Hi All
I was looking to buy a DE Filter , seems like there aren't any models available in sg. Even if mail order
- likely it would be a 110V device which requires a additional stepdown transformer
- the use of DE filters is also quite troublesome (i think so)
- the use of DE also has some health risk ? if user is blur and does not handle the DE properly

As such, was thinking of a DIY project, to build a micron filter so that I can try to "polish" my water. Would anyone know if it is possible to

1. Get a power head with an input/output tube

2. Buy one of those water filter (drinking water purifier). Example:

These filters comes in different specs of 500 micron all the way to 0.5 micron. Matter of price. Believe that we will be able to get such filters in SG
(The filter container is the same thing that is used for the NA external CO2 reactor ... just a matter of finding the suitable filter media)

3. Connect the output of the powerhead to the water filter input

4. filter output tube back to tank, power head input tube from tank

5. Run the setup the way you would for a DE filter .. i.e. temporary for additional micron filteration after water changes / rescaping or when need to polish water ..

Anyone tried this before ?