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Thread: Snails ....n puffer fish

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    Snails ....n puffer fish

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    I just realise that recently there is alot of snails
    in my new planted tank. I found out that puffer fish
    can eat n rid my tank of snails. But what type of puffer
    fish do i buy ?? i think there are different species out
    there is it ??

    Anyone can recommend me where to buy or better still, anyone got extra puffer fish that i can adopt ??

    Thank u !

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    Ahh... to answer your question is very simple. You see the "Search" box on the top right hand corner of this page? All mrs budak did was to type "puffer fish" and click "search." The top three results are:

    Snails ....n puffer fish

    killing the snails...

    Puffer Fish?

    Somemore, when mrs budak checked, the leading thread (what you see on the main page) at the Fishkeeping forum this very moment is the snail eater one!

    Next time please use the search function first.
    Another quality, non aquatic-related post from mrs budak!

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    Use clown loach. I have two in my 4 ft and they really love the snails. The will such the juicy snails' body out of the shell. The loaches are very beautiful too.


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