Name: Robbin
Age: 25
Occupation: Student at NUS
Home: Tampines

I just started my first tank last week. It's planted, no theme. I am waiting to see how the plants grow before
Plants (Lots)
Blyxa Japonica, and the rest I forget their names

5 neon tetra (Although their shades look more like Cardinals), 5 red? tetras ( Although they look like slightly faded neon tetras, and one has a prominent kink in its stripe.), 2 rummy noses (3 originally, but 1 disappeared after water change last night!!!), 1 translucent white fish with a bluish tail, 1 SAE, 2 otos, at least 2 roundish white snails, 1 black snail with gold streaks on its shell, very nice.(I think I saw it mating with someone else last night)

There were 2 of the white fish, originally, but one got fin rot that killed it last night.
I'm pretty sure than the N2 cycle is not done yet, but so far no other fish suffered problems.

CO2: DIY yeast sugar.

Don't know if anyone wants to know, but I found a $8.50 light timer at NTUC, much cheaper than any other timer I saw.