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Thread: forum merged into AQ

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    Singapore forum merged into AQ

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    After a long delay, the forum is finally merged into AQ's forum.

    All users and their posts in the 3 main topical forums have been imported into AQ.

    We wish to welcome the members of into AQ. We do hope you will enjoy your stay here and continue to contribute as you did in

    Be rest assured, founder Timebomb and the rest of his team have been merged in as well. We will be discussing with them whether they would still like to continue as moderators or take on other roles.

    The Forums
    The imported forums are now temporarily placed under the Killies Import forum. In the next week or so, these forums will be moved to their permanent locations in the AQ forum structure. In the meantime, those forums are open for browsing and replies to existing threads. However, no new threads may be started at the moment.

    Killies Member Accounts
    For imformation about accounts, please see this thread.

    Due to the merge, there may be some minor glitches here and there. Please report them to our Help Desk forum.

    Thank you. And again apologies for the long downtime incurred for the merger.
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