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Thread: Please advise-shipping shrimps & glosso to USA

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    Please advise-shipping shrimps & glosso to USA

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    My friend in USA would like me to sent him some shrimps & glosso.

    Can shrimps survive in such a long journey with usually takes 8-12 working days to reach US.
    How do you pack it & will it has any implication with both singapore & US custom.

    i had previously sent glosso to him but it turned all brown & died using the Mr Loh's method in one of the thread here. So far so good for other plants like mosses, nanas...buit not for glosso..


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    Nothing so valuable as advice from someone who has never done it.

    I would use a rigid, insulated (styro?) box, but put shrimps on wet filter floss and glosso in wet newspaper inside a 2nd plastic bag.

    If you want them to get there quicker, send by regular air mail in a video-tape mailer, insulated with small bubble pack. Fee will be reasonable with no water to make it heavy.

    Customs should be no problem at this end. Just declare what they are (just scientific names), be certain there is no hint of dirt on the glosso, and declare them as no commercial value, gift. Write "Happy Birthday" on the box and it probably won't even be opened for inspection. Don't say plants or they will languish for weeks in an inspection station. Our Agriculture folks are certain the paranoids are all out to get them.

    Good luck,

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