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Thread: Interested & new to Crypts in tanks...

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    Interested & new to Crypts in tanks...

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    Hi all, am new to these plants & would like to use the current promo by Mizu World (buy 5 pots of Crypts & get 1 pot FOC) to try out in growing them in my 1-foot cube tank... However, need some advice from all Crypt experts in here. Some background info:

    Tank size: 1-foot cube
    Filter: Dolphin Hang-on filter (H-200)
    Light: Boyu 18W PL (on for about 6-8 hours per day)
    CO2: DIY CO2 via Dymax CO2 Diffuser + Seachem Excel (every alternate days)
    Substrate: Gex (Light Green + Red Package)
    Fert: Seachem Flourish (2 times per week)
    Temp: Between 29 to 30 Deg Celsius
    Flora: Nana on DWs, Java Moss (on SS mesh, bamboo charcoal), 1 Algae Ball, HG & a newly introduced plant (yet to know its ID)
    Fauna: 2 otos, 2 bumblebee gobies, 2 ramshorn snails, 2 guppies [intend to add Cherry Shrimps & 3 endlers in the near future...]

    Need advise on:
    1) Often read that crypts need rich substrate. Does mine fit the bill or I need to add-on [Root monsters or others?]
    2) Is it always the case that 1 will encounter with 'crypt-melt'? Anyway to prevent or reduce such damage?
    3) Is my current lighting [PL 18W; 6-8 hours/day] enough?
    4) Can recommend any "idiot-proof" crypts for beginners for me? [Hopefully some for foreground, midground & background...]
    5) Do I need to change my fert regime? (If yes, please advise.)
    6) Is scaping with these crypts relatively easier?

    If anyone residing in Punggol 21 intends to also get stuffs from Mizu World, maybe we can pool our orders to save on the other overheads... [Let me know if you are interested...]

    Thanks in advance for all responses!!

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    Here's what I can offer on your questions:

    1) Most of the commercial substrates (ADA, GEX, Riki, etc) out there are rich enough to keep most simple Crypts.

    2) Think of Crypt melt as a transition, not damage. As most Crypts are cultivated emersed, they need this transition to adapt to living in water. They are also good to test if your aquarium is undergoing any major fluctuations.

    3) Your light is sufficient.

    4) For a 1ft tank, try to choose those from the C. wendtii group. They are some of the easiest Crypts around, but has almost every color you need to brighten up your aquascape.

    5) Crypts have very low demands on ferts.

    6) It is fairly easy. Usually these are used together with mosses or other low foreground plants to hide the 'legs' of the Crypts.

    I can't remember how many locals have been wanting to pool together orders. But seriously Singapore is not really that big and our delivery charges are already very low, compared to what you are getting for the service.

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