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Aquarium Fishes View Slide Show

Aquarium Fishes

Post pictures of your freshwater fishes here! If you have a specific species profile, you can also post them in the respective sub galleries below.

Pt scalare
by morvenkoh
20th Oct 2017 10:53 Go to last upload
Characins View Slide Show


Dominant in South America, Mexico, Central America, and Africa, there are over 1,400 species of Characins. They can be recognized by the presence of a short, stub-like adipose fin located between the tail and the dorsal fin.

unknown fish
by michael lai
27th Jun 2012 22:45 Go to last upload
Cyprinids View Slide Show


Cyprinids are another long-time aquarium favorite and they include barbs, rasboras, loaches, and carp. The goldfish is also a member of this family. Distributed around the South East portion of Asia, cyprinids are usually omnivorous, and some can be very aggressive whilst others are good community citizens. They can usually be identified by the barbels at the mouth.

Telescopic Goldfish
by vipered
13th Oct 2017 01:25 Go to last upload
Cichlids View Slide Show


There are over 2000 species of cichlids and they vary in sizes that range from 5 cm (e.g. Apistogramma) to close to a metre (Boulengerochromis, Cichla). It is one of the most popular type of aquarium fishes. Dwarf cichlids, discus, angelfish and well as African rift lake cichilds are common sights in our tanks.

Angelfish male
by morvenkoh
19th Oct 2017 16:03 Go to last upload
Labyrinth Fishes View Slide Show

Labyrinth Fishes

These unique fishes have a labyrinth organ, a structure in the fish's head which allows them to "breathe" atmospheric oxygen. Fish of this family are commonly seen gulping at air at the surface of the water; which then passes out of their gills or mouth when they dive beneath the surface. Bettas, gouramis and snakeheads would belong to this family.

by Alvinpang
22nd Jan 2015 12:21 Go to last upload
Livebearers View Slide Show


Livebearers are fishes that don't lay eggs. Guppies, swordtails, mollies and platies from the Americas would belong to this category, as would halfbeaks from South East Asia.

Moscow Blue
by Cartoon
9th Jul 2015 00:13 Go to last upload
Killifishes View Slide Show


Killifishes, also known as egg laying tooth carps, are normally found in equatorial belts of Africa, Asia and South America. The family is divided into "Annual fish", "Semi-Annual" and "Non-annual". Although short lived, these fishes are very attractive and colourful, and they also tend to be aggresive.

Moema Quiii Sspp...
by WildPERU
17th Nov 2009 15:07 Go to last upload
Catfishes View Slide Show


There are about 2,200 species of catfishes, of which some 1,200 are South American. Most catfishes are nocturnal scavengers and makes excellent cleaning crew for your aquarium.

Corydoras Eques
by foocp
9th Feb 2013 03:20 Go to last upload
Rainbowfishes View Slide Show


Rainbowfishes are a family of small, colourful freshwater fish that are found in northern and eastern Australia and New Guinea and some other nearby islands.

by astro
6th Oct 2012 21:59 Go to last upload
Primitive fishes View Slide Show

Primitive fishes

Photo of primitive fishes, which consist of predominantly bonytongues. Arowanas, Bichirs, Gar Fishes, Butterfly Fishes and Freshwater Stingray would go here.

my collection
by sharkboy
2nd Sep 2012 02:26 Go to last upload
Brackish Water and Other Fishes View Slide Show

Brackish Water and Other Fishes

Badis, Puffers, Archer Fishes, Gobies, Glassfishes and all other special fishes goes here!

pike or gar? abt...
by astro
2nd Sep 2012 21:59 Go to last upload
Freshwater Invertebrates and Crustaceans View Slide Show

Freshwater Invertebrates and Crustaceans

Shrimps, crayfish, snails, these creatures makes our aquarium complete. Show us your collection here.

2016-12-17 00.55.37
by Cardinal Tetra
17th Dec 2016 00:56 Go to last upload
Vivarium, Terrarium and Paludrium  Fauna View Slide Show

Vivarium, Terrarium and Paludrium Fauna

Photographs of frogs, newts and any other pets that can be kept in Vivariums, Terrariums and Paludariums goes here.

Bonsai driftwood
by juilian75
19th Apr 2015 14:09 Go to last upload