Hi all,

The forum gets lots of bounced email messages everyday, usually from full mailboxes or invalid email addresses.

Please help us to reduce the load on the server, the bandwidth and the administrator (i.e. me, who has to clear all the bounced emails). Please check that the email address in your AQ account is correct. Obviously, if you are regularly getting notifications from AQ in your daily email account, you don't need to do anything.

There are some people, including myself, who use an alternative email address for registering at websites to avoid junk and spam email. If you do this for your account in AQ, then please turn off all email notifications in your AQ account.

Please take action by Friday, 21st September 2007. On 22nd September I will deactivate all AQ accounts with bouncing emails. Affected members will have to re-activate by requesting a new activation email, or changing their email addresses in the AQ account.