ money from the government)..

    Currently schooling in NUS, majoring Mechanical Engineering...i stay in only back home during weekends to jagar my tank..that's y it has always been in a terrible condition till now.. .but nxt sem onwards will be back @ this coming term break..gotta earn $$ to do 1 X big revamp of my tank..

    i started keeping fish during the luohan last 2 luohand died 2 days aft the tsunami (yup...that tsunami)..

    aft that i went into planted aft my uncle told me it's easy..(he nv told me it's expensive!!!)..

    i did not start with the correct foot, got all the funny equipments like undergravel filter..etc..

    went thru 1 X big massacre in my tank when i started out..countless fishes killed by the notorious disease called "itch".

    I was fortunate to be introduced to this forum by one of my army men who was also into planted then.....

    blar blar blar...think better stop here. if not pple thought i'm blogging...
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    i'm ADDicted to this wonderful hobby


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